SONG OF THE DAY Higher Authorities – Colour

cover170x170I’ve been trying to work out what this music reminds me of but I haven’t got there yet, so I’ll just share it for now and ponder this one in my own time!

There are definitely a parts of this track that remind of garage rock greats The Seeds, which is always a good thing; not to mention the keyboard break that first appears about a minute in (and repeats throughout), this stopped me in my tracks as I was half expecting the ‘Alabama Song’ to kick in!

This song certainly has it all if you are into a little bit of electro psychedelic dub!  Driven by a dark and edgy organ melody this authentic acid rock trip rides along on an electronic hypnotic beat whilst dreamy vocals add to the rainbow tinged soundscape.

So who is behind this great kaleidoscopic sound?  The band are called Higher Authorities and the track is titled ‘Colour’ and is the first song to be shared from their debut album ‘Neptune’.  Due on April 20th via Domino Recordings this lo-fi release was produced by the band with the help of legendary producer Adrian Sherwood (who also supplied his mad box of sound effects!).

The release date has relevance too, as Domino explain on their site: “4/20, a day of huge significance in cannabis culture – is no coincidence. Neptune is proper head music, an old-fashioned headphones album where the devil is in the lo-fi details”.

Visually the albums artwork also has symbolic significance as Higher Authorities explains how: “..the pineapples on the album artwork possibly refer to Liverpool’s wealthy merchant’s houses who had pineapples on the gateposts. One of the pineapples is smoking, it all ties in”. 

Preorder at iTunes here:
Preorder at Domino here:



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SONG OF THE DAY Atlas Lab – Wake Up Slow

12279096_901611776590061_1639622306995874584_nBoston band Atlas Lab released their debut EP ‘Wake Up Slow’ this January and after listening to its five fruitful tracks back to back, I have to say that I’ll definitely be going back for more.

Described as a band that specialise in soulful psychedelic folk, Atlas lab are a diverse collective who are not afraid of a little experimentation, fusing both male and female lead vocals together with an interesting blend electronic and acoustic instrumentation.

Female singer Solei, (previously of Goldbloc – see 21st November on my blog page here), provides soulful lead vocals that are rich in tone, instantly recognisable and hard to forget once heard, give this EP a listen and you will see what I mean.

Today’s song is the title track off Atlas Lab’s official debut, it’s also a great opening song with a nice plucked acoustic intro that rises out of the silence, its delicate folksy melody soon joined by the echoing line ‘Wake Up Slow’.  As the song gently builds, the layers gather and vocal harmonies combine with accumulating rhythms and a gentle pace that unfolds with a natural flow.  Listen above.

Wake Up Slow is available now via Cllctive  – ‘Trust Fall’ and ‘Castellana’ definitely being stand out songs for me.

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SONG OF THE DAY Eerie Wanda – Vinny

0006662049_10It was the band name that first attracted me but the music that hooked me in!  There’s a lot to be said for an eye-catching title but even more to be said for the substance that lies behind a good name, and Dutch quartet Eerie Wanda are certainly not lacking in that department.

This band struts about the realms of psychedelia as if they were there when it was first created, their sound so authentic that if you were to be told that they had just time travelled from this golden era, you wouldn’t bat an eyelid!

Croatian/Dutch singer-songwriter Marina Tadic definitely puts the eerie in this band too, with her ethereal vocals that float weightless as an apparition, curious and intriguing in their delivery, whilst musically you cannot fault this classic sound.

Today’s song is taken off the bands forthcoming album Hum, which is set to come out on February 26 via Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records.  Listen above, and be sure to check out further singles from this release ‘I’m Over Here’ and ‘Volcano Lagoon


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SONG OF THE DAY Eddie Boyd & His Chess Men – Please Help Me


Edward Riley, ake Eddie Boyd was an American blues pianist and for all those already familiar with his background you will probably won’t need to read what I’m about to share.

I’d heard of Eddie Boyd and have some of his music on blues collections but didn’t know too much about who he was and where his career took him…until today.

Growing up in Mississippi Boyd moved to Memphis, Tennessee in 1935 where he played piano and guitar with his group, the Dixie Rhythm boys.  In 1941 the great migration took him north to the factories of Chicago where he continued to write, recording several singles throughout the early 50’s, he also co-wrote ‘The Third Degree’ with Willie Dixon in 1953.

In 1965 Boyd toured with Buddy Guy, with later collaborations and touring partners including the likes of Fleetwood Mac and John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers.  Despite his success, the sad reality of racism in the US drove Boyd out of his country where he initially relocated to Belgium and began recording with Dutch band ‘Cuby and the Blizzards.  After that he settled in Helsinki, Finland and continued to write music and record ten more blues records.

Boyd remained in Finland until his death in 1994, just a few months before Eric Clapton released the chart-topping album ‘From the Cradle’ which included Boyd’s “Five Long Years” and “Third Degree.”  ..if only he had lived a little bit longer to see hear this!

So, now that I’ve given you the Listening Post ‘wiki experience,’ it’s time to introduce today’s song, today’s great song ‘Please Help Me.’  Released as the B-side to the single, ‘The Story of Bill,’ Eddie Boyd recorded this song in September 1954 and released it in November that year.   Listen above…

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SONG OF THE DAY Keiandra – Icing Sugar

At the tender age of just 18 emerging Newcastle singer-songwriter Keiandra has just announced the forthcoming release of her second single ‘Icing Sugar.’  Offering a promising helping of atmospheric dream pop, her sound envelops like a haunting mist and her voice guides like a siren, echoing amidst a desolate soundscape.  Compared to the likes of Daughter and Marika Hackman her music showcases perfectly her mature songwriting skills and the ability she has to deliver a sound that both intoxicates and captivates.

Keiandra began learning to play the guitar only a few years ago and counts Suzanne Vega’s artsty folk-influenced style as her main inspiration; her blend of ambient folk takes these influences to new realms, exploratory and experimental.

Following on from the success of her debut single Wanted (released at the end of December), Keiandra is to release second single ‘Icing Sugar’ on 12th February – this will be available to stream on Spotify

Her debut EP ‘Empty Places’ out on 11th March

Read more about Keiandra on her webpage here.

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SONG OF THE DAY Naytronix – Mister Divine


The Experimental sounds of Oakland-based Naytronix, aka Nate Brenner floated into my earshot back in October last year just before the release of second album ‘Mr Divine.’  I don’t revisit albums/artists nearly enough, continuously occupied with new music, but Naytronix’s track ‘Dream’ came on in my car earlier and I brightened my journey; so I gave it a good few plays and whacked the album on when I got home too.

There is a lot going on in this music, with layered psych-pop melodies all inspired by the likes of William Onyeabor, Khaira Arby, Dizzy K and Bootsy Collins; but this sound is also shaped by the time Brenner spent on the road touring with the Tune Yards.  His songs reflect ever-changing patterns, times, people, places and sounds from every corner of the globe and this changeable flow echos through off-kilter rhythms and his experimentation with various genres.

This album takes you on a rich and diverse journey, continuously moving and changing with Brenner’s lush vocals the only constant that remains throughout.  Today’s song comes from ‘Mr Divine’ and is the first track on the album, the title track in fact.  It’s laid back feel instantly transports you into the warmth of a lazy sunshiny day where you can almost feel the suns rays tickling the skin.  It’s best listened to with your feet up and eyes closed, you will be floating off in no time….

 ‘Mister Divine’  is out now via City Slang

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SONG OF THE DAY The Little Flames – The Day Is Not Today

postToday’s song comes from an album that was originally recorded back in 2006.  It closely followed a run of singles released via Liverpool’s Deltasonic label and was near to completion when the band split and each member went their own way in pursuit of their own projects.  Sadly this debut never surfaced……until now!

The Little Flames formed in 2004, originating from Hoylake in Merseyside and consisted of key members Eva Petersen (vocals), Joe Edwards (Bass), Mat Gregory (Guitar), Miles Kane (Guitar) and Greg Mighall (drums).  Shortly before their debut album was due for release in 2007 the band decided to split with Miles, Joe and Greg forming The Rascals and Mat and Eva continuing to work separately on various music and art projects.

Recorded at Sweden’s Tambourine Studios and titled ‘The Day Is Not Today,’ this LP blissfully recreated a sound that combined the influences of Krautrock, Motown, 60’s garage, film music and the symphonic pop of artists like Serge Gainsbourg and Françoise Hardy.  Nearly nine years later and as part of the re-launch of Deltasonic and reissue series this album is finally going to be released and will be available on 4th March.

Ahead of this the band have shared title track (and previously unheard track)  ‘The Day Is Not Today’ which is packed full of timeless charm, driven by a 60’s swing-by rhythm and defined by its haunting cinematic melody…its bloody great!  Listen above.


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SONG OF THE DAY The Magnificent Tape Band – Patterns In My Mind (Featuring Rachel Modest)

a2702616667_16Founders of Leeds soul and funk label ATA Records Neil Innes and Pete Williams have just released their debut single under the project name The Magnificent Tape Band.  The duo have begun creating their very own slice of soul heaven which begins with this funky 45 titled ‘Patterns In My Mind.’

The track features Sheffield born Rachel Modest whose individual and rather striking vocal style has developed within the churches and gospel choirs of her local community.  For this performance her delivery has been compared to the falsetto of The Delfonics William Hart, whilst her inspiration derives from artist such as Madeleine Bell, Dee Dee Warwick and Dusty Springfield.

Neil Innes and Pete Williams spent a whole lot of time developing the sound of The Sorcerers last year (see my feature on this band here) and were the driving force behind their first release, for which they wrote and produced all the tracks as well as contributing bass and guitar performances.

Now it is their turn to shine and with the support from the likes of Dom Servini, Shawn Lee and Adrian Younge, who recently listened to the new track and gave it their approval, Innes and Williams look set to travel far on their psychedelic, soul trip.  Recorded on original 60’s equipment using vintage instruments, ‘Patterns In My Mind’ was released on January 29th and is available to purchase from here

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SONG OF THE DAY Benedict Benjamin – My Feet Have No Need For The Ground

0005634706_10Who is this suited man crooning in the street?  I asked myself the same question earlier today and couldn’t wait to find out who it was after I played the first few seconds of this video! Seemingly oblivious to the wandering souls around him all conducting themselves in their everyday business, this character crops up amidst the hustle of a busy market (check out the man who approaches from behind), on a train, in a shopping centre, on a garage forecourt and several other random locations!  This light-hearted and whimsical visual delight, however, comes from an expressive artist who is serious about his music.

Benedict Benjamin is the new solo project from Ben Rubinstein, formerly of indie-folk acts The Mariner’s Children and Peggy Sue.  Having received critical acclaim for recent debut single ‘Thin Skin’ in November last year, his debut album ‘Night Songs’ is due for release in March.  It’s hard not to find your cockles instantly warmed by this wonderfully quirky character for his music is heartfelt, honest and built upon reflective lyrics and delicate indie-folk melodies that are both easy to listen and not at all hard to take to; I am certainly taken.

The forthcoming album was recorded in a series of churches, bedrooms and kitchens across London and Kent with UK-based musician and producer Dan Blackett (Landshapes, Bella Union).

It comes from a time when Benedict was battling insomnia, working nights and living nocturnally and the effects of this were to have a major influence as Benedict explains: “At the end of my twenties I was in two bands that were breaking up, working night shifts at two jobs and going through a bad time with the girl I love. I was exhausted but my body had given up on sleep and every night I’d lie awake for what seemed like forever watching the light brighten into morning. I hadn’t written a song for a while but then in the middle of one of those nights something resolved itself and I started writing and kept on writing for a whole month.”

Sometimes we are at our best when things are at their worst, the desire to express our innermost thoughts seems to heighten in times of tribulation and this sincerity is evident in the music of Benedict Benjamin.  Contrasted by a dreamy blend of 60’s sounding pop, folk-rock and psychedelic tinges, the mix drives towards a positive resolution and takes you along for the ride.  Benjamin also described how: “The album took a year and a lot of struggle to complete but I’m really proud of it. It was written at and about a point in my life when I realised I wasn’t that young anymore and had to really start fighting if I wanted to be happy.”

Taken from his new album comes the single (and official video – watch above) ‘My Feet Have No Need For The Ground.’  It’s a fantastic follow-up to ‘Thin Skin’ and a fantastic example of what to look forward to on debut album ‘Night Songs.’

‘Night Songs’ is released on 25 March 2016 via Sugarcoat Records and can be pre-ordered from here

Gig dates below!

2nd – Servant Jazz Quarters with Nadine Khouri – London
19th – Stereo 92 (first full band show) – London
24th – Sofar Sounds – Brighton
25th – The Islington with Frokedal – London

6th – Sofar Sounds – Oxford
9th – Servant Jazz Quarters with Woodpigeon – London

9th – Dim Swn Festival – Cardiff
14th – The Forge with The Magnetic North – London
23rd – The Winemakers – London

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SONG OF THE DAY Cross Record – Steady Waves

IMG_5160Now I’ve got to be honest, I wasn’t immediately overwhelmed by this track, not for any particular reason but it just took a couple of listens to get there; but now it’s sunk in and crawling about under the skin, it’s definitely going nowhere.  What also pleases me is that this isn’t the only track doing it for me, I’ve spent the whole evening getting familiar with Cross Record and I’ve really got into this.

Cross Record, real name Emily Cross is an artist, musician, and photographer who works together with her husband Dan Duszynski to write, record and produce what has been described as ‘darkly atmospheric night-time rock’.  Originally from Chicago the couple relocated to a ranch in Texas after getting married and have just released their second album ‘Wabi-Sabi.’

Greatly inspired the environment Cross describes how,  “I’m very influenced by my surroundings and the natural world, the landscape here has definitely inspired me. I’ve traveled a lot and I’ve lived in a lot of places. I think every experience molds us, right?”

But living in Texas also has its drawbacks it would seem, with unwelcome visits from Scorpions something that the couple now have to deal with as Cross also describes: “We have quite a few scorpions out here in Texas. It’s an image that sticks to making the record here in this new environment – I’m definitely not used to having scorpions around, that’s for sure. Me and Dan [Duszynski, husband] are both Scorpios too – we both joke around about being like them!”  On a positive note, however, these unwanted guests were happy enough to pose for the cover art on the album, all of which was photographed by Cross herself! See picture to your right!a0868370016_16

The albums lead single is titled ‘Steady Waves’ and flows on the scorpion theme with an unpredicted ‘sting in its tail.’  Halfway through the gentle calm of delicate acoustic picking comes a surge of distorted guitar as the song takes on a completely unexpected feel, it’s a great feature!  Listen above.

Wabi-Sabi is out now via Ba Da Bing, it’s definitely worth checking out and follows 2013 debut long-player Be Good. Give it a listen here and buy your copy here

Memorable tracks: ‘High Rise,’ ‘Something Unseen Touches A Flower’ and ‘Steady Waves.’

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