SONG OF THE DAY Ty Segall – Girlfriend

San Francisco psych-master Ty Segall unleashed today’s song via his third album, Melted which came out back in 2010.

The record has been described by Segall himself as sounding like “cherry cola, Sno-Cones and taffy” and after one listen to Girlfriend you will see why!  Sweet-sounding psych-pop coats the ears and suitably satiates any 60’s-inspired candy-pop cravings! Listen above.

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SONG OF THE DAY 7evenThirty & Gensu Dean – The Problem

I’ve been a massive fan of David McCallum’s 1967 House of Mirrors for a long time now and was first introduced to this track when DJ Shadow sampled it in Dark Days, a gorgeous instrumental that he released back in 2000.  Thanks to the fabulous Burnt Toast Radio Show I have today discovered another great track that samples House of Mirrors!

Mississippi born and now Dallas, Texas-based 7evenThirty (rapper) and Gensu Dean (Mello Music Group producer) came together back in 2012 when they released their concept album, Heaven’s Computer.  It’s follow-up came out two years later and was entirely produced by Gensu Dean, with the record’s title track, The Problem written and inspired by actual events involving acts of police brutality and the ensuing protests and discord it has continues to trigger.  It’s a powerful and poignant track that utilises David McCallum’s sample with great effect! Listen above and check out the official video below.

The Problem was released in July 2014, check out the whole album here. 


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SONG OF THE DAY The Deep Dark Woods – Fallen Leaves

The slightest mention of anything ghostly and macabre and my ears prick up! Couple this with an immensely haunting and captivating tune and you have just made my night….The Deep Dark Woods have done just that!

Hailing from Saskatoon, Canada The Deep Dark Woods have been creating music since 2005, releasing their sixth and latest album last month via Canadian label, Six Shooter Records.  Yarrow takes the band into the dark realms of folk-noir where floods, plagues and ghosts gather in the haunting embrace of nine luscious alt-country, blues and folk songs.

Opening track and stand-alone single, Fallen Leaves is piercing and divine with its melancholy melody, crisp rhythm and lonesome vocals that crawl right under the skin causing prickles from inside.  Ruminating over the loss of ‘my lovely Annie’ who ‘dies without a warning,’ the song captures the choking sense of sorrow and loneliness through its touchingly desolate melody and stirring lyrics, closing with the lingering line, ‘But now you’re dead and you’re buried all among the trees, And the thousands and thousands of fallen leaves’…. It’s fair to say this track isn’t going to make you want to jump with joy, but it’s oh so hauntingly touching!  Listen above.

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SONG OF THE DAY Grand Analog – Mutations (feat. Posdnuos of De La Soul)

Fronted by Odario Williams, Canadian hip hoppers Grand Analog are a band that seamlessly fuse R&B, jazz, reggae and rock into their very own style of hip hop that Williams has fittingly described as “rap’n’roll!”  Joined by Warren Bray, Alister Johnson, TJ Garcia and Aubrey McGhee, Grand Analog perform and record mainly on live instruments instead of digital electronics!

The project have just completed a brand new EP, Survival, which is due for release on January 26th 2018 and features lead single Mutations which was released just three days ago.  Featuring Posdnuos from De La Soul, the track pays homage to the early days of hip hop and struts along to a good old school slow-paced beat with rhythmic, harmonised, punchy vocals and a sweet-sounding, fluttering synth-driven melody.  I love it to bits!! Listen above.

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SONG OF THE DAY Hanni El Khatib – . Paralyzed (Discothèque Refix)

“I’ve always collected 12” disco edits of some of my favorite songs. Sometimes the 3 minute radio version isn’t enough. I wanted to contribute to the tradition and rework my own track. Here’s an extended version of “paralyzed” complete with ELO style strings and a much-needed conga breakdown. Lol 🕺🏼💃” 

Hanni El Khatib gets down and disco with his latest EP, a 4-track release mixing up some of the greats from his Savage Times series.  Opening with a discothèque remix of Volume 2’s Paralyzed track, who would’ve thought a disco rework would sound so damn funky!! Check it out above.

Savage Refix releases tomorrow and can be found here. 

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SONG OF THE DAY Sea Pinks – Minimum Wage

My first encounter with Belfast-based band, Sea Pinks goes back to January 2016 when I featured (I don’t feel like) Giving In.  This track appeared on their second album, Soft Days and soft it was in comparison to today’s more frenzied offering.  Taken from a forthcoming album titled Minimum Wage, today’s title track is one of three brand spanking new recordings to feature on the record, with the other tracks a collective of live BBC session all recorded by Sea Pinks from 2012 onwards.

The album was recorded at the analogue Lullabye Factory studio in Amsterdam during a day off on their 2017 European Tour and kicks off with Minimum Wage, a three and a half-minute track of fuzzed out tour fatigue and exasperation caught in a single take on two-inch tape!  There are elements of nostalgic 90’s-infusions to be heard here, making me think of Inspiral Carpets with its fast pace and rolling beats.  Listen above.

Minimum Wage – BBC Sessions (& Others) is due on December 8th and you can pre-order your copy from here. 

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SONG OF THE DAY Good Good Blood – Dark Days

There is something so very restorative and healing about the music of Good Good Blood and latest track Dark Days is anything but dark.  On the contrary, its gentle nature diminishes the dark, banishing demons of any description with vibrant melodies of praise and promise.

UK singer-songwriter, James Smith, aka Good Good Blood, writes music from the heart that is both honest and sincere.  His minimal, DIY approach allowing him to define a very  unique sound through home recordings and self-production, drawing on his resourceful, inner world to bring all of his songs to life:  “Each one is a testament to the beautiful messiness of life, love and everything that goes with it”

Next month Good Good Blood is to release second album Sun Of A Gun, which was also written and recorded at home during the first flushes of spring and features 11 songs that reflect the birth and beauty of the time of the year they were born.  In the run-up to this much-anticipated record the young folk-inspired artist has shared Dark Days, a new track which blossoms with vibrant guitars, delicate ethereal vocals and grounding, earthy bass-tones.  Listen to this above and pre-order your copy of Sun Of A Gun from here. 

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SONG OF THE DAY Pro Teens – Signals Crossed

Arizona’s surf-rocker’s, Pro Teens released Philistines earlier this month, a new album that follows hot in the footsteps of last year’s debut which was released via Broken Circles.

Vibrant track, Signals Crossed captured my attention earlier today with its thoroughly exuberant and upbeat feel. The music is big, bright and dazzling, contrasted by languid, laid-back vocals which at first (I have to admit) I wasn’t as taken by as they seemed somewhat overwhelmed by the music. I listened again and then it made sense, the contrast of lively verses leisurely really compliments and brings out the strength of music and voice (which I have say reminds me a weeny bit of Robert Smith in this song!).  Listen above.

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SONG OF THE DAY Chain & The Gang – Don’t Scare The Ghost Away

Educating myself in the truly riveting sounds of Ian F Svenonius, I find myself once again a few years behind with what is a very well established artist!

Chicago-born and now Washington D.C-based, Ian F Svenonius has performed in various bands over the years including Nation of Ulysses, The Make-UP, Weird War, XYZ, Escape-ism and (his current post-punk/rock project) Chain and The Gang.  Between his many bands, Svenonius has released more than 19 full-length albums and more than 20 singles, EP’s and splits, not to mention being a published author and talk show host too!!

With current band, Chain and The Gang the group have recently released their sixth album, Experimental Music which was recorded live in the studio with six-piece lineup  consisting of Fred Thomas and Amber Fellows of Saturday Looks Good to Me, Danny Kroha of the Gories and Danny & the Darleans, and Shelley Salant of Tyvek.

Don’t Scare The Ghost Away is one of my favourite tracks so far on what sounds like an exceptional offering from Chain and The Gang.  Marry Jonathan Richman with a bit of King Khan, throw in some classic garage-rock guitar and a dash of post-punk and what you have is the very captivating sounds of Chain and The Gang! Raise a hair and bow to the sensational and spooktacular powers of Don’t Scare The Ghost Away..Listen above and purchase your copy of Experimental Music from here. 

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SONG OF THE DAY Ghost Wave – Heaven (Sonic Boom Mix)

Is it me or does this track have a real nostalgic 90’s feel about it? It’s got that kind of Stone Roses, Charlatans, Happy Monday’s vibe, bopping happily along to a funky indie-dance beat!

Heaven is the new single and title track from Auckland’s psychedelic dance duo, Ghost Wave who released their latest mini EP earlier this month.  The record contains three different versions of the same track plus remixes by Shayne Carter and Power Nap, with today’s song the EP’s opener which was mixed by UK artist, Sonic Boom (Spaceman 3).

Mastered in Portugal by Sonic Boom this is the first in a monthly series of EP’s from the room-shaking duo with 2018 seeing the release of their new album! Check it out above and order yourself a little slice of Heaven from here. 

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