SONG OF THE DAY Goat – The Snake of Addis Ababa

a2232299494_10Swedish experimentalists Goat are back and return with two great new songs which were released via Rocket Recordings just two days ago.  Consisting of an upbeat and completely unplugged A-side called ‘I Sing In Silence,’ the accompanying B-side is a hypnotic instrumental titled ‘The Snake of Addis Ababa.’

Both tracks are equally captivating but ‘The Snake of Addis Ababa’ won me over with its mesmerizing, trance-inducing qualities.  This looping North African mantra buzzes along to a funky djembe groove and the twisting, turning melody of a guitar and piano, rising as it progresses and drawing you deeper into its magnetic clutches.  Listen and lose yourself above.

Grab your copy of this single from Goat’s Bandcamp page here

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SONG OF THE DAY Kaia kater – Little Pink

kkh-nine-pin-cover-web-resKaia Kater is one of the youngest artist to emerge in the roots music scene but listening to her bewitching sound you could easily be fooled into thinking that she is far older than just 22.

Born in Quebec of mixed Afro-Caribbean ancestry, she now resides in Toronto and spends extensive time in West Virginia, where she studies balladry and traditional dance. As a songwriter, she works to incorporate her perspective as one of the few people of color in roots music into the complex racial history of the traditions themselves.

Kaia Kater’s music is delicate and organic, played out on a banjo and based upon her very own unique take on Appalachian and Canadian traditional music.  In 2012 Kaia released her debut EP followed by her debut album ‘Sorrow Bound’ which came out in the UK in 2015.

‘Little Pink’ appears on Kaia’s forthcoming LP, ‘Nine Pin’ and is a beautiful folk track, it’s sucked me in and as soon as I’ve posted this I’m going off to listen to lots, lots more! Watch above.

Discover more on Kaia’s website here

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SONG OF THE DAY Dirty White Fever – Not Another Love Song

dirty-white-fever-900pxThis song makes a slithery entrance, growling and snarling as it builds, curling and unfurling as it draws you into its scuzzy clutches.  Its dark, its raw and it’s definitely Not Another Love Song!

This is the new single from Brighton-based Dominic Knight and Leon Holder, aka Dirty White Fever; a duo that specialises in the fusion of garage rock, hip hop, break beats and blues.

Their sound, especially the single’7.8hz,’ made me think of one my all time favourites the 80’s Matchbox B-Line Disaster  and then I discovered that there is actually a link between the two!!  Frontman Dominic Knight was a member of the great 80’s Matchbox B-Line wonder Dirty White Fever are sounding so good!

‘Not Another Love Song’ follows in the hefty footsteps of last years single, ‘7.83hz’ (which I have just checked out and equally loved!), and introduces you to their rock’n’roll fuelled side where dirty blues riffs and edgy beats merge in a very Dead Weather’y way. Listen above and if you like this, hear more on their Soundcloud page here.

Part of a double single set ‘Not Another Love Song’ appears alongside ‘Faultlines,’ which I thought I’d be really kind and include, it’s definitely worth a watch.

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SONG OF THE DAY Peter Power – Sun Sun Damba

Multi Culti is Canadian label founded by Thomas Von Party and Angus Gruzman in 2013.

2016-aus-multicultiThe label was established in 2013 by Montreal’s Thomas Von Party and Sydney artist Dreems, and has gone on to release music from artists like Auntie Flo, Jagwar Ma and Crowdpleaser.

Multi Culti’s first compilation will be spread across six 12-inches released between March and June, totalling 21 tracks. These EPs will be divided into two themed halves: Sun Gaze, which “pulls in warm, ethnically diverse tracks” from Nicola Cruz (see my blog pages here and here), Zongamin and Moscoman, and Moon Faze, where “things get darker and trippier” with Dreems, LUM and Crowdpleaser.   The individual vinyl releases will be followed by a complete digital collection due on June 21st, with a four-record box set with “a custom designed pressed tin casing with fabric inner-sleeves and lots of bells and whistles.”

Today’s song features on Sun Gaze part III and is titled ‘Sun Sun Damba.’  Artist Peter Power pulls up the post peyote summer sunrise anthem, a sweet sing-a-long perfect for cult heart-opening exercises and shamanic morning rituals.  This song reminds me of Nicola Cruz in the way it blends old folkloric sounds with modern beats, it uplifts and transports.  Listen above.

In Multi Culti’s words their music is: “Music to trip to. Music to meditate on. Music to upgrade your DNA. Music to get your whole family dancing. Music to teach you. Music to live by. Music to die to. MUSIC TO MULTIPLY YOUR MIND” 

Find all Multi Culti tracks on their Soundcloud page here


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SONG OF THE DAY Strange Cages – Lavasurf Lovesong

11225263_803226939775627_7309202515641600495_nWhen I’m yearning for a little bit of psyche mayhem, I turn to the crazed, gritty punk-fuelled power of the Strange Cages.  No stranger to the LP Blog, this Brighton-based trio always put a little shiver and shake into my days whenever I blast out their sounds!

Influenced by the classic sounds of the grand old garage days of the 60’s, the Strange Cages are influenced by the post-punk sounds of 13th Floor Elevators, The Stooges and Television to name a few and state that, “We love music that’s primal and menacing, anything twisted with a touch of evil. We are a garage/psych band with cruel intentions”.…hmm, sounds like my kind of bag!

This is a sound that lurks in the shadows and dwells on the flip side of the sunshiny flower-power idealisms of the 60’s, this is angst-driven, rowdy, raw garage-punk.

On their latest track ‘Lavasurf Lovesong’, they’ve released yet another brilliant nugget of brilliance, symptomatic of their shows, which are just very, very alive.  Listen above.

Appearing on a Shacklewell Arms compilation, Lavasurf Lovesong is the first track to see the light of day from a session the band recorded with Margo Broom (who’s worked with Telegram, the Fat White Family and Phobophobes).  Grab your copy of Shacklewell Arms compilation here

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SONG OF THE DAY Sidibe – Everything I Wouldn’t Do

0006909010_10Sidibe is a singer-songwriter hailing from Los Angeles with a refreshing penchant for all things soulful.  Rooted in soul, her music is a blend of R&B, house and pop, often swaying towards her Senegalese roots too.

Releasing her debut album, ‘Metaphysical’ in 2014, Sidibe’s is influenced by the likes of Sade, Minnie Riperton, Janet Jackson and Joni Mitchell whilst maintaining her own individual and distinctive sound.  Lyrically she is thought-provoking, drawing out syllables with an alluring tone, all of which compliments the lush soundscapes of her music.

Her latest EP, ‘You Got The Luck’ was released on the 10th May and brings a sound that is reminiscent of our favourite classics, but with a fresh and modern production. Rich harmonies, melodies and lyrics are effortlessly delivered by this five octave vocalist and self-professed romantic; this is a big rich sound..though some of this EP is a little too romantic for me!!

One track that stood out was ‘Everything I wouldn’t Do,’ and I don’t need explain too much what this is about because the clue is in the title, not to mention opening line: ‘I’ve been trying to act like a lady…’   You have to love this line..Listen above.

Grab your copy of ‘You Got The Luck’ from Sidibe’s Bandcamp page here

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SONG OF THE DAY Glass Animals – Life Itself

glass-animalsIt’s been nearly two years since Glass Animals released their debut album, and what a debut it was!  ‘Zaba’ is a cracking listen, with its booming basslines, luscious vocals and all that melodically falls in between, this is one great album and resides permanently in my car as i love driving to it!

This summer the Oxford quartet are to return with a new album which, greatly influenced by the people they met on their tours and travels, is aptly titled,’How To Be A Human Being.’

Inspired by the bands festival trekking, global travel and extensive touring adventures, frontman and producer Dave Bayley has described how, “things have changed a lot” for the band. “Instead of sitting in the studio, we’ve been in a different city every night; making friends, hearing crazy stories, getting in crazy trouble,” he adds. “All of it made me want to think about people, and write something rawer and more human.”

Ahead of their album Glass Animals have shared the cosmic, worldy-sounding song, ‘Life Itself,’ and there’s a little bit of everything packed into this track. Like a musical suitcase it has collected snippets of sound from various destinations and is greatly inspired by the people they met on the road, it’s a great taster for what’s to come.  Listen above.

Discover more on the band’s website here

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SONG OF THE DAY D.D Dumbo – Satan

dd-dumboI’ve been eagerly awaiting this day and it’s been a long time coming, but the wait is finally over and after a two-year hiatus Oliver Hugh Perry, aka D.D Dumbo, has finally returned!

It filled my heart and ears with joy when I heard that the Castlemaine psych-rocker had released a brand new song titled ”Satan,” and upon first listen this track did not disappoint.  D.D Dumbo made such an impression on the Listening Post Blog back in 2014 that he was awarded as the LP’s Artist of the Year, I simply can’t rant enough about this artist and urge you to fully investigate his music if you haven’t already done so!

Signed to 4AD in 2014, D.D Dumbo’s distinctive sound draws upon many global influences, incorporating these key elements into his eclectic mix and describing his music as “a modernized, globally resonant version of the blues.”   

Released on the 18th of this month new track ‘Satan’ is a burst of energy and sunshine,   with sophisticated layers of instruments all intertwined.  The soft drone of a sitar contrasts the pulsating beat of a cowbell whilst curious vocals march to an upbeat rhythm; as always D.D Dumbo delivers an all-encompassing feast of sounds, striking and so very unique!

The video to ‘Satan’ was directed by Jim Elson and filmed in north-west Victoria and features the uniformed march of white-clad dancers, the unusual visuals fitting in with the video’s description:  “We were looking for locations that were iconically Australian but that also had a strong otherworldly quality. I think it’s easy to take these environments for granted when you grow up there, so it was an exciting process to ‘discover’ them again in a different way.”

D.D Dumbo has begun a tour, starting in his home country of Australia before coming over to the UK and Europe next month.

In the meantime you can download your copy of ‘Satan’ from here

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SONG OF THE DAY The Kindling – Climb In

0004350843_10Returning from a place by the sea that stole my heart more than 26 years ago is never easy, I often think that it wouldn’t take much to persuade me to stay there forever, I’d never tire of the wilderness and the ocean.

I came back to a mountain of emails and amidst this pile was a link to a new video which has just been released to accompany a song I covered last year, (read more on my page here).  The timing was perfect, ‘Climb In’ couldn’t be more apt in capturing where my mind is at today, it’s a great track.

The Kindling are a 3-piece from London who came together in 2010.  Inspired by artists such as Sparklehorse, Tom Waits, Mount Eerie, Roy Orbision, Neil Young, Beatles and early McCartney to name a few, the band have perfected the art of minimalism, creating their very own distinct organic, stripped-down sound.

Releasing their debut album “By Morning” last March, the band have just shared a new video for “Climb In,” a song which features on this debut, (and also happens to be one of my favourite songs!).  Demonstrating perfectly the bands ability to create a sense of space through their music, ‘Climb In’ is a song to get lost in.  It’s absorbing quality whisks you away to the ocean where tumbling drums gather like the waves and soothing vocals wash over, urging you to “swim away” and “taste the water.” It’s a song of escapism and the desire we all have to connect with the elements: “can’t keep nothing from nature, won’t keep nature from us..”

This is the perfect song for my day, I played it and I am once again beside at the sea, smelling the salty air and thinking of nothing but how the sight, smell and sound consumes me..

Check out and purchase your copy of ‘By Morning’ on The Kindling’s Bandcamp page here.

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As of tomorrow The Listening Post Blog will be going offline for a few days to take a short break, but fear not, I shall be back on 21st May with plenty more songs to share, you can bet your bottom dollar on that !

MeltYourselfDownAt the beginning of January 2015 I discovered the wonders of Zun Zun Egui, a musically eclectic band originating from Bristol in 2008.  Their diverse, energised and experimental sound blended jazz and world music, with a whole lot more in between.

Disappointingly the group disbanded last year but I was recently alerted to the good news that frontman Kushal Gaya has formed another band called ‘Melt Yourself Down, (Zun Zun Egui’s split was apparently driven partly by a desire to focus on other projects).

‘Melt Yourself Down’ released their debut in 2013 and last month shared their second album, ‘Last Evenings On Earth,’ which once again unleashed the distinct power and energy of Kushal Gaya.

Taken from this album comes today’s song, ‘Listen Out,’ and I must warn you now, this fast-paced, brass-filled, world of sound will no doubt send you into a dance frenzy, so get ready for funk mayhem and be ready for the crazy peak at the end! Listen above.

Order your copy of ‘Last Evenings On Earth’ and Melt Yourself Down with their debut album here 

See you on the 21st May xxx

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