SONG OF THE DAY Dion – Daddy Rollin’ (In Your Arms)

bn-jz266_0827di_fr_20150824160528 Having kicked heroin after years of teen stardom as the leader of the Belmonts, Dion Francis DiMucci, better known as Dion, released ‘Daddy Rollin’ (In Your Arms)’ in 1968.

Released as the the b-side to ‘Abraham, Martin and John,” Dion has described this song as:  “…a love song, or it can be about drugs. I recorded it in the back of a bowling alley with a bunch of Jamaicans. We were banging on cardboard boxes. I had my Gibson Birdland guitar and we just let it roll.’


Raw and off-the-cuff, this track presented a totally different side of Dion; one hidden from the sugar-coated mainstream of the 1950s and one that touched upon more personal, honest elements.

I love its feel, I love its rhythm and love the whole vibe of this song really. Listen above.

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SONG OF THE DAY Hanni El Khatib – Black Constellation

a2500030543_10LA’s Hanni El Khatib has been releasing a selection of mini albums throughout the course of this year, with the fourth offering of the ‘Savage Times’ series unleashed yesterday.

Savage Times Vol. 4 consists of three tracks, of which second song, ‘Black Constellation’ has been selected for today’s song!  It’s got a real low-down bluesy feel about it, opening with a nice jazzy piano intro before a sizzling electric guitar takes over and drives the track forward.

Premiering the track on ‘Howl and Echoes’ website, Hanni El Khatib explained how ‘Black Constellation’ came to be: “I was having one of those days where I was just stuck and didn’t know what to write or record. I started to telling Jonny (owner of Jazzcats Studio) about a song I’ve been playing on the piano that I wrote when I was 12.  “He was quick to have me play it for him and start tracking it. I had to somewhat change it and give a little variation and arrange it, but all and all it’s pretty similar to what I used to play when was kid. Throughout the Savage Times Recordings I have been obsessively watching live videos of Sun Ra while on down time at Jazzcats. The lyrics all came out of that inspiration, so I guess Black Constellation is a somewhat of an homage to the man, the myth, the legend himself – Sun Ra.”

Savage Times Vol. 4 is out now, grab it here.

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SONG OF THE DAY The Growlers – City Club

Continuing on from last nights Growlers theme, I’ve been checking out some new tracks from their forthcoming album today.  I’m definitely enjoying what I’ve heard so far but, dare I say it, I am torn. Torn between the rough, swamp-blues, psych-rock sound that enticed me in with their debut album seven years ago, versus what appears to be the far more slick, polished sound of now.

What is constant, however, is the charm of Brooks Nielsen’s gritty vocals, for they have defined their evolving sound ever since the band emerged in 2006.

For their upcoming album ‘City Club,’ the Growlers have got together with The Strokes frontman, Julian Casablancas who has produced their latest offering which is to be released on his own label Cult Records at the end of the month.

The album’s title track struts along on a funky groove, one that makes you want to get up and sashay across the room, and whilst it may not have the edginess of  Barnacle Beat , it still rocks…or should I say, grooves! Listen above.

City Club is out 9/30 on Cult Records.

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SONG OF THE DAY The Growlers – Barnacle Beat

0003383701_10This song really kicks tush! I love it! I was driving home late last night with this on the stereo and I was lost in a psychedelic haze of sonic guitars, hypnotic vocals and the ever-so-Doors’y sounding keyboard breaks.  Dynamic beats come at you fast-then-slow, taking you to a place miles away; I imagine myself on a lost, lonely unfolding desert highway with nothing but miles of heat-drenched nothingness and I am flying high on this trip…

Californian beach-goth, surf-psych rockers, The Growlers came together in 2006 and were formed by singer Brooks Nielsen and lead guitarist Matt Taylor, later adding keyboard player/guitarist Kyle Straka, drummer Scott Montoya and bassist Anthony Braun Perry.

The band have released four albums (with their 5th album ‘City Club’due at the end of this month) and today’s fantastic track can be found on their debut album ‘Are You In or Out?’   There is no question in my mind, I’m definitely in when it comes to this band, check out the supersonic ‘Barnacle Beat’ above.

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SONG OF THE DAY The Olympians – Sirens of Jupiter

a3392801707_10Today’s funky, fresh and soulful bundle of instrumental joy is the lead single from Daptone’s new super band, The Olympians.

Led by Toby Pazner (Lee Fields & The Expressions, El Michels Affair), this NYC-based band are a product of a fever dream Pazner experienced in Greece.

The story, as described on his Bandcamp page, goes like this: After repeatedly being visited by a strange messenger in his dreams while on tour in the islands of Greece, Toby Pazner became consumed with a vision to tell the stories of The Olympians through music

Following this vision he returned to New York and began to round-up a selection of musicians who would later become, The Olympians.

The band consists of, Thomas Brenneck (Menahan Street Band, Budos Band, Charles Bradley), Dave Guy (Tonight Show Band, The Dap-Kings,) Leon Michels (The Arcs, Lee Fields, El Michels Affair,) Nicholas Movshon (The Arcs, Lee Fields, El Michels Affair,)  Homer Steinweiss (The Dap-Kings, The Arcs), Michael Leonhart (Musical Director for Steely Dan, David Byrne), Neal Sugarman  (The Dap-Kings, Sugarman 3 & one of the founders of Daptone), Aaron Johnson (Antibalas, El Michels Affair), Evan Pazner (Lee Fields), and of course the Olympian champian, Pazner.

With their debut album due out this October, first single ‘Sirens of Jupiter’ is now ready and waiting to escort you on a cosmic, soul-filled instrumental journey…all you have to do is step on board and check in and check it out above.

Pre-order the Olympians debut album from here.

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SONG OF THE DAY Brett Detar – Satan’s Foot On My Neck

I love to delve and dabble into various genres, for there are not many styles of music that I can’t appreciate at least once, even with something like Country…though I must confess this doesn’t happen too frequently.

Today’s song grabbed my attention with its stomping melody and raw vocals; slightly reminiscent to that of Jack White in its rough delivery and going by the fantastically catchy title ‘Satan’s Foot On My Neck,’ this track was released in 2013 by singer-songwriter,  (film) composer,multi-instrumentalist and producer Brett Detar.

Formerly the lead singer of the now defunct band The Juliana Theory, as well as former guitarist/bassist for metalcore band Zao, Brett Detar now goes solo, releasing his first lone album in 2010.  Detar’s solo material resides in the gentle blends of Folk, Americana, Country and Alternative Rock and I’m quite enjoying what I’ve found on his Soundcloud page so far.

On October 8, 2013 Detar released his second solo album, ‘Too Free to Live’ and this is where today’s song can found (see below for the original studio recording.)  The version I am featuring today, however, is a live recording with extra track ‘Your Heart Grows More Heartless Each Day.’ It’s got a more organic feel and I prefer the instrumentation, delivery, and simply love Detar’s tuneful hollering, it’s a great performance and the second track is really rather pleasant too….Check it out above.

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SONG OF THE DAY Civilian – Skulls

civilian_weld-58This may not be a typical song choice for me (whatever my ‘typical’ may be), but I really like the way this song kicks off and gets stuck in right from the start, hitting you with the line, ‘You hang like a ghost in the foreground!’  Although the live version I’ve featured today (I do like a good live version) is perhaps a little bit more slinky and subdued than the original album mix I first heard, but if you check that out too, you will see what I mean about how it just goes, ‘wallop,here I am!’

Florida-based rockers Civilian create songs with a “storytelling vibe” which, as described on their pledge site, “creatively reflects their candid thoughts on politics, spirituality and justice.  Civilian describes the gravity of their lyrical content as “dark songs masked in happy rock n’ roll.”   Their music “mirrors each member’s dedication to caring for the oppressed, fighting inconvenient battles, and confronting socio-polical disparity” and their second album titled, ‘You Wouldn’t Believe What Privilege Costs’ adopts a very heart-on-sleeve approach.

Paste magazine have reviewed Civilians forthcoming album and in an interview with them frontman Ryan Alexander explained how the new album, “is an attempt to examine the intersection of love and politics and science and hope and nihilism”.  Also describing how “These aren’t mutually exclusive ideas, they interact every second of every day, yet we feel the need to keep them separate and neat. Love is anything but neat. Religion is anything but easy. Politics are anything but convenient.”

On the 21st of next month Civilian will release this second album via Tooth & Nail Records and have decided to make the album available for pre-order on PledgeMusic which will allow their fans to be involved in the album’s release.

Above is a live version of new single ‘Skulls’ which was apparently recorded ‘Live in a Hallway!’  The official video can be found here

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SONG OF THE DAY Little Willie John – I’m Shakin’

photo-johnlittlewillieToday’s song has been covered by numerous artists over the years, with my favourite cover of ‘I’m Shakin’ being Jacks Whites 2012 rendition.

The original ‘I’m Shakin’ was released in 1960 by King Records’s artist, Little Willie (a name he acquired due to his short stature!).  Born Willie Edward John, Little Willie was first noticed by bandleader Johnny Otis (Shuggie’s Dad) and hit the R&B charts while still a teen, selling over a million copies of his song “Fever” in 1956, two years before Peggy Lee recorded the definitive version.

With 14 Billboard Top 100 hits between 1955 and 1961, Little Willie John could still be making music today, but his short temper and alcohol problems led to his being dropped by his record label in 1963.  In 1966 he was convicted for manslaughter after a fatal knifing incident at a show in Seattle.  Whilst appealing his conviction he recorded what was intended to be a comeback album, but after losing his appeal and returning to jail he mysteriously died in prison in 1968, aged just 30.  The album he recorded, interestingly enough, wasn’t released until years later in 2008! Check out the classic ‘I’m Shakin’ above.

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SONG OF THE DAY The Mystery Lights – Flowers In My Hair, Demons In My Head


True to its name, this song has an enticing exterior that greets you with its slow-paced, gritty 60’s garage-fuelled intro, enticing you in with mesmerizing waves of grungy psych-rock, but as this melody unfolds it begins to take root.  Soon you are gripped in its hypnotic clutches, echoing effects screech out from every angle and as the pace quickens this wicked little melody has firmly taken over your head…the devil’s in the detail.

Daptone’s new and exciting subsidiary company, Wick Records was recently set up with the sole aim of releasing psych, garage and rock & roll.  The first band to release an album on the label was New York’s Mystery Lights, and if you are not already familiar with this fantastic garage-rock 4-piece, here’s your chance!

Today’s song features on their self-titled debut which was released this June and can be purchased from here.  Listen above.



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SONG OF THE DAY Allah-Las – Strange Heat

allah_las-2016-pressphoto-650Fabulous psych rock’n’rollers the Allah Las released their third album, ‘Calico Review’ last Friday and it certainly hits that sun-drenched, garage-fuzzed spot!

Recorded at the legendary Valentine Recording Studios LA, their latest album combines old styles with new visions, because this is what the Allah Las do best, they seamlessly fuse the old with the new.

First track ‘Strange Heat’ is a perfect album opener with its quirky melody and catchy rhythm so go on, go ahead and get sucked into its haze!  Listen above.


‘Calico Review’ is available now via Mexican Summer.

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