SONG OF THE DAY Primal Scream – Tenement Kid

Rightly or wrongly my Primal Scream collection extends to just one of their 10 studio albums, that being the 1991 Screamadelica LP.  With its significant departure from the band’s early indie rock sound, this release saw the influence of  house, gospel and dub music shape its new form.

Moving forward to their most recent 2013 album, ‘More Light’, Primal Scream exchanged the drug-fueled highs of their early years for a more grounded, non-intoxicated approach.  This is the first record that Gillespie has made completely sober but it still has a psychedelic sensibility accompanied by a depth to the sound and a tangible quality of compassionate humanity softening the hypnotic grooves.

“We are trying to create transcendent, euphoric, ecstatic experiences,” he insists. “That’s always going to be part of our aesthetic. We like making druggy-sounding psychedelic music. It’s just that since we stopped taking drugs we got better at it.”

Taken from this album comes today’s song, ‘Tenement Kid’

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SONG OF THE DAY Lewis Del Mar – Memories

I’m no fortune teller but I see a rolling road of success stretching out before this brand new, recently emerging, attention-seizing Brooklyn 2-piece!  If you take a listen, I’m sure you will agree?

Whilst still in their infancy, this experimental duo approached from nowhere but boldly hit hard with their debut single ‘Loud(y)’, released only last month.  It is with this momentum that they now surge forward.

Their music is gripping and even though we are just two songs in, a definitive sound is developing and this stands out, this makes Lewis Del Mar instantly recognisable.

Sharing the second new single from their forthcoming EP only hours ago, we are introduced to ‘Memories’.  Thrown immediately into an industrial rhythm-based soundscape and joined seconds later by a strong and emotive opening line, ‘It was drizzling on the day she asked me for a divorce, I told her of course, what elso do you say?’, the song propels into an impassioned roller coaster ride of descriptive lows and falsetto highs.

This September the duo are to play their very first show at the Mercury Lounge in New York City but this, I anticipate, will be the first of many….very many..

Listen to Lewis Del Mar’s first single on their Soundcloud page here

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SONG OF THE DAY Serpent Power – Lucifer’s Dream Box

An awesome meeting of minds that first came together at an after show party birthed the marvelous ‘Serpent Power’. It was an almost instant songwriting connection between Ian Skelly (former Coral drummer) and Paul Malloy (former Zuton guitarist ), who began working together after their initial meet. Releasing their self-titled debut LP in May this year via Liverpool’s Skeleton Key Records, the pair have created an album of crazed psychedelia, with melodic guitars chasing echoed vocals on a mind-warping trip, its a dream for any psyche fan. Deciding to keep the name of the former’s backing band from his Cut From A Star solo album tour and The Serpent Power was born. Offering first single ‘Lucifer’s Dream Box’ before the albums initial release, this was to be the first song to emerge from the album and was a perfect introduction. Their record unravels like a darkly comic horror book; with twisted tales of alien brain abduction, phantom bogeymen, sirens, voodoo witchdoctors and waitresses come serial killers..that’s me sold, I’m off to buy into this lunacy! The track listing of the album is as follows:

  1. Dr. Lovecraft’s Asylum
  2. The Man Who Shrunk The World
  3. Lucifer’s Dreambox
  4. Candyman
  5. The Siren
  6. Vampire For Your Love
  7. Last Ape In Space
  8. Killer Cherry Pie
  9. Just A Broken Heart
  10. Life Is A Ball
  11. Serpent Power
  12. The Vision
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SONG OF THE DAY Bunderland – Under The River

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

Emerging from vast Scottish landscapes with folk-roots connecting him to this wild country, comes the gravel-tinged vocals of Ben Sunderland, aka Bunderland.

With a youth spent listening to the traditional sounds of fiddle and pipe music, shared storytelling was an integral part of his younger years where the myths and legends, fused together with this music, would be brought to life in these songs.

Taking his heritage with him, Ben Sunderland moved to Edinburgh and began to see the elements of this music crystallise into something of his own interpretation.  It wasn’t long before he formed a band called Chasing Owls and began touring, playing at Glastonbury and performing together for over four years.

With a desire to explore his songwriting further, Ben Sunderland decided to start up a solo project so that he can delve into the freedom and vulnerability that comes with writing and performing as an individual.

In March this year Bunderland released his first 5-track EP which, showcasing perfectly his ability to write with an understated beauty, has set him up on a new and progressive track.

Taken from this EP comes today’s song which appears as a hidden/bonus track and can be found and purchased here

You can also check out all of the songs on this EP on Bunderlands Soundcloud page which can be found here

It’s always exciting to follow a new project from the early days to see it grow and to support its progress, this young artist has much to explore so it is good to be here doing it with him…

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SONG OF THE DAY Protomartyr – Why Does It Shake

American Post-Punk Protomartyr have been kicking about since 2008 when the four-piece first came together in Detroit.  A recent discovery for me, I have some catching up to do before their third studio album, The Agent Intellect, is released this October.

Their new album title derives from a concept that originated in ancient and medieval philosophy, which was first hypothesized by Aristotle. The theory deals with how the mind operates in relation to itself and seems like a perfectly apt title considering how Protomartyr’s lyrics are often orientated around the self-discovery and exploration of the self.

What captured my attention today and lured me into their punk rocking arms was the sound of their new single ‘Why Does It Shake’.  This is four and a half minutes of rolling drums, shady angst and a gripping melody that peaks and drops with edgy anticipation.  Halfway through the track the tempo changes and it all goes a little Mark E Smith which, when I discovered how they have often been likened to The Fall, came as no surprise for they run with the same moody, guitar-driven sound.  Amidst this altered pace comes the call of vocalist Joe Casey who asks, ‘why does it shake’, to which a repeated response echoes ‘the body, the body, the body’.  It’s a great moment, the pace drops and the beat subsides but never stops bubbling just below the surface.

Singer Joe Casey had this to say about the first single, ‘Why Does It Shake?’, “That was something my mom said one day out of the blue. I think she was asking about the tremors in her hand. It seemed like a valid question that really didn’t have an easy answer.”

The Agent Intellect will be released October 9 via Hardly Art

Meanwhile you can catch Protomartyr on their world tour here

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SONG OF THE DAY Shopping – Why Wait?

It’s been two years since the East London DIY post-punkers released their debut on their own MiLK Records label, but their second album ‘Why Choose’ is on its way and due for release this Autumn.

Ahead of this comes their debut single ‘Why Wait’ which, if this is anything to go by, bodes well for their sophomore release with its proactive and edgy, punk feel.

This structurally simplistic tune is effective, revolving around Rachel Agg’s fast-paced guitar and clear-cut vocals, Billy Easter’s lively, plucky bass lines and the steadied backing vocals of drummer Andrew Milk as he bounces off Agg’s lead.  Everything is set, everything is raring to go and energy and enthusiasm is certainly not lacking anywhere here.

With a clear message, ‘Why Wait’ contains all the right elements to stomp this message home.  It gets under the skin and dances about until, unable to sit still, you find yourself writhing to its addictive beat and defiant tune.  Inspired by the “instant gratification of the internet age,” Shopping claims that “The hyperactivity of the song comes from the kind of fidgety feeling you get when you feel like you wanna watch three YouTube videos at once whilst talking to someone and reading an email while also watching a .gif and riding a bus. It’s a song about wanting to break out of, but also being a product of a consumerist, globalized, hyperactive and impatient world – being consumed by a system whilst also harboring an intense desire to freak out and consume everything at once – an insatiable desire to satisfy every greedy whim; to go on some kind of crazed shopping spree then throw it all into the river.”

The trio’s new full length album, Why Choose, comes out October 2nd on English indie label FatCat Records.

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SONG OF THE DAY The Mighty Sceptres – Sting Like A Bee

British retro-soul band the Mighty Sceptres create a sound that echoes the sounds of yesteryears, truly authentic in nature they incorporate soul, funk, jazz and blues into their mix.  Going for this sound wholeheartedly, the pair use only period instruments to record their classic-style arrangements capturing perfectly the blues sounds of the 50’s and the soul grooves of the 60’s.

Led by guitarist Nick Radford and vocalist Angeline Morrison, the pair are already accomplished musicians who came together fueled by their love for this classic era.

Their debut album, “All Hail The Mighty Sceptres” was released 24 February this year via Ubiquity Records and can be found here

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SONG OF THE DAY Bones & Beeker – Lupine

Steady and sleek are the new sounds emerging from the Minneapolis duo, Bones & Beeker.  Combining hip-hop production with classic, harmony-focused singer-songwriter musicianship gives this pair a distinct edge as they create a fine blend of jazzy pop and beats with a fresh new outlook.  Featuring singer/guitarist Anthony Newes and Producer Brendan Kelly aka BK-One, who are also both multi-instrumentalists, they are also joined by bassist Chris Bierden (Polica) and Nat Collis (Atmosphere).

They are to release a self-titled debut album later this year via Wax Poetics Records which will be distributed by Sony RED

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SONG OF THE DAY Infest – SaxWax

Every now and then it’s good to feature something just that little bit different, which is what we have here.  With beats inspired by nineties drum and bass comes this new sound, combining the old with the new.  Here you can hear hints of Roni Size’s Reprezent as they fuse with the experimentation of DJ Shadow but, again, the modern sound it adopts gives a sense of evolution and takes it beyond the standard classification of drum and bass.

The creator of this fresh new sound is Netherlands producer, Robbert Peperkamp, AKA Infest who, no stranger to developing his own crafted sounds, has been producing breakbeat music since 2004; becoming well known for a string of highly emotive drum and bass releases on a variety of well respected labels as a result.

Infest is due to release his new album via the Arnhem-based label Next Phase on 3rd August titled ‘Time Will Tell’.

This can be pre-ordered from here


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SONG OF THE DAY Gel Set – I’ll Close My Eyes

It’s a bit ‘zappy’, a bit funky and it’s totally stripped back.  Think ray gun sound effects meets cool understated beats, combine that with cosmic synths, the cool vocals of Laura Callier and here emerges the minimalist sound of Chicago-based Gel Set.

Signed to Moniker Records, Gel Set released their debut album ‘Human Salad’ earlier this month and today’s song is the second track from this release titled ‘I’ll Close My Eyes’

Purchase Human Salad from here

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