Track Premiere: SONG OF THE DAY CADE – Feed

The music of Toronto, Ontario-based singer-songwriter Kaiya Cade possesses bewitching powers, for her sound is spellbinding and her voice  bears otherworldly qualities.  Her vocals are refined and delicate, expressed with depth and maturity, drifting in like a divine apparition as they float weightlessly amidst fine layers of woven, picked guitar.

Performing as part of the quintet, CADE, Kaiya is the lead vocalist/guitarist and composer of the dream-folk outfit and creates ethereal and haunting sonic landscapes by combining synthetic sound with the acoustic instrumentation of piano, guitar, strings, sound bowls and percussion.

The striking thing about this music and the detail that I instantly appreciated, is the grace of Kaiya’s delivery; seamless and gentle, yet notably powerful.  Next month CADE is to release a new 10-track album and for this they have teamed up with UK’s Fox Food Records.  The self-titled record was recorded at Toronto West Sound, Carl Lennox Studio, The Trailer & at CADE’s home and is to be released on Limited Edition Cassette alongside a digital download.

Today, the Listening Post Blog is premiering a brand new song from CADE’s forthcoming album entitled, Feed.  Pivoting around the opening line, “one more time he said,” the track unfurl’s with mystery and longing; whilst layering’s of willowy vocals weave effortlessly into interlacing threads of picked guitar.  This is another fine offering from the young Canadian artist and promises alluring, good things to come from next month’s album.

Releasing on April 4th, you can pre-order your copy of CADE’s record from here and discover more about Kaiya on her webpage here. 

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SONG OF THE DAY David Coleman With The Hector Rivera Orchestra ‎– Drown My Heart

Today’s delicious slice of soul is served with a generous helping of Latin groove, adding a touch of the exotic to this already tender, tasty track.

Originally released in 1966 on Old Town Records subsidiary label, Barry!, Drown My Heart has just been reissued by Edinburgh’s Athens of the North, accompanied by My Foolish Heart as the b-side.

Drown My Heart was written by the legendary band leader, Hector Rivera who arranged music for many recording artists in the 60’s, including Ray Barretto, Machito and Tito Puente.  Blending Latin dance-pop with contemporary soul-funk and jazz, Rivera also released several LP’s himself and today’s song can be found on his 1966 At The Party album.  Drown My Heart features the vocals of David Coleman and if you’re lucky enough to stumble across an original copy of this rare 45, you may just find willing buyers ready to part with £250 smakeroonies for it!! Listen above and purchase the track from here.  


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SONG OF THE DAY Brenda Lee – I’m Sorry

I’ve been watching this really good TV series recently and Brenda Lee’s I’m Sorry was one of the many great songs to appear on the soundtrack.  Every time I hear it I can’t get it out of my head, it’s always been that way and I love it!

At the time of the song’s release in 1960, Brenda Lee was just 15 years old and, out of concern that a 15-year-old girl was not mature enough to sing about unrequited love, Decca Records decided to hold back its release for a few months until later that year.

Releasing as the b-side to ‘That’s All You Gotta Do’, ‘I’m Sorry’ peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart in July 1960 and was described by AllMusic guide as the pop star’s ‘definitive song’ and one of the ‘finest teen pop songs of its era’  It’s a cracking little earworm and I never tire of singing that first line at the top of my voice….


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SONG OF THE DAY The Painted Ship – Frustration (Alt. version)

The Painted Ship were a psych-rock quartet from Vancouver, Canada who emerged in 1965 originally entitled The Wee Beasties (this was the name the inventor of the microscope gave to the “animals” he saw through that instrument).  Consisting of buckskin-clad Bill Hay (vocals), Bob Rowden (guitar), Ken Wain (keyboards) and Barry Rowden (drums), The Painted Ship recorded only two singles in the late 60’s, releasing both on the London label.  Their first single, released in 1966, was ‘Audience Reflections (From Polyana’s Dreamworld), with And She Said Yes’ on the B-side.  This was followed by ‘Frustration’ in 1967 with ‘Little White Lies’ on the flip-side.  Check out their second 45 above and see which version of this song you prefer?

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SONG OF THE DAY CADE – Intro (Put Your Hand In My Hand)

Indie-folk artist Kaiya Cade, a.k.a CADE, is a singer-songwriter based in Toronto, Ontario whose style (as described on her Bandcamp page) “embraces the nostalgia of traditional folk acoustic instrumentation, and expresses a progressive sonic aesthetic, in its mystical, haunting vocal melodies and rhythms.” 

Her voice possesses magical, ethereal properties and her music pushes into the realms of dreamy other worlds.  Delving into her Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages,  it appears that CADE has been releasing music for at least the last five years, though I dare say she has been writing for many more?

With a new self-titled album due this April via UK label Fox Food Records,  CADE has recently shared the record’s opening track and it’s a stunning listen!  Beautifully crafted with delicately woven layers of exquisite vocals, Intro (Put Your Hand In My Hand) may only be a mere 01:29 minutes long, but this song leaves a lasting impression and its immediate impact is notable! 

Check it out above and if you want to discover more, take a look at CADE’s Soundcloud/Bandcamp pages (links as above) and take a look at some of her live performances on her Youtube page.

CADE’s new album is due on April 4th via Fox Food Records.  Pre-order yourself a copy from here. 

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SONG OF THE DAY Akalé Wubé – Alègntayé feat. Genet Asefa (Grant Phabao Remix)

Ethiopian grooves, made in Paris…..

Akalé Wubé (translating from Amharic as “beauty of the soul”) are a French 5-piece made up of band members, Paul Shield (trumpet, bugle, krar , percussion), Étienne de la Sayette (saxophones, flutes, mbira, keyboards), Loïc Réchard (guitar)Oliver Degabriele (bass) and David Georgelet (drums). 

Forming in 2009, the band were brought together by a mutual love for ethio-jazz and all of their creations are shaped, driven and inspired by the Ethiopian funk-jazz sounds of the 1960’s and 1970’s.  

To date Akalé Wubé have released four albums, with today’s mesmerising track, Alègntayé (which features he sublime vocals of Ethiopian singer, Genet Asefa) appearing on their 2014 third record, Sost (meaning “three” in Amharique).

In 2015 Paris DJs released a remix of Alègntayé which was revamped by producer, Grant Phabao (see also yesterdays remastered track by Grant Phabao).  Just like the original, the reworking is striking and shrouded in mystique, with Grant Phabao’s version defined by a reggae groove.  Check it out above and listen to the album version here.

Grab a copy of Grant Phabao’s remixed version of Alègntayé from here. 

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SONG OF THE DAY Kologbo – Change the System

Nigerian Afrobeat guitar legend Oghene Kologbo has been making music ever since he was a young teenager!  Spending many years performing with Fela Kuti, he later went on to record more than 50 records with his band, Afrika 70.

So rejuvenated by his music, I have featured (and will continue to feature) the mighty sounds of Kologbo, continuing with today’s song, Change The System. (Hear more music from Kologbo on my pages here.)

Every 6th of the month at Paris DJs it is Kologbo Day and the Parisian label release a brand new song from the tenor guitar player.  Fulfilling Kologbo’s request to reissue his Change The System tune, Paris DJs released this track four days ago. Originally released 10 years ago Change The System appeared on his first album, Remember Fela Anikulapo Kuti, which was recorded with German band the Afrobeat Academy.  Kologbo had heard it played in a mix from Paris DJs’ podcast and wanted everyone to be able to hear producer, Grant Phabao’s remastered version.  It’s bright and vibrant delivering punchy lyrics which exclaim, “It’s still time to change the system a few years after, because the system is a fraud.”  Listen above and purchase your copy of the song from here. 

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SONG OF THE DAY The Potted Palm – My House Of Grass

Chicago’s Numero group are one of those labels that I dream of working for!  They specialise in creating compilations of previously released (and often obscure) recorded material, reissuing original albums, whilst dedicating all of their time to researching and unearthing rare sounds from a variety of musical genres.

The label was founded in 2003 by Tom Lunt, Rob Savier and Ken Shipley with a vision to “research and preserve obscure recorded material and ephemera by artists and entrepreneurs who found little commercial success upon their material’s initial release”. 

The label’s releases extend into the 100’s, with each album covering an eclectic array of funk, soul, world, r&b and much, much more.  You could literally spend weeks exploring their catalogue of diverse sounds.  The next release for the Numero series is a compilation titled Rhum Rhapsodies & Other Exotic Delights, which features an enticing collection of songs including today’s soothing serenade by The Potted Palm entitled, My House Of Grass.  Unfortunately I cannot offer anymore details other than where to find this track, but I dare say when this compilation is released in May, the liner notes will offer more information.  Until then I hope you enjoy this track as much as I am?!..Listen above.

Rhum Rhapsodies & Other Exotic Delights offers over 50 tracks in a 3xLP/CD collection and is due this May.  Preview the album and pre-order your copy from here.


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SONG OF THE DAY The Buttertones – Baby C4

The Buttertones emerged in the winter of 2012 amidst a psychedelic haze of fuzzed-out garage rock, reviving the supersonic sounds of the 50’s and 60’s in a blast of melodic, retro reverence as they made their way out into the world….

True to their namesake The Buttertones are smooth and pliable, equipped with a sound that will lull you into a hazy dream one minute before propelling you into outer space at the speed of light the just never know what’s coming!

Currently on tour the LA-based 5-piece are also preparing to release new album Midnight In A Moonless Dreamwhich follows last years Gravedigging LP.  Baby C4 is the first track to be shared from their forthcoming record and if this song is anything to go by, we are in for lots more melodic madness, mayhem and electrifying thrills!  It’s fast, its furious, with hints of The Clash’s Brand New Cadillac coursing through its fierce melodic veins….Check it out above and take a look at a live performance of the song below.

Midnight In A Moonless Dream releases on May 4th via Innovative Leisure.  Pre-order your copy from here. .

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SONG OF THE DAY The Shells – Whiplash

I’ve been meaning to feature this juicy little soul number for ages now and I’m finally doing it today!  I’m pretty certain the minute this song starts you’ll struggle to keep still as the funky bass rolls in and kicks up the pace for the swift, bouncy drums to join in!

Whiplash was one of the more obscure (but no less fantastic) soul records to come out of 1960’s Chicago.  Released on the Conlo label in 1965, the track was recorded by US group, The Shells and featured the equally rhythmic b-side, When I’m Blue.  The band consisted of members Charles Calvin, Willie Exon, Billy Harper and James Calvin, but this is about all I can tell you at the moment..any more information is welcomed! In the meantime, check out Whiplash above.

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