SONG OF THE DAY Damaged Bug – Bog Dash

Bunker Funk Tracklist:
01. Structure Image Approach
02. Bog Dash
03. The Cryptologist
04. Slay the Priest
05. Ugly Gamma
06. Rick’s Jummy
07. Gimme Tamanthum
08. No One Notice the Fly
09. Bunker Funk
10. Mood Slime
11. Liquid Desert
12. Heavy Cathedral
13. Unmanned Scanner
14. The Night Shopper



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SONG OF THE DAY Laucan – Up Tomorrow

laucan_jan17_1024_683When I came upon Laucan’s latest offering on Soundcloud this evening, I had high hopes for it, I really loved first track DMLA which I covered back in November and was hoping for more of this good stuff!!

I am happy to report that I wasn’t disappointed, it’s every bit as great, and I’m fairly confident in saying that I think this young newcomer will go far!

Since my first writings on Laucan (lor-can), I have discovered one or two more things about him: Raised in Lewes, Laurence Galpin (aka Laucan) is now signed to Radio 6’s Rob da Bank’s label, Sunday Best Recordings and, inspired by ‘folk music of increasing obscurity’, has created his very folk-inspired sound, incorporating a perfect helping of psychedelic pop in the mix.

With his debut EP, Up Tomorrow announced for release on 10th March, Laucan has just shared its title track, which was written by Laucan and produced by Andrew Phillips (of Ninja Tune’s Grasscut).  Up Tomorrow offers just over 3 minutes of escapism with its glorious layering of gentle guitars, subtle bass and illuminating vocals; its soothing effects heightened further by harmonious backing vocals, delicate strings and the sound of church bells in the distance; not forgetting the beautiful song of the Blackbird which features throughout.  This song connects us to the natural and when I listen to this, I escape into nature.  Listen above.

Laucan has a couple of 2017 shows booked so far, including one later this month at London’s The Vaults (29 January) and at Deershed Festival in the summer (21-23 July).

The Up Tomorrow EP is out 10 March via Sunday Best, whilst the single is out now.

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SONG OF THE DAY Hanni El Khatib – This I Know

a3745447430_10Over the course of last year Hanni El Khatib released a series of EP’s, their collective forces introducing a new and experimental element to the LA artist’s sound, which sees him moving away from blues-rock and evolving into new realms.

Due out next month the material from last years EP, combined with lots of new music, will all be released in a 19 track album titled, Savage Times.  With not long to go, I eagerly await this, but to keep you (and me) going here is a brand spanking new track from Savage Times titled, This I know. Listen above.

Coming to you via Innovative Leisure, Savage Times is released on February 17 and can be pre-ordered from here. 

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SONG OF THE DAY Adam Torres – I Came To Sing The Song

a3676087672_10There is something so powerful in Adam Torres voice, I’m sure it could launch me all the way to the moon if I listened to it long enough.  Exquisite is a word that springs to mind when I think of this young singer-songwriter and when I hear his ethereal falsetto, it always stops me in my tracks.

Adam Torres first appeared with his self released debut album ‘Nostra Nova’ in 2006 and it took another ten years for the folk singer-songwriter to return.  In his musical absence Torres volunteered in Ecuador, completed a graduate degree in Texas, and aided projects designed to improve the water quality of the Rio Grande River; this is one young man who did definitely not let the grass grow under his feet!

Torres is back next month with I Came To Sing The Song, an EP of four songs recorded during the Pearls To Swine sessions. It’s a collection of songs about devoting your life to songwriting and the many ripple effects such a decision creates. Or, as Torres put it via email, “The idea behind the song and EP is finding purpose in one’s work, and having to adjust to the lightness and darkness of that search.”

The EP’s title track is available now and offers a gentle acoustic platform from which Adam’s vocals soar and glide, its gentle form soothes and envelops.  Listen above.

I Came To Sing The Song releases 24.2.17 via Fat Possum Records.  Pre-order your copy from here.

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SONG OF THE DAY Loopa Scava – Back On The Path

a1868629990_10Escape Through The Dusty Clouds…What an enticing title for an album don’t you think? This is the latest offering from Greek musician, composer and producer, Ilias Mimilidis, aka Loopa Scava, and is the first album he’s released in 8 years!

Described as an ‘instrumental album both dark and bright, rough and refined, restrained and liberating’, stand-out track track, Back On The Path really grabbed me in its menacing clutches.  This sultry little rhythm-laden number wouldn’t sound at all out-of-place on a David Lynch soundtrack, its brimming with atmosphere and I love the trickle of the crisp melody as it seeps into darkness of an unhurried pace, the contrast works a treat.   Listen above.

Escape Through Dusty The Clouds was released in April last year, listen to more and grab your copy here.

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SONG OF THE DAY Quantic – Time Is The Enemy

0007571752_10Following yesterdays big beats comes another aptly titled track, ‘Time Is The Enemy.’  With little time to write today, time is against me and, whilst some of you may already be familiar with this artist, for those who aren’t there is plenty of info out there so it won’t be hard to track down.

DJ, multi-instrumentalist and record producer, William ‘Will’ Holland, has been making music since early 2000.  Born in UK, he now resides in New York and records under various guises such as, Quantic,The Quantic Soul Orchestra and The Limp Twins.

Impressively as a musician he plays guitars, bass, double bass, piano, organ, saxophone, accordion and various percussion, whilst as a producer he creates mainly original compositions, utilising only a small amount of samples in his music.

Over the last 17 years, Holland has released many albums, with today’s song featuring on his debut, The Fifth Exotic which was released in 2001.a3905613628_10

Time Is The Enemy is bursting with big beats and smooth electronic melodies, it’s a great track…and if anyone is wondering about samples in this track, Quantic has taken a snippet of Rare Earth’s, Get Ready and Tony Newman’s Soul Thing! Listen above.

Grab your copy of The Fifth Exotic from here. 

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SONG OF THE DAY Savages – You’re My Chocolate

a0250734171_10Talk about accidental and coincidental! I have literally just stumbled upon this track as I was listening to something else, which led to another song, which led me to a playlist and somehow I ended up here, you know how it goes..these random musical mystery tours are always the best!

The title, You’re My Chocolate couldn’t be more apt either really, not that I’m governed by the power or chocolate, but I have just got in from town after spending £8 on some posh Xmas sale chocolates…who wouldn’t! So yes, this chance discovery ties in nicely with my days events…not to that mention it’s really, really, really good!!

So here we are with a very velvety , smooth instrumental track from Nándor Kürtössy, aka Savages, a trip-hop/downtempo producer and DJ based in Budapest, Hungary.  According to the small bit of info I’ve found out there on him,  Kürtössy is also the director and owner of Mana Mana Records, a label focusing on mainly digital releases from Hungarian producers and bands: Sometimes easy, sometimes jazzy, sometimes exotica and always exciting!..this is their description on their Bandcamp page and it sounds pretty good to me!

Today’s track features on an album called Five Finger Discounwhich came out in 2008 and, from what I can gather, is fetching pretty big money even for the CD! As I type I’m giving it a listen and I have to say it’s rather good, easy to listen to and rather enjoyable (I’ve included the full album via Youtube below).  Listen to today’s song above.

I’ve also just found on Soundcloud that this album has been reissued by the Greek label, Melting Records and can be purchased on CD or download from here! Wohoo!!!!

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SONG OF THE DAY Marching Church – Florida Breeze

a0915331079_10Still working my way through my new Christmas sounds, its been an absolute delight listening to the new Marching Church album these past few days.  Already impressed with singles, Heart Of Life and Lion’s Den,  I was eager to find out if the rest of the album was as good…and I can happily report that it is, I’m thoroughly getting into it!

Best known as the singer of Iceage, Elias Bender Rønnenfelt has recently been recording as Marching Church, releasing second album, Telling It Like It Is last October.

0008111130_10Featuring collaborator and Iceage band mate Johan S. Weith (electric viola, guitar), Marching Band also comprises of, Kristian Emdal (bass), Anton Rothstein (drums), Jakob Emil Lamdahl (trumpet) and Hand of Dust’s Bo Høyer Hansen (guitar).

These album sessions were complemented by Maaike Van der Linde (flute) and Thora Sveinsdottir (strings) of the Stargaze Orchestra, and the Choir of Young Believers’ Sonja La Bianca (saxophone), with overall production by Escho’s Nis Bysted.

Florida Breeze is definitely a stand-out track, but Elias’ vocals are not for everyone it would seem: ‘he sounds like he’s in pain!!’ exclaimed my Mum the other day when she heard this..and yes, I guess you could describe it as that.  But this is a plus as far as I’m concerned and I love way his voice crawls, climbs, soars and prowls with an unstructured and free-flowing charm.  The music follows suit, or is it the other way round, both are entwined and feed off each other, nurturing and exploring.  If you can, I recommend you listen to this song through headphones and let the loose rhythm and sultry shuffle sweep over you, let the swirl of Florida Breeze transport and transform…Listen above.

‘Telling It Like It Is’ will be released on October 28th via Sacred Bones Records

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SONG OF THE DAY Kool & Kass – Peaceful Solutions

0001350112_10Always keen and eager to welcome pretty much any musical genre into my ears, hip hop/rap is something I don’t mind dipping into from time to time. I can’t say I like all of it but what I do find, I always like to share!

Kool A.D. of Das Racist and rapper/producer Kassa Overall got together in 2013 and released their debut project together as Kool & Kass.  The pair titled their debut album, Peaceful Solutions and featured guest contributers such as, Bizzy Bone of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Fat Tony, TECLA, and Domingo Vazquez.

a0314555727_10So far I’ve only heard this one track from the album so I can’t endorse Peaceful Solutions in its entirety, but its title track really appeals to me and I’m liking the artwork too! Listen above.

Listen/purchase the whole album from their Bandcamp page here.

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SONG OF THE DAY David McCallum – House Of Mirrors

r-1665610-1235511942-jpegFollowing on from yesterdays Dark Days sample sources comes the second of two tracks that DJ Shadow cleverly weaved into his song. 

Alongside Bill Osborn’s great Bamboo and Rice , Shadow also mixed David McCallum’s House Of Mirrors and the fusion is superb.

As well as being a well-known actor, McCallum also released a selection of instrumental music for Capitol Records in the late 60’s, recording four albums in total; all produced by the great David Axelrod, including, Music…A Part of Me  (1966), Music…A Bit More of Me (1966), Music…It’s Happening Now! (1967), and McCallum (1968).

As a classically trained musician, McCallum didn’t sing on his albums, instead he blended a selection of oboe, English horn and strings with guitars and drums and then presented instrumental interpretations of hits of the day.  Today’s song appears on his 1967 Music…It’s Happening Now! and I love it, I love this stuff and intend to investigate more; it’s easy to see McCallum’s music is a favourable source to sample, it’s got a timeless sound!

So far I’ve only dipped my toes into the wonders of David Axelrod with a couple of albums but intend to give his whole catalogue an extensive listen, including the music of David McCallum (check out one of McCallum best known pieces is The Edge which was sampled by Dr. Dre as the intro riff to the track The Next Episode).  Listen to the fantastic House Of Mirrors above. 


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