SONG OF THE DAY Pink Chameleons – Religion

Image may contain: textSome songs can just get into your head immediately and the ease with which they sink in can sometimes make you feel like you’ve heard it before, or that maybe its natural and familiar way about it simply allows you to warm to right from the start? Today’s song had that effect the minute I heard it and its haunting feel has definitely grabbed my attention…

Helsinki-based Pink Chameleons are a new three-piece band fronted by Black Lizard’s Paltsa-Kai Salama (Vocals & Guitar) with Antti Sauli (Bass) and Iiro Tulkki (Drums, Keyboards).  Coming together in 2016 the band describes their music as a blend of Garage, Blues and Country, their sound incorporating a feeling for everything from The Stooges to Waylon Jennings – with the band’s indelible contemporary stamp on proceedings.

Paltsa-Kai has explained in a press release how,  “I’ve always enjoyed band names that are somehow linked to another band but still stand on their own. When I mentioned this to Black Lizard guitarist Joni, he came up with our name Pink Chameleons”.

Pink Chameleons debut release for Soliti is the single Religion which the band describe as  “…a simple and naive country song about how money has taken over the world”.  With its delicate-yet-powerful melody and haunted, echoing vocals the song taps into sensitive realms, opening with the line “I’ve seen the fever of sunlight in their eyes,” as salvation is delivered in the chorus with repeated chants exclaiming “Let out love take you/let our love take you…”

Religion is available to stream now, find that here and check out  the song’s accompanying stop motion animation video (created by bassist Iiro Tulkki) below.

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SONG OF THE DAY Thee Ludds – Go Outside

Leicester’s finest purveyors of psych-punk, Thee Ludds, struck a chord in my heartstrings from the very moment I first heard them earlier this month, and their rather dark and menacing punkadelic sounds have been pleasuring my ears ever since!!

Emerging with a series of singles and EP’s about 7 years ago, 3/4 of the quartet have now returned as K.H. mirth, a new project bringing past members of Thee Ludds together with fellow Leicester-dwellers, Earth Rod.

Originally Thee Ludds back catalogue was only available on vinyl and cassette in a limited number of runs, but now I am rather ecstatic to announce that the Leicester-based indie label, Koff Records have put Thee Ludds discography (including some stuff that never got released before) on Bandcamp and Spotify!

Today’s howlingly raw and rather gloriously bonkers offering is taken from Thee Ludds Atral Plane EP  and is one of the many superb tracks that have now been reissued! Check it out above, listen to my previous Thee Ludds/K.H mirth posts here  and pre-order K.H mirth’s new release from here! 

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SONG OF THE DAY Star Band de Dakar – Guajira Ven

Sunday’s are for slowing down and taking things easy, so today I have hopefully found the perfect song to ease away any stresses and bring about some calm escapism.

Originally formed to celebrate Senegal’s independence in 1960, Star Band de Dakar (or sometimes just known as Star Band), were a Senegalese group formed in 1960 by Le Miami Night Club’s owner, Ibrahim Kassé, in Dakar.  Over the years the band have hosted some very influential musicians, including  Youssou N’Dour, Dexter Johnson, Mady Konate, singers Laba Sosseh, Papa Serigne Seck and Amara Toure.  Some of the band’s former members were drafted for the first Orchestra Baobab (as the Baobab club was opened to compete with Miami) as well as for Laba Sosseh’s Abidjan-based band too!

In late 60’s the band, led by Laba Sosseh and Dexter Johnson, were renamed as Superstar De Dakar, with most of their music being produced by Ibrahim Kassé; which is why his initials IK were used as part of their catalogue numbers.

Bringing to life these exuberant Afro-Cuban psychedelic sounds once more, New York’s Ostinato Records have recently compiled the music of Star Band de Dakar in a new eponymous LP, which is due to be released on the 22nd of next month.

Speaking of the released Ostinato records have explaind how, “Cuban music for the Senegalese was the portal to a more just modern world.  For Dakar’s youth, with access to a slew of new nightclubs in the 1960’s and 1970’s, dancing to Cuban music was a revolutionary act.  With just two microphones and a four-track Revox tape recorder, Ibrahim Kassé, Star Band’s founder and owner of Le Miami, recorded their entire catalogue in his nightclub. Six of Star Band’s most psychedelic Afro-Cuban tracks, an ode to their finest hour, are selected here.”

This glorious music has now been remastered in original mono and the release includes a 12-page booklet containing an essay on Cubanismo in Senegal, as well as a rare interview with Star Band guitarist Yakhya Fall and vintage photos from his personal collection!!

Available for download prior to the album’s release are first two tracks, Guajira Ven and Misterioso.  Today’s fine offering is opening track (Guajira Ven), a gorgeous vibrant, rhythmic song that I am very much enjoying.. Check it out above.

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SONG OF THE DAY T. Benny & the Buzz Brothers – Gimmee a Buzz

T. Benny & the Buzz Brothers - Gimme a Buzz / The DroughtWhen Wick Records received a tape recording of this song in a random package one day, the attraction was immediate; they wanted this record, end of!!

Is it any wonder though?  There, presented before them, were two songs that possessed more blissed-out fuzz than you could shake a stick at!!! No wonder the band behind this music were snatched up!!

T. Benny and the Buzz Brothers sent one of their tapes from a late night recording session to Daptone’s HQ with nothing more than an accompanying note that read: T. Benny and the Buzz Brothers – For Wick – Conceived at a smokey late-night session at (the famed) Diamond Mine Studio, in Long Island City.  There was no other information about the musicians or personnel shared in that parcel, but upon hearing the two tracks Daptone promptly called Diamond Mine Studios and exclaimed “WE WANT THIS RECORD!”  Snatched up and instantly nestled under the wing of Daptone subsidiary, Wick Records, these two mind-blowing instrumentals were pressed on vinyl and released in August 2018!

The A-Side, a Link Wray-inspired track, is entitled Gimmee A Buzz and serves up a ferocious surf-rock dish of snarling guitars and frantic beats; its fast, its furious and astonishingly exciting! Check it out above!!

The B-side, The Drought, is equally as enticing, but by contrast a lot more slow, sultry and moody…soooo good too!!

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SONG OF THE DAY The Soul Surfers – Popcorn With A Feeling

Russia’s finest soul, psych-funk band, The Soul Surfers are back with some glorious sounds.

Tribute To J.B.s has The Soul Surfers giving homage to their greatest influence: the Godfather of Soul and his legendary band The J.B.’s.  With a catalogue that spans decades and countless classics, they  chose to cover the late ’60’s early ’70’s period of the band with their gorgeously rhythm-heavy take on Popcorn With A Feeling off James Brown’s It’s A Mother album.

The Soul Surfers speeds things up with their groovin’ take, but it doesn’t alter the funk-factor and still sounds divine!

Check it out above and listen to the original below.

Release Date: 2/1/19

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SONG OF THE DAY K. H. mirth – Falling Over

Image may contain: 4 peopleThree days ago I featured a superb track by Leicester’s, Thee Ludds (and I dare say I’ll be featuring some more soon).  Their most recent project sees 3/4 of the quartet joining forces with past members of Earth Rod.  Now known as K.H. mirth, the band consists of, S.J Jones on guitar/vocals, D.S Kelly on guitar/vocals, J.P Squires bass/vocals and E.J Warren on drums/vocals.

First single, Falling Over is definitely more post-punk than the more raw garage/psych-punk of Thee Ludds, but it’s so much more too! It’s catchy, oh so quirky, it’s got some nifty drumming and it’s definitely turning my head…and with lyrics urging you not to be afraid to “get fizzy, get hot, get slippy,” I challenge you not muster a wry grin and chuckle at this…and don’t even get me started on the hot dance moves they’re pulling!! Check the video out below!!

Both sides of the single can be streamed on K.H Mirth’s soundcloud page and pre-saved to spotify before release on 15th February, all the links are here

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SONG OF THE DAY Nick Waterhouse – Song For Winners

Image result for nick waterhouse song for winnersLA’s purveyor of the finest r’n’b sounds has just announced a brand new album and Spring tour.  Ahead of this release comes first single, Song For Winners and, with its raw soulful vocals, punchy beat, tear-jerking sax and melodic backing singers, is the perfect recipe for yet another tasty Nick Waterhouse dish!!

His new self-titled album is due on 8th arch via Innovative Leisure and follows his 2016 LP,  Never Twice.  The record features 11 tracks, comprising 10 new Waterhouse originals and a cover of I Feel An Urge Coming On, originally written by Waterhouse’s friend and mentor Joshie Jo Armstead, who has previously worked with Ray Charles and performed as both a Raelette and an Ikette in the ‘60’s and ‘70’s.

In a press release the artist outlined why he chose the album to be self-titled, explaining how it has “a deeper reflection of the cultural and emotional firmament that has made him the artist he is today: his passions and influences; his love and outrage.”  Waterhouse also outlined his influences for the album, citing artists such as Irma Thomas, Chico Hamilton, the films of Robert Siodak and Adam Curtis, British poet Percy, Bysshe Shelley and Nina Simone!

Lead single Song For Winners is out now. Listen above.

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SONG OF THE DAY Thee Ludds – Gog and Magog

Thundering drums brings with it clouds of lush darkness and ominous foreboding, make sure you are prepared for a storm when you press play on this one!  I hasten to add, however, this is the kind of storm that will invigorate from head to toe and the kind you won’t mind getting swept away by!

Leicester’s finest purveyors of psych-punk, Thee Ludds, released a series of singles and EP’s about 7 years ago.  Now, 3/4 of the quartet have returned as K.H. mirth, an outfit from Leicester that brings together past members of Thee Ludds and Earth Rod.  

Originally Thee Ludds back catalogue was only available on vinyl and cassette in a limited number of runs, but now I am rather ecstatic to announce that the Leicester-based indie label, Koff Records, has put Thee Ludds discography (including some stuff that never got released before) on Bandcamp and Spotify!  That is the greatest news ever!!! I know where I’m heading after I’ve finished this!!

Listen to the utterly insane and head-poundingly superb, Gog and Magog ( originally released 7 years ago) above and find Thee Ludds whole back catalogue here. 

K. H. mirth’s first single is entitled Falling Over and will be coming out on 15th Feb and is available to stream and pre-order from here.  This new material is definitely catchy and I’m liking it lots!!….but have to admit that I was a teeny-weeny bit disappointed that it wasn’t as raw and garagy as previous works…but then I’ll always lean towards crazy psych-garage and that is why I love Thee Ludds soooo much!

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SONG OF THE DAY Night Beats – Messiah

The best way to get low-down grimy and scuzzy this side of midnight!!? Any side of midnight to be fair, this song is just ravishingly sexy-dark and I love it!

Seattle’s purveyors of all things psychedelic create some of the finest, heavy doses of mind-bending hazy, crazy garage-nostalgia this side of the 60’s!  Coupled with hefty measures of heavy blues and r&b, the Night Beats erupt and consume everything with their mighty wall of authentic psych sounds (listen to lots more on my blog pages here.)

Seeing them live a couple of years back was a highlight for me, definitely a gig that stands out!! If you’ve not seen this lot yet, I’d seek them out for sure and, with a new record coming out on the 18th of this month, a tour is kicking off that same day with a handful of gigs in the UK – find them here 

Messiah was originally released as a split single in May 2012 and, with only 1000 copies pressed, you’ll be lucky to find one in the UK..but I’m still looking!! The good news is that this was released digitally in 2014 and that can be found here! 

With hints of Dazed and Confused, today’s song is a killer track that creeps up, stalkingly slow, firing out lashings of fuzzed-out psych as distorted vocals hypnotically lure you in like there was tomorrow..and if there wasn’t, this would be a good way to spend your last day, just listening to this over and over!! Check it out above!

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SONG OF THE DAY Grand Analog – The Great Rhyme Dropper (feat. Shad)

Fronted by Odario and Olfield Williams, Canadian hip hoppers Grand Analog are a band that seamlessly fuse R&B, jazz, soul, reggae and rock into their very own style of hip hop that Williams has fittingly described as “rap’n’roll!”  Emerging in 2007 with debut album Calligraffiti, their sound has been inspired and influenced by the brother’s father who DJ’d heavily throughout the 80’s.

Jump forward 6 years and the band released third album, Modern Thundera 12-track record that boasted to be one of their most diverse yet, with heavy use of live instrumentation, incorporating an array of experimental styles.  The Great Rhyme Dropper is all about slick vocals and heavy beats and features the Ontario award-winning rapper, Shad.  It’s a forceful offering that grabs, holds and feeds that attention it collects and to make it even better, it comes with a pretty nifty video! As explosive as the track, prepare for cheeky visuals, random chase action, people tied to trees, falling beehives with its crazed contents running amok and a near-apocalyptic meteor shower!  Definitely one to watch more than once to get the full benefit! Check it out above and watch below!

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