SONG OF THE DAY Kevin Morby – Beautiful Strangers

morbyKevin Morby has released new single ‘Beautiful Strangers’ in memory of the victims of the Orlando shootings and to support the work of Everytown for Gun Safety.

The single is now available via all digital service providers, including Bandcamp and is accompanied by a Townes Van Zandt cover, ‘No Place To Fall.’

Read Morby’s statement accompanying the song below and enjoy the tranquil beauty of ‘Beautiful Strangers’ above:

This release is dedicated to and written for all the people I have never met but have only read about. The innocent people who were out living their lives and one day, without warning, had them taken away from them. People who liked to laugh, dance, and love in the way that we all do, but cant anymore. All those names and faces, all those beautiful strangers…

So here are two songs, “Beautiful Strangers” as well as my cover of Townes Van Zandt’s “No Place To Fall” that I have been closing my live show with over the past year. Any purchase of these two songs will go to support the work of Everytown For Gun Safety – an organization I have followed for quite some time. I believe in and support them in their efforts to make the world a safer place. So if you wish – you can donate as little or large as you’d like and I do hope you enjoy the songs. Do it for the kids.

Love and peace,
Kevin Morby

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SONG OF THE DAY Bless – Drop Out

a1858399015_10Punchy, zany, catchy and with plenty of oomph, that’s how I’d best describe Washington, D.C band, Bless!

Releasing through DZ Tapes, this punk-inspired, garage-rock outfit have recently put out their self-titled debut, which is now available to buy on their Bandcamp page.

This six-track album is definitely worth a listen too, for there’s a little bit of everything mixed in here, from indie to punk, garage to funk; the blend is right and the sound is tight!..but I’ll stop with the rhyming sales and let you decide for yourselves, beginning with the albums first track, ‘Drop Out.’

Right from the start this song reaches out and grabs at you with funky grunts, gripping guitars, smooth call and response backing and swaggering vocals, whilst punctuated beats strike out against a memorably rowdy melody; this is a song with that ‘stand-out’ quality about it with hints of Jim Morrison’s howls and David Byrne’s croons.  Listen above and definitely check out the rest of their album on their Bandcamp page here

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SONG OF THE DAY Black Flowers Cafe – Mintaka ii

0007823975_10Black Flowers Cafe are an Italian four-piece who wrote and released the single ‘Mintaka ii’ in December last year; it is uncertain as to whether the band have released anything since but I have enquired!

The single has been chosen by Simon Raymonde from Bella Union for his show on Amazing Radio and, with its cool beat, smooth flow, catchy melody and hushed, soft vocals, has captured an early 90’s Indie feel in its sound.

Check out song’s video here and listen above.

Listen to more on their Black Flowers Cafe’s Bandcamp page here.

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SONG OF THE DAY Broncho – Señora Borealis

mi0004042798Oklahoma quartet, Broncho released their third album this summer, which saw the band shifting into a more experimental arena.  Titled ‘Double Vanity,’ this album has been described as pushing the boundaries of punk, garage, emo and ambient music; but I can only relay this information as I have only heard this one track so far!

“Señora Borealis” is downright a gritty, haze of psychedelic rock which swaggers in with gruff guitars, shuffling drums and echoing vocals that strut about like they own the place, its a fuzzed out four minutes..Listen above.

Check out the album on the bands website here

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SONG OF THE DAY Whilk and Misky – Rain Dance

whilk-misky-rain-dance-on-indie-trendsetters-socialLondon duo Whilk and Misky came together in 2013, creating an interesting fusion of sound heavily influenced by blues, folk and electronica.

Releasing their debut EP, ‘The First Sip’ at the end of 2014, today’s song is one of their more recent offerings which was released this June.  ‘Rain Dance’ gathers on a simmering trance-like rhythm, slowly building upon a smouldering melody as the pace gradually quickens, whilst menacing vocals break with the line, ‘I can feel a storm coming, I can sense the air change ‘Cause the sky is turning as the world’s burning grey..’

The tension is tangible and, as with any brewing storm, when the rain comes the intensity dissipates; ”Rain Dance’ brings about this break as reassuring vocals repeat throughout, ‘the rain is my friend, the rain is my friend’.  Check it out above.

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SONG OF THE DAY Bells Atlas – Spec and Bubble

bells-atlas-01No stranger to the Listening Post Blog, Oakland’s Bells Atlas first came to my attention early last year, and have provided that perfect sunshiny musical retreat ever since.

This Californian four-piece are made up of Sandra Lawson-Ndu, Derek Barber, Geneva Harrison and Doug Stuart, and their sound is built upon loosely structured songs which are all bound together by heavy, dynamic percussion and well structured, soulful arrangements.  Playing their music is like drawing back the curtains on a bright summers day, it fills the room with sunshine!

Last June saw the release of their EP, ‘Hyperlust’ (which you can check out on my page here) and yesterday the band shared brand new single, ‘Spec and Bubble.’  This radiant track floats on a lightweight rhythm of handclaps and loose beats, led by the smooth and lustrous vocals of frontwoman Sandra Lawson-Ndu who, in an interview with The FADER, explains how the new song is about “trying to understand how to truly learn about someone who you love,” also adding, “When I started writing this song, it came from feeling exhausted and swept up by the misunderstandings in my relationships, and desperately trying not to lose sight of the beautiful pieces that connect us. Lyrically it’s a back and forth between questioning what’s good, and trusting what’s good. I eventually land in ‘we are ok.’ Part hopeful mantra, part assurance.”

Available now, ‘Spec and Bubble’ can be ordered from their Bandcamp page here.

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SONG OF THE DAY Ry X – Howling

010_ryx-1-644x429The Acid singer’s solo project saw the release of first album, ‘Dawn’ this May which is a captivating wash of soul, folk and electronica. Featuring on this album is the single, ‘Howling’ which displays some of Ry X’s fine falsetto vocal abilities and captivating, hypnotic melodies.  Accompanying music video which was recently release is an intense 5:19 minute cut of visuals that exude sensuality which echoes throughout the whole album.

Ry X has talked about the song on The AU Review’s blog  describing how, ”Howling is based around the emotional connection and impact of past lovers into the present space and is about the way we hold onto their energy and carry it, and them, with us, into new relationships, and into our lives even as we grow. I collaborated with dear friends on this piece with artist Elena Stonaker creating visual worlds, choreographer Nina McNeely for dance, and the three lead women in this are dear friends of mine. That way the intimacy and connection was real. Ever present.”  Watch and listen above.

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SONG OF THE DAY Shearwater – Snow Leopard


I was listening to some random Youtube videos earlier and Shearwater’s ‘Snow Leopard’ came up, I haven’t heard this song for ages and watching this has finally prompted me to check out some more Shearwater; I also can’t help but think of Radiohead’s ‘Pyramid Song’  when I hear this..maybe it’s just me?

‘Snow Leopard’ appears on Shearwater’s fifth studio album, ‘Rook’ which gained its title from the bands singer/songwriter, Jonathan Meiburg, who has said that he chose the title for the sound of the word and the fact that it has multiple meanings…and for an additional piece of interesting information, the theme of birds recurs frequently in both the band’s album and song titles, Meiburg is an ornithologist! Listen above.



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SONG OF THE DAY Uranium Club – Who Made the Man?

tumblr_nyp43ozpkt1r0gya0o1_500Released via UK’s Static Shock Records, punk pioneers, Uranium Club released this fast-paced gem on the 9th of this month.  Titled ‘Who Made The Man’ this new single is to appear on their latest album, ‘All Of Them Naturals’ due on November 3rd.

Punchy beats and a fierce, brazen guitar riff plough through this song, paving the way for probing lyrics that defiantly ask, ‘Who Made the Man’ and, sticking with this challenging tone, goes on to observe, “You tailored the suit/but I make the loot.”  This is five minutes of thought-provoking, punk mayhem which really gets into your head in more ways than one. Listen above.

Pre-order your copy of  ‘All Them Naturals’ here.

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SONG OF THE DAY Mood Tattooed – Velvet

d6999503efffe5d8-_mg_6919-1x1Last month I came upon the delightful otherworldly delights of Hagan Knauth,  a young singer-songwriter, composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist going by the name of Mood Tattooed.  What instantly struck me about his music was just how completely sublime it is, everything about this sound is delicate yet powerful, subtle yet honest and so very organic.

Signed to New York’s Blankstairs label, Mood Tattooed is to release ‘Hush Tarantula’ this November; an album that has been described on his Bandcamp page as, “a dialogue of textures that guides you through a cycle of growth and reflection. Marked by powerful subtleties”

Through layering and many musical elements, this music resonates on so many different levels, where soaring guitars elevate, ambient chants transport and free-flowing rhythms give momentum to an experience that truly transcends; this is an album that shifts the mind into a world of ethereal escapism.

Taken from this divine album comes the lush layerings of ‘Velvet,’ check it out above.

If you like what you have heard so far, check out my other two posts on Mood Tattooed here and here.

Due on November 4th you can pre-order your copy of ‘Hush Tarantula’ from here.

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