SONG OF THE DAY Jessie Mae Hemphill – Standing in my Doorway Crying

jessiemaehemphillJessie Mae Hemphill was a blues guitarist, drummer, vocalist and songwriter who specialised in the North Mississippi hill country blues of her family and regional heritage. She was one of the earliest successful female blues musicians whose influential and pioneering sound gained her the title of ‘Queen of the Guitard Boogie.’

a1222718648_10Geneva’s Bongo Joe Records has recently released a personal ‘best of’ album which contains songs from her two first and only LP’s, ‘She-Wolf’ (1981) and ‘Feelin’ Good’ (1990), two very rare and hard to find albums, and one song from her two only 7″  (High Water 80’s 7″ serie).

Taken from this album comes the superbly-pure, blues greatness of ‘Standing In My Doorway Crying,’ and if you like this, you will love this whole collection!

Click on the image above if you want to hear more or purchase this album.

If you want to read more, check out this interesting write-up I found about ‘She-Wolf’ here.

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SONG OF THE DAY (no. 2!) The Doors – End of the Night

The Doors will forever occupy a large magical gap in my musical heart…always one of my favourites! Jim Morrison would’ve been 73 today so here’s to you Jim! Happy Birthday wherever you are you leather-clad legend!!!

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SONG OF THE DAY Creedence Clearwater Revival – Graveyard Train

r-680968-1225055165-jpegI read somewhere the other day that some have suggested that this song is ‘too long’ and that a shorter version would be just as effective…

I’d have to disagree, I think that the slow pace and repetitive melody adds a certain hypnotic quality, offering a perfect backdrop for the bluesy harmonica to strut about…it’s great!

‘Graveyard Train’ is quite a dark song but its raw bluesy melody doesn’t allude to anything else and lets face it, a song with this title isn’t going to be a happy sunshiny trip now is it!

This track appears on Creedence Clearwater Revival’s second studio album, ‘Bayou Country’ which was released in January 1969 via Fantasy Records.  If you have a spare 8 minutes, check it out.

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SONG OF THE DAY Coldcut – Only Heaven feat. Roots Manuva (Matthew Herbert Remix

0008639599_10Electronic duo, Coldcut have been making music for decades and are now releasing music via the newly revived Ahead of Our Time label.

Their latest EP is stacked with three club facing remixes of their stand outside, isolated anthem, ‘Only Heaven ft. Roots Manuva’ which was released only a week ago.

Today’s song is the first version on this EP which has been remixed by Matthew Herbert and what I particularly like about this version is the ghostly sounding vocals eerie, edgy feel! Listen above.

Order your copy from here

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SONG OF THE DAY Mango Zabba – Vagrant (The Bakery Sessions)


Aviva Bing Creations

Last month Mango Zabba whisked me up in their cosmic clutches with the supersonic sounds of  ‘Becky’ and I’ve yet to touch back down to earth..

Hailing from the Netherlands this four piece consists of, Lars Bergman (vocals/freaky guitar), Iason Georgiou (guitar), Reinier Wiskerke (bass) and Joris Regterschot (drums).  Coming together after a successful jam session, the four-piece decided to form a band and came up with the quirky title Mango Zabba, attributing the name to the mango-fruit and to ‘space,’ as of course you would do!

True to their name the bands creative process is loosely structured, spaciously rotating around a 60’s-inspired sound that explores and experiments the realms of improvisation effortlessly.  There is room for a lot of freedom of interpretation in Mango’s lyrics and this element adds to their free-flowing feel.

Their debut EP was released this May and was recorded in just one take, in one night, in the Dirt Studios in Amsterdam which is pretty funky really.  And it looks like there is plenty more where that came from, which is literally music to my ears!

This is a band really stands out for me, they are tight and led by the gruff vocals of Lars Bergman (who, in ‘Dancefloor Harasser’ especially, reminds me of a psychedelic version of Axl Rose..but tons better!).  They are the perfect blend of psych-tinged rock and roll and I can’t wait to see what is up the cyber-sleeves! Watch this outer space and check out their fantastic live version of ‘Vagrant’ above.

Order your copy of their fantastic debut EP from here. 

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SONG OF THE DAY Ernie Hawks & The Soul Investigators – Scorpio Man Theme

a1787683921_10If only my headphones were cordless, I’d be boogying all over the room by now, getting down to this awesomely groovin’ tune!

Releasing on December 16 via Helsinki’s Timmian Records, ‘Scorpio Man Theme’ is a gloriously percussive, superbly soulful, flutey-funk frenzy 45, which comes to you courtesy of the flute wielding monster, Ernie Hawks.  Hawks has been creating music for the past two decades and has now teamed up with Helsinki’s soul revivalists and Timmion label founders, The Soul Investigators.

Kicking off with a bloody funktastic, breakbeat rhythm, ‘Scorpio Man Theme’ is an instant winner, and it only gets better!  It’s curious flute-driven melody has a satisfying and mysterious edge which, accompanied by big brass sounds, has the power to shift you straight into a classic 70’s groove.  I love the beats, I love the groove and can pretty much guarantee that you won’t be able to stop yourself from funking out to this! Listen above.

I can also strongly recommend that you check out the other superb releases from Timmion Records, either on their Bandcamp or Soundcloud page; this bunch are literally brimming with supersonic, soul-funk sounds!

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SONG OF THE DAY Little Barrie – (Nothing Will) ELIMINATE

lb-copy-4-700x466Ever since the London-based trio Little Barrie emerged from Nottingham in 1999 they have been cooking up their very own unique blend of surf-rock, blues and good old-fashioned psych-infused garage!

Early next year the band are set to unleash some more of their musical goodness in the form of new album, ‘Death Express.’  Ahead of this release the band have shared latest single, ‘Love Or Love’ with today’s song it’s B-side.

‘(Nothing Will) Eliminate’ glides elegantly along on a hypnotic, garage-infused melody, with silky-smooth vocals and fluttering snare beats adding a very pleasing and contrasting dynamic to the mix, if this is the shape of things to come, roll on Spring.

Check out tour dates and more about the band here. 

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SONG OF THE DAY Christian Fitness – Bad Boys Die In The Bath

a0435990492_10“One ‘man’. band. NOT a solo artist. all songs created by imagined multiple personalities, some of which are shy. three records out now. drums by friends, everything else by this prick. enjoy or get gone. x”

UK artist Andrew ‘Falco’ Falkous is best known for fronting and founding the Cardiff-based punk band, Mclusky and, more recently, performing as lead singer/guitarist for Future of the Left.  Current projects also include his one-man-band venture, (as described by himself), Christian Fitness.

Releasing his third Christian Fitness album this September, Andrew Falkous recorded his latest full-length offering in Cardiff and gave it the curious title, ‘This Taco is not Correct.’ But it would seem that the title is not the only curious thing about this release, for his first single, (described as, ‘this is the first we-finished-it-just-about-so-I’m-putting-it-on-soundcloud song’ ) is all about the half-life of sperm!…and why not!

‘Bad Boys Die in the Bath’ kicks off with some nice meaty drumming, rocky guitars and catchy vocals and just as it hits the 2 minute mark it all goes a bit wild, wacky and crazy, which is a nice and unpredictable twist..perhaps I shouldn’t have given that one away but you should check it out yourself to see what I mean anyway.. Listen above.

Released this September you can listen and purchase  ‘This Taco is not Correct’ from Falkous’ Bandcamp page here.


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SONG OF THE DAY She Keeps Bees – Counter Charm

6129995Residing in New York, this extremely creative and very productive duo have been self-releasing material since 2006, all of which I hasten to add, was created from home!

Consisting of singer-songwriter and guitarist, Jessica Larrabee and her partner Andy LaPlant on drums and production, the duo’s creative process has been described by Larrabee as,            “I sing until my stomach hurts while Andy beats the shit out the drums.”

“Counter Charm” was released on 12th July 2012 and is a hauntingly glorious song, one of my favourites.  Listen above.

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SONG OF THE DAY Lou Rawls – Tobacco Road

r-1356224-1212400456-jpegFrank Sinatra once said that Lou Rawls had “the classiest singing and silkiest chops in the singing game”…I don’t think anyone could dispute that and today’s song is testament to that statement.

‘Tobacco Road’ was written and first recorded by John D. Loudermilk in 1960, but for him it was never a hit and achieved only minor chart success.  For many others, including Lou Rawls, however, it became a notable cover.

Releasing the album, ‘Tobacco Road’ in 1964, Rawls’ soulful rendition of its title track is still one of my favourite versions, other great copies include Jefferson Airplane’s great 1966 take.  Listen to Lou Rawls’ funky cover above.

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