SONG OF THE DAY Os Barbapapas – DooWooDooWoo

“…….a wondrous trip propelling us into outer space, to a lyrically unmanned space station where instrumental needles pierce the membrane of our planetary horizon, making way for a holistic psychedelic experience of our world….”

Otherworldly realms await and in the midst of a pandemic, Brazil’s Os Barbapapas embarked on their first sonic journey despite all obstacles!  In search of a sound that fused an array of African/Indian/Oriental rhythms, the Brazilian quartet recorded their first album in isolation! Band members, Barbara Mucciollo (Drums, Percussion), Selva Rubens (Electric Guitar), Fernando Lima (Percussion, Drums) and Tomás Oliveira (Glass Harp, Bass) were also responsible for all of their production and mixing too – no easy feat when you can’t be in the same room as one another!

Os Barbapapas are to release their first record DooWooDooWoo on 30rd April. The album was created from separate places, communicating from across internet only as these four artists were forced to improvise after the initial plan to record an album in a studio was made impossible.  Their already drafted songs were postponed in favour of a new concept. Each member recorded ideas for themselves, from which the others would contribute their tracks later, eventually building the 13 track-long interstellar journey that is the album!! 

The album’s title track is available now and, with its heavy percussive element, has already won my favour! A dreamy instrumental that grips your imagination with its fast, driving pace and kaleidoscopic melody; DooWooDooWoo is an effortless listen that rewards you with guaranteed escapism! From the moment you press play, you are propelled into multi-textured, rhythmic lands and through recorded in isolation, this sound is completely vast and freeing! I can’t wait to hear what the rest of the record has in store!!  

DooWooDooWoo (also on vinyl) will be released on April 30th on the Berlin label Fun In The Church. Pre-order your copy from here and check out the accompanying video below. 

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SONG OF THE DAY Sabu Martinez – My Christina

Oh me oh my!! This is sublime!!! Listen to those heavenly tumbling rhythms as they gracefully cascade over that sinuous flute melody, rolling out into a body of primeval groove! This heady treat has bewitched me with its hypnotic incantation and I want to be swallowed whole into its earthy body!

My Christina was first issued on 1973 when American conguero percussionist Louis Martinez, a.k.a Sabu Martinez, released his Afro Temple album – a record I knew nothing about until I heard it today! I’ve just bought a copy!!! Born in New York City, Martinez made his professional debut in 1941 at the tender age of 11!! By the time he was 18 he had replaced Chano Pozo in Dizzy Gillespie’s orchestra (in 1948) and began performing with Benny Goodman’s Bebop Orchestra in 1949. Over the next 15 years, Martinez worked with Charlie Parker, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, J. J. Johnson, Horace Silver, Thelonious Monk, Charles Mingus, Mary Lou Williams, Lionel Hampton, Noro Morales, Marcelino Guerra, Esy Morales, the Lecuona Cuban Boys, Miguelito Valdés, Tito Rodríguez, and the Joe Loco Trio. He also worked with vocalists Tony Bennett, Sammy Davis, Jr., and Harry Belafonte.

Not only did he perform with some jazz greats, Martinez also recorded several Latin jazz albums of his own, and these are are all now recognised as classics of the Afro-jazz genre!  In 1957, after he became a bandleader, Martinez released his debut album, Palo Congo on the Blue Note label. Followed by a handful of other releases, Afro Temple was to be the last of his albums, though he did continue to contribute on a number of other artists records, recording right up into his early passing in 1979 at the age of only 48.

I’ve a lot to investigate here and am so chuffed to have stumbled upon this impressive percussionist – I love all things rhythms as I know I always declare!! I hope, like me, you can lose yourself in the wonder that is My Christina! Check it out above.

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SONG OF THE DAY Dur-Dur Band – Dooyo

How much do I love this track!!! The groove is contagious, the melody shines like a diamond and the vocals cut a fine stance! The group behind this superb afro-funk/soul sound is Somalian duo, Dur-Dur band, a young outfit from the 80’s who fused together Funk, Reggae, Soul, Disco and New Wave, along with Banaadiri beats, Daantho and spiritual Saar music.

Inspired by artists from Michael Jackson to Bob Marley, Santana and James Brown, they were founded in 1984 by keyboard player Isse Dahir Qassin and by 1987 the line-up included: singers Sahra Abukar Dawo, Abdinur Adan Daljir, Mohamed Ahmed Qomal and Abdukadir Mayow Buunis, guitarists Abukar Dahir Qasim and Yusuf Abdi Haji Aleevi, trumpeter Ali Dhere, saxophonists Muse Mohamed Araci and Abdul Dhegey, keyboardist Eise Dahir Qasim, bassist Mohamed Ali Mohamed, drummer Adan Mohamed Ali Handal, percussionists Ooyaaye Eise and Ali Bisha and Mohamed Karma, Dahir Yaree and Murjaan Ramandan on backing vocals!!

Though influenced by the popular music of the time, their fusions also incorporated traditional Somali melodies and dance rhythms. Dur-Dur’s ethics were simple: they wanted to create music that made people dance and by marrying the sounds of Funk, Reggae, Soul, Disco and New Wave, they created the perfect vibe to get people moving.  Today’s song is testament to that!!! Oh yeah!

Dur-Dur Band managed to release almost a dozen recordings before emigrating to Ethiopia, Djibouti and America. The band’s first two albums were released in 1986 and 1987, but have now been reissued via Analog Africa and Awesome Tapes From Africa.

Dooyo features on Volume 5 and, according to the liner notes, “is a type of traditional Somali dance. The lady is singing, ‘I am warning you guys, I hear drums playing for me and it’s healing me and I won’t resist. It’s my medicine. Dooyo has taken me over and I won’t stop dancing!’”

Resist the urge to dance to this, I dare you, it’s a smasher!!! Listen above and check out the rest of Volume 5 here. 

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SONG OF THE DAY Things To Come – I’m Not Talkin’

Not to be confused with the Long Beach, CA 4-piece of the same name, this Things To Come hailed from Wheaton, Illinois! How they got away with having the same name at pretty much the same time as the other Things To Come, I will never know?

I’m Not Talkin‘ is a crazy fireball of heated garage rock, released by the band on Chicago’s Dunwich Records in 1966.  This was accompanied on the b-side by a track called ‘Til The End which, I do believe, was written by the jazz/blues pianist, singer-songwriter, Mose Allison (find some of him on my blog, here).  I love how things interweave and tie together!!! Unfortunately, however, this 45 looks to be the only release put out by the band…what a bugger!

If you need a wake up song, this may just do the job but contrary to it’s title, there’s a lot talkin’ going on here!! Check it out above.

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SONG OF THE DAY RK Nagati – De l’Orient à L’Orion

If this is the first time you have heard this song – and I’m going to wager it is – then you are in good company, for as I write this post, this is only my second time too!! Sometimes you get a feel for a song straight away I’m willing to take a punt on this after one listen!

De l’Orient à L’Orion (From the Orient to L’Orion) was released sometime in the early 1970’s on a Tunisian label called En’nagham.  Originally featuring as the b-side to a song entitled, Yasmina, information about both the artist and the song is relatively scarce.  What I can tell about Kamel Rauf Nagati (a.k.a K.R. Nagati) is that he is/was a Tunisian singer who liked to experiment with Jazz and Funk. It appears that he released a handful of great jazz/funky 45’s before he began to focus on more traditional Arabic sounds.  Sang in French, I have no idea what De l’Orient à L’Orion is about, but this is where music transcends language and meanings/interpretation shine out through expression and vibe. This feels fresh and hopeful, with a groove to match!  Check it out above.

De l’Orient à L’Orion also appeared on an interesting compilation entitled, MOBILISATION GENERALE Protest and Spirit Jazz from FRANCE 1970​-​1976, which was released via Born Bad Records in 2013. I’ve not listened to it yet, but if you like today’s song, this may also be worth checking out!? Find that here. 

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SONG OF THE DAY Les As du Golfe – Tsi ma leto

This little Afrofunk gem comes with very little explanation I’m afraid! I can see only one album released by this band and even the issue date of this seems to be a mystery?

Hailing from Togo, Les As du Golfe had a sound rooted in Latin/Funk/Soul, but recorded very little – which is a crying shame.  Released on small label, Cocorico Music Productions (which also only had a small catalogue of releases), Les As Du Golfe En Action Vol.1 was the only record Les As Du Golfe put out, ‎and at a guess I would anticipate it was released in the early 70’s.

Tsi ma leto translates as “It’s Summer” and, with its fresh and promising vibe, this seems to be the perfect title for this song!?  Splashes of golden horns adorns this hypnotic melody, vast and jubilant as they buzz amidst rejoicing call/response vocals. This song does feel like a celebration to the sun and you can’t help but feel uplifted by it! Check it out above.

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SONG OF THE DAY The Soul Investigators – Bad Vibrations

The Soul Investigators (originally known as Calypso King and The Soul Investigators) are Timmion Records house band.  Not a stranger to the Listening Post Blog, they have featured on these pages many times – but not just as The Soul Investigators; as they are in today’s dazzling sugar drop of soul!

They came together in 1997 in Matinkylä, Espoo, Finland, just outside Helsinki and released their first single in 1998 on their own Jive (2) label.  This was then followed by their debut album, Soul Strike!, which was issued on New York’s Soul Fire label in 2001.  Members of the The Soul Investigators also founded Timmion Records in 2000 and have since accompanied an array of acclaimed soul artists, including Nicole WillisErnie Hawks and Bardo Martinez. They also continue to release instrumental recordings under their own name, as with today’s gloriously smooth offering! Released in 2015 as the b-side to their Vultures Prayer single, today’s song features Jimi Tenor on flute and, contrary to its title, these Bad Vibrations sound soooooooo damn good!!! Check it out above.

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SONG OF THE DAY Damaged Bug – Gimme Tamanthum

Featured track Gimme Tamanthum is taut and ominous! It’s dark melody squirms in the background, unyielding in it’s Floyd-esque “Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun” mannerisms.  Dwyer’s vocals are loose and floaty by contrast; these two elements fused by striking guitar howls and jittery beats….but there is one thing I can’t fathom and that is, what is Tamanthum??? 

Listen above and check out the rest of the album here. 

Bunker Funk Tracklist:
01. Structure Image Approach
02. Bog Dash
03. The Cryptologist
04. Slay the Priest
05. Ugly Gamma
06. Rick’s Jummy
07. Gimme Tamanthum
08. No One Notice the Fly
09. Bunker Funk
10. Mood Slime
11. Liquid Desert
12. Heavy Cathedral
13. Unmanned Scanner
14. The Night Shopper

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SONG OF THE DAY Billy Larkin & The Delegates – Pigmy (Part 2)

Organist Billy Larkin and The Delegates immediately came to the attention of the Los Angeles jazz audience when their first record was released, but they also picked up a larger audience when the teenagers discovered they could dance to it!! The Delegates were a dynamic jazz trio consisting of Mel Brown (drums), Hank Swarn (guitar) and Billy Larkin (Organ).  Their sound fused elements soul and funk into the mix and this gave them an edge which took their music away from any one straightforward genre.  They recorded for what I believe to be a three year stint, releasing over half a dozen albums and several singles in that time.

Offering a sizzling mix of jazz, funk and soul, Pigmy Part 1, b/w Pigmy Part 2, was released in 1965 and proved to be a dance sensation. Originally released as a single on US label Aura Records, both sides have a certain spice to them; something that takes jazz into exotic realms! Rhythm is something that always draws me in and on both sides to this 45 percussion is the king! Coupled with Larkins sensationally explosive keys, the samba beat plays a heavy part in this electrifying fusion!

Check it out above (and just in case you wondered what Part 1 sounded like, I’ve included it below!).

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SONG OF THE DAY We The People – Function Underground

Both the Numero Group and Now-Again Records have featured today’s psychedelic-funk nugget on their compilations over the years, and how could you not!! This gritty fuzz-funk instrumental encapsulates the sound of its time! Fusing funky-jazz horns with raw Hendrix-esque guitars, rock and soul are married together in this super-sleek union of sound!

Originally released in 1970 on US label, Darlene Records (subsidiary label to Fervor Records), Function Underground was recorded by a band called We The People (not to be confused with the garage band of the same name).  Assembled as a one-shot team of local musicians, the band consisted of saxophonist Michael Liggins, Clarence Townes and Sam James (second sax).  For whatever reason, the mighty big shame that it is, the group only recorded the one single, but this helped to spawn “Function Underground”, a mind-melting blend of hard rock and psychedelic rock! Backed with “People”, Open Your Eyes And See! today’s song marked a shift in a movement that would bring together rock, funk and soul.  Check it out above.

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