SONG OF THE DAY Frankie Seay & The Soul Riders — Soul Food

If you were to play the first 30 seconds of this song on a continuous loop, I’d be a happy bunny, this is one seriously gorgeous big beat!  Don’t get me wrong, I love the whole track, but this into is lovely!!

It’s no wonder that the likes of DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist have sampled this delicious slice of funky soul, the rhythm lends itself perfectly to any hip hop track.

Originally recorded by Frankie Seay And The Soul Riders in 1969, Soul Food was released on Tropical Records with an equally funky instrumental b-side called Black Jack, and if you ever happen to stumble upon a copy of this, take it and run, it’s fetching good money and worth a few bob if you get one in nice condition! Time to get funky and listen above…..

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SONG OF THE DAY Tom Zé – Jimmy, Renda-se

Today’s song has got one mighty addictive riff to it, I can’t get it out of my head!  After hearing Jimmy, Renda-se for the first time yesterday I’ve been listening to it again on Youtube today, discovering a lot about this track just from reading the comments below the video…(some of which did make me chuckle as you will see below!).

Someone has written, “I have no clue what he’s saying, but I like the vibe,” to which somebody else has replied, “I speak the language (Portuguese), and I have no clue either… ”  It just goes to show that words can express more than just lyrics and in cases such as this, the voice has added yet another rhythmic layer to what I think is a truly infectious record!

The artist behind this track is Brazilian singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and composer, Tom Zé.  Hugely influential in the Tropicália movement of 1960s Brazil, Zé has often been referred to as Brazil’s answer to Zappa or Captain Beefheart with his innovative creations!  Musically, his work is based upon Samba, Bossa Nova, Brazilian folk music and good old rock and roll, often composed in unusual time signatures and always pushing at the boundaries of experimentation; he has even been known to use a typewriter as an instrument!!!

After the peak of the Tropicália period, Zé went into relative obscurity and it was only in the 1990’s when musician and Luaca Bop label founder, David Byrne discovered an album recorded by Zé many years earlier, that he returned to performing and releasing new material, with his last album releasing only last year!!

Brighton-based indie label, Mr Bongo has re-issued some of Zé’s music, including his 1968 debut and self-title second album which was originally released in 1970.  Jimmy, Renda-se features on his second record and has this mean tune that hooks you in from the minute it starts…check it out above and you will see what I mean!

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SONG OF THE DAY Loose Meat – Edge Of Love

Now here is a track that I am getting rather excited about today! With its striking and unusual sound, this record instantly became a prominent musical feature of my day!

Loose Meat are an avant-disco collaboration between Archie Bronson Outfit’s Mark Cleveland and folktronica producer/multi-instrumentalist Capitol K (aka Kristian Craig Robinson).  Born from a desire to rip up the garage-psych hymn sheet under which Arp & Kristian met and embrace a new eclectic sound, Loose Meat have succeeded in creating something completely new and fresh sounding!

Their sizzling cauldron of disco, swingbeat, electro and Downtown music is both complex and direct and has been brewed on analog synthesizers and old skool drum machines, with the tasty addition of Capitol K’s modern electronic knowledge adding extra flavour!

Arp’s lyrical narratives are delivered by Brazilian artist Cibelle, with Viva contributing and vocal tracks are often manipulated and multi-layered.  Second track, Edge Of Love is a beautifully bizarre and curious experience, exploring different vocal dimensions as they escort you on a trip into the other-worldly.  It’s cool, its airy and gorgeously refreshing..check it out above and watch the accompanying video below.

Loose Meat’s debut album was released on June 3 via Whipped Cream Records and can be purchased from here. 

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SONG OF THE DAY Sharaf Band feat. Xaawo Hiiraan – Kadeed Badanaa Naftaydani (My Life is Full of Tribulations)

 “This stunning compilation of ’70s songs from Somalia (with an incredible backstory) has the verve of ’90s hip-hop & the soul of Ethio jazz.”

The intriguing description above drew my attention to some more exciting new sounds tonight!!  New York’s Ostinato Records are to release an album titled “Sweet As Broken Dates: Lost Somali Tapes from the Horn of Africa” at the end of August and have some exciting previews from this compilation already available!

The album contains 15 tracks which seek to “revive the rightful image, history, and identity of the Somali people, detached from war, violence, piracy, and the specter of a persistent threat,” and has a very in-depth back story on their Bandcamp page (see link below).  Taken from this album comes a track called, “Kadeed Badanaa Naftaydani (My Life is Full of Tribulations)” which, from the minute it starts,  has a discernible hip hop feel to it with its funky slow-pace beat.  I love it when gems like these are unearthed by albums such as these and if you are enjoying today’s song just as much as me and want to discover much, much more, I recommend that you read the full story behind this compilation here.   Listen above.

Pre-order your copy of “Sweet As Broken Dates: Lost Somali Tapes from the Horn of Africa” from here.

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SONG OF THE DAY Paper Tiger – Rush

Paper Tiger emerged a few years ago when a few music-obsessed teenagers came together in a bedroom in Wolverhampton.  Their passion for all things musical fused them together, whilst their collaborative creative ideas were born from their shared love for African funk compilations, Japanese animation, soundsystem culture and apocalyptic space-rap!  I first stumbled upon them early last year (see my post here) and have been keeping a close eye on them ever since!

Their latest release is a dazzling single called, Rush, which a song about the city, namely London.  Paying homage to the capital, the song offers a fresh big sound where rich space-funk marries big beats and a hip-hop instrumental. Witty rhymes are delivered by South London-based Raphael Attar, who’s crisp and flowing vocals offer another effective rhythmic dimension to these intergalactic layers!

Band member Greg Surmacz had this to say of the track:

As the title suggests, Rush is about the city that most of its inhabitants experience on a daily basis – noisy, brilliant, infuriating and mainly just extremely goddamn busy. If you can make it to work and back without having to run to catch a train/bus/tube, standing on someone’s toes, getting in someone’s way or having your personal space invaded by a street evangelist, then you’ve had a successful day”

Listen to Rush above and pre-order your copy of this single (which releases on the 30th June) from here. 

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SONG OF THE DAY Vieux Farka Touré – Ba Kaitere

Son of legendary Malian guitar player Ali Farka Touré, Vieux Farka Touré was born in Niafunké, Mali in 1981.

Following in his Dad’s musical footsteps, Vieux has been referred to as “The Hendrix of the Sahara,” declaring since his teenage years that he also wanted to be a musician.  His father disapproved due to the pressures he had experienced being a musician and, instead, wanted Vieux to become a soldier.  But with help from family friend the kora maestro Toumani Diabaté, Vieux eventually convinced his father to give him his blessing to become a musician shortly before Ali passed in 2006.

Vieux released his latest album, Samba, in April this year and this collection of ten songs are exquisite, blending Malian blues, funk, reggae and rock.  Parts of the album are energised fusions that fill you with an irresistible urge to dance, whilst other tracks possess a hypnotic quality that soothes the soul and calms the mind.

Samba means “second born,” his place in his family, which of course was to legendary Malian artist Ali Farka Touré.  While many cultures award the head position of a family to the first-born, it is the second child who is often conferred with power in Touré’s tradition. “Samba is one who never breaks, who never runs from threats, who is not afraid,” Touré says. “It is said that Samba is blessed with good luck.”

Taken from this album comes the upbeat delights of, Ba Kaitere, a glorious track that fills my legs with a jumpy, can’t-help-but-dance feeling…listen above and be prepared to dance your socks off! Tonight I am lucky enough to be going to see Vieux play live and I can’t wait…this will be such a treat!

Grab your copy of Samba from Vieux’s Bandcamp page here. 

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SONG OF THE DAY Strange Cages – The Cracks

Brighton three-piece, Strange Cages released their 6-track EP, The Cracks yesterday and I’m here to tell you that its is well worth the wait (if, like me, you have been waiting for this).  If you haven’t experienced the psychedelic fury of the Strange Cages yet, this is a recommended listen!

No stranger to the LP Blog, this garage-rock trio never fail to put a little shiver and shake into my days whenever I blast out their crazy, gritty punk-fuelled, psych sounds!

Influenced by the classic sounds of the grand old garage days of the 60’s, the Strange Cages are influenced by the post-punk sounds of 13th Floor Elevators, The Stooges and Television to name a few and state that, “We love music that’s primal and menacing, anything twisted with a touch of evil. We are a garage/psych band with cruel intentions”.…hmm, sound right up my street!!

Today I am sharing the wild and lively sound of the EP’s title track, it’s one of the more fiercely rowdy songs on the EP and showcases their energised sound perfectly.  This is angst-driven, rowdy, raw garage-punk at its finest…. Check it out above.

The Cracks is out now via Vallence Records .  Pre order the EP from here.

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SONG OF THE DAY Whilk and Misky – Everyday I Dream of You

When I heard Everyday I Dream of You for the first time just a moment ago, my first thoughts were, what a sexy song, I wouldn’t mind someone writing this for me! Simple and to the point, it doesn’t take long to work out just what this song is trying to get across…and if you haven’t already guessed, it’s all about a mind consumed with the thoughts of another!

London duo Whilk and Misky came together in 2013, creating an interesting fusion of sounds heavily influenced by blues, folk and electronica.  The smouldering delights of Everyday I Dream of You can be heard on their latest EP, My Round, which releases today.  Pivoting around an infectious groove and heavy bass melody, sultry vocals add another rich dimension to the already melodic layers, slipping into hushed spoken word halfway through which also sounds rather nice! Listen above.

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SONG OF THE DAY Atlas Wynd – Eyes Fixed On The Sun

Atlas Wynd are a Brighton-based garage rock duo hailing from the North East of England.  Their explosive musical concoctions have been described as a ‘loud wall of sound,’ with artists such as Ty Segall, Funkadelic and Thee Oh Sees being cited as influences.

Due for release tomorrow, Eyes Fixed On The Sun is a highly charged track with a big sound! Fuelled by rolling rhythms, electrifying garagey riffs and an edgy chorus that erupts in a frenzy of crazy sliding guitars, I love its loud-soft contrast.  About two minutes in, the song dips into a brief lull before it crescendos into another burst of tenacious, heavy guitars and this bit especially reminds me of Rage Against The Machine!…Eyes Fixed On The Sun is certainly an invigorating listen!

Check it out above and listen to more Atlas Wynd here. 

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SONG OF THE DAY Calexico -El Picador

Holy moly how much do I love Calexico! I mean, how could you not love this performance! I have been fortunate enough to see them live and I relished every moment of it, my face still beams when I hear those trumpets, this is music that makes me happy and I love it!

El Picador is the opening track to Calexico’s third studio album, Hot Rail, which was released in 2000 through Quarterstick Records and demonstrates the bands more brass-orientated sound perfectly (as opposed to their more laid-back Americana songs). The Mexican vibe is gorgeously vibrant and never fails to fill my heart with joy! Check out this wonderful live performance of El Picador above.

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