SONG OF THE DAY C.W Stoneking – Bad Luck Everywhere You Go

They don’t come much more unique than C.W Stoneking! Fronting a five-piece outfit, the Australian-born self-taught musician fell in love with the blues when he was in his teens!

Drawing influences from pre-war blues, gospel blues, Chicago blues, jazz, 1920’s calypso and folklore, C.W Stoneking is an artist with a voice and you will never forget!  Incorporating personal experiences into his storytelling, his songs recreate an old Southern blues sound and it is easy to hear how C.W Stoneking has been inspired by the likes of Son House, Robert Johnson, Skip James and Bukka White.

Currently on tour, tonight I have been lucky enough to obtain a ticket to go see the man himself and I’m a little bit excited!!..well a lot excited really!! Check out Bad Luck Everywhere You Go, a low-down bluesy track from his 2015 album, King Hokum. 

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SONG OF THE DAY The Flying Stars Of Brooklyn NY – My God Has a Telephone

Well, this little cutie somehow slipped under my radar last year when it was released, so I’m glad I found this song today!

My God Has a Telephone is the debut solo single from Aaron Frazer of Durand Jones & The Indicatons .  Released last October on Colemine Records, the single was accompanied by b-side Live On and sees Aaron’s super-sweet, glossy falsetto expanding into the world of soulful gospel.

The premiering 45 came out on October 20th last year under the name the Flying Stars Of Brooklyn, NY (a title derived in the same manner that many gospel groups of the 60’s used to create a band name: combine an extravagant adjective, a celestial body, and a name of a town or region to differentiate it from a potential similarly named group from another part of the country and voila, here you have a name!).

Aside from his love and passion for smooth soul, Frazer has another deep musical passion: gospel music, especially regional 45.s.  Born in Baltimore, he has found himself collecting gospel 45’s from that region of Maryland over the last few years and now, now this sound has expanded into his own creations!

I love the way this song drifts in like a warm, colourful breeze, giving everything it touches a radiant dashing shimmer, it’s a little beaming ray of sunshine! Check it out above and grab yourself a copy of the single from here. 


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SONG OF THE DAY Boco – Running The Mardi Gras

Though it wasn’t entirely great having to tear myself from the ocean to return from my lovely break, it is so good to be catching up with some music, that is one thing I’ve looked forward to!  Today’s soulful little number is something I stumbled upon whilst I was away and my discovery is all thanks to this mixcloud radio show!  It was here that the opening track weaved its magic in an instant and within seconds I was captivated whilst desperately trying to find out what it was!

Originally released by Laughing Eye Records in 1972, Running The Mardi Gras is an ultra rare 45 performed by a group called Boco.  Those lucky enough to find an original copy of this record are more than likely looking to pay between £500-700 for a copy, but fear not, for Brooklyn label Big Crown Records reissued this classic psych-soul track just a couple of years ago and their asking price is a lot more reasonable!  Together with this reissue, Big Crown Records have also included an interesting write-up covering the song’s background, this you can read here. 

Apart from the gorgeous vocals (and this includes the glorious backing vocals too), the song’s rich earthy feel is utterly alluring and not too dissimilar to Elvis’ Crawfish.  As it builds for a nice little finale, the percussion is another feature I also need to praise with a large degree of enthusiasm!

Thanks Jimmythebrute for introducing this wonderful track! Listen above and purchase your copy from here. 

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Well, holiday time has come round again and I’m taking a week off so, as I always like to do, I have left a little selection of songs to keep you going until my return! …I’m already looking forward to catching up with lots of music next week!!

Hugh Malekela – “Afro Beat Blues”

South African trumpeter, flugel hornist, cornetist, composer and singer, Hugh Malekela was considered an Afro-jazz legend.

Blending a fusion of genres such as R&B, funk and pop he created a sound that attracted audiences from around the world.  Known as the “father of South African Jazz,” Hugh Masekela was even known to dabble in a bit of dance music, mixing Afro-pop with disco!   Afro Beat Blues demonstrates this perfectly and although this track was originally released in 1975, it didn’t actually surface until it appeared on a 2006 compilation.  It’s cool funk-beat was welcomed on the dance floor, blending the perfect mix of horns and groove guitar; not to mention how it also pays tribute to the father of Afrobeat: Fela Kuti! Check it out below

Shawn Lee and The Soul Surfers – “Jose Chicago”

Released only two days ago Shawn Lee and the Soul Surfers eponymous border-breaking album has been a record described as deep in “raw grit and musical exploration!”

The collaboration up of the London-based American producer/composer/musician Shawn Lee, together with Russian soul, psych-funk band The Soul Surfers has produced an enticing project that crosses genre, age and world politics; thus proving that (as described on their Bandcamp page):  “Music is Truly the International language and it’s not where you’re from, but where you’re at!”  

Jose Chicago is just one of nine belting soul-funk tracks on the album, but this one opens with an instant ear-catching beat that I just can’t resist..and invitingly pleasing as it starts, so it continues in the most soulfully funky manner!…lovely stuff!! Listen below and grab yourself a copy of the album from here.

Gene Vincent – Jezebel 

Written in 1951 by Wayne Shanklin and originally recorded that same year by Frankie Laine, Jezebel  was later covered by Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps in 1956.

Although I love both versions so, so much, Gene Vincent’s rendition is just one of my favourite rockabilly songs ever! What more do I need to say! Listen below

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SONG OF THE DAY Ernie Hawks and The Soul Investigators – Tracking Down

Earlier this year Helsinki’s Timmion Records released the deliciously cool and classic sounds of Scorpio man, Ernie Hawks debut album! Ernie Hawks has been creating music for the past two decades and for his debut album he teamed up with Helsinki’s soul revivalists and Timmion label founders, The Soul Investigators.

Later this month Timmion Records have another treat in store, for they are releasing Cold Turkey Time, a song taken from Hawks’ debut…but the bonus is in the b-side and this track is brand spanking new!!  How good is that?! Tracking Down is so slick, hip and slinky and sounds like it’s just been lifted from some swanky 60’s movie with its rare groove feel! Niiiiiiiice!!

The single will be released on the 15th of this month and can be pre-ordered from here.   Listen above and hear the A-side below!

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SONG OF THE DAY Ignace de Souza & The Melody Aces – Asaw Fofor

Just over ten years ago Analog Africa’s label owner and avid vinyl collector, Samy Ben Redjeb took a trip to Cotonou, Benin in the hope of seeking out some new and interesting records.  What was unearthed when he arrived and began his search “cannot really be described in words,” Redjeb reports, and what he found exceeded all expectations; this trip was to be the first of many (with eight more trips to that region alone!).

Thirty months later and few thousand records on,  Analog Africa proudly presented their first 14-track African Scream Contest compilation which was released in 2008.  Ten years on and the unstoppable crate-digger Samy Ben Rejeb unveils a new treasure-trove of Vodoun-inspired Afrobeat heavy funk crossover greatness.  Right from the opening track, its excitingly obvious that  African Scream Contest II is going to be every bit as joyous a voyage of discovery as its predecessor.

Today’s perfectly described ‘Afro-ska romp’ jolly’s along on a riff that dances somewhere between the theme from Batman and Vince Taylor’s Brand New Cadillac.  It’s infectious groove will have you shimmying around the room before you can say Asaw Fofor…which just so happens to be the title of this little wiggly-jiggly gem of a song! Listen above..and if you are into this I can highly recommend the whole album!! Grab that here.

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SONG OF THE DAY Black Pumas – Black Moon Rising

It’s always nice to discover something fresh and new and even better to know that you have joined in right at the beginning, just at that point when a band/artist is emerging.  This is true of today’s sensational soul song, for Black Moon Rising is the debut single for Austin, TX sextet, the Black Pumas!

Consisting of singer Eric Burton and producer Adrian Quesada, the psychedelic soul-duo are to release their debut album (recorded at Quesada’s studio) later this summer on Colemine Records, following their Spring single debut.  Black Moon Rising opens on a dramatic drum roll and what follows is the sweet, sweet sound of raw soul and Burton’s vocals are just spot on! It’s a little sugardrop for the ears! Listen above and check out a live cut of the single below…and order your copy of the track from here. 

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SONG OF THE DAY Elite Beat – Nook Lyfe

Elite Beat are an experimental 6-piece from Portland whose sound is inspired by music from around the globe!

Coming together nearly a decade ago, Elite Beat have perfected the art of creating a live sound that is heavily based on rhythm…and, as I always bang on (get it), I’m a sucker for a good rhythm!  Rooted by powerful melodic basslines and percussion-driven polyrhythms, their ecstatic horn and guitar fuelled compositions merge seamlessly with layers of electrified dub.

Today’s song is an instrumental track entitled Nook Lyfe and features on the band’s Casual Rhythms Vol 2 which was released back in 2016, a year after Volume 1 was released; both via Boomarm Nation.  It’s a nice, easy listen with a mellow feel, fusing some nice little breaks, punchy rhythms and chilled out melodic horns..Check it out above.

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SONG OF THE DAY White Bleaches – Mirror Machine

Arriving on a wave of authentic garage rock and forming (or is that foaming!) in the coastal surf town of Torquay, Australia, the White Bleaches are four-piece psych band who came together in 2015.

Since then their psychedelic voyage has taken them far and their travels has seen them perform alongside the likes of Twin Peaks, Green Buzzard and King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard.  Today’s treat is entitled Mirror Machine and came out a couple a months ago as a two-track release.  It’s a pliable, meandering little number defined by its hypnotically magnetic guitar melody and undulating vocals…Check it out above, watch the accompanying video below and grab yourself a copy from here. 

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SONG OF THE DAY Kamal Keila – Taban Ahwak

The story of the label that has reissued today’s glorious song goes back to 2012 when Berlin DJ, record collector and Jakarta Records label owner, Jannis Stürtz was touring round Morocco in search of old vinyl records. (See more from this label on my pages here).

A chance visit to a second-hand electronics repair shop (that was previously a record shop owned by a man who used to run the Mekauiphone music distribution business in Casablanca) introduced him to a wealth of hidden vinyl gems where Stürtz has reportedly recollected, “You could still see in the back there were stacks and stacks of records

This fluky discovery has since taken him across the Arab nations where he has hunted down and purchased a rare (and rapidly growing) collection of LP’s and dusty cassettes, and although there are many labels out there carrying out similar work, Stürtz has explained how his label focuses on Arabic-based funk, a sound that had been all but overlooked and forgotten….until he came along!

Habibi Funk Records  is dedicated to unearthing and thus reissuing the wealth of Arabic funk-based music that has been discovered by Stürtz on his travels and his collection of Arabic Funk, Jazz and other organic sounds are in the process of being re-released!

Taban Ahwak is a Jazz track from Sudanese singer, Kamal Keila.  Active from the late 1960’s, Keila’s work incorporated a wide range of influences ranging from afro beat to funk and was very often politically orientated.  Recording in both Arabic and English, Keila never failed to harmoniously incorporate Eritrean, Ethiopian, Shilluk, Dinka, South Sudan and South Kordofan beats and melodies in his multi-diverse music.  Taban Ahwak is to feature on the upcoming album, Muslims and Christians which will release on Habibi Funk on 6th July.  It’s a beautiful warming track with mellow jazz undertones, soulful horns and soaring vocals…Check it out above and pre-order the whole album from here

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