SONG OF THE DAY Beach For Tiger – Coco

12096431_891595577591407_8353757046410987667_nLooking out of my window into the fields beyond, all is looking rather grey, the clouds are gathering once more in their dark formations as rain fast approaches; what could possibly save me from the gloom?  Well, I shall despair no more for I have found just the thing to rid my day of its bleakness, and this little bag of sunshine goes by the name of Beach For Tiger.

Emerging with their sun kissed psych-pop sound, Beach For Tiger are a London-based five-piece who originally hail from Essex.  Launching their debut single ‘Coco’ just last month, this outfit are spreading their summery feel in a dreamy kaleidoscopic 60’s-inspired haze of tuneful, reverbed guitar riffs and light, airy vocals.  Listen above

Keep a close eye out for more to follow on their Soundcloud page here



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SONG OF THE DAY Tricky – Driving Away


Producer-vocalist and Trip Hop pioneer Tricky has just announced the release date of the self-titled debut by Skilled Mechanics, a project that joins the Bristol legend with DJ Milo, Luke Harris and a handful of vocal collaborators.

This is to be Tricky’s 10th album since the monumental release of his debut ‘Maxinquaye’ back in 1995, and what makes this new venture particularly interesting is that shares the great sinister and ominous feel of ‘Maxinquaye’, which is a form I greatly welcome!

Taken from his forthcoming release comes the single ‘Driving Away’ which you can listen to above.

Notes on the track, taken from Tricky’s soundcloud page:

”Diving Away’ is a version of ‘Porpoise Head’ by Porno For Pyros. I toured with them in Australia in 1996. My daughter Mazy, who was about four years of age, was with us and she had frontman Perry Farrell wrapped round her little finger. He took all of us to Sealand in Australia. So there was me and Porno For Pyros all trying to get her pram onto the Australian metro. But how many big artists would do something beautiful like that? I think it speaks volumes about him. So I’ve got a lot of love for Perry Farrell and I’ve always wanted to cover one of his songs.”

Tricky’s self-titled album will be released on January 22nd via his own False Idols imprint



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SONG OF THE DAY Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – Clean Slate

rollingblackoutscfGoing by the rather lengthy name of Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever (or Rolling Blackouts C.F if you fancy a less tongue-twisting version), this rowdy rabble emerged from Melbourne, Australia in 2014 after a cold pizza and random bedroom jam session brought this interesting five-piece together.

The bands five members are made up of brothers Tom (guitar and vocals) and Joe R (bass), cousins Joe W (guitar and vocals) and Fran (guitar and vocals) and flatmate Marcel (drums), all of whom have been described on their press page as “masters of tough pop/soft punk rock,” their sound is certainly defined by a very upbeat and lively fusion of buoyant pop and surf rock.

Taken from their debut EP ‘Talk Tight,’ which was released via Ivy League this October, comes today’s song ‘Clean Slate’.  It’s a track brimming with enough energy to propel one to the moon and back and, with shared lead vocals bouncing off each other in a swift call-and-response style, coupled with a hefty helping of tuneful guitars riffs, it’s a song that will clean your slate of all the day’s stresses if you let its positive vibe wash over you.

Grab your copy of ‘Talk Tight’ here


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SONG OF THE DAY Twin Caverns – The Crown

tumblr_inline_njwx01lFfm1r6xivlSydney duo Twin Caverns (Louise Millar & Michael Macias) have just released their brand new and rather delectable single,’The Crown.’

With their effortless ability to create weightless soundscapes, listening to their music is like stepping into a daydream where, if you stay too long, you may just drift away forever.  The haunting, icy vocals of Louise Millar are packed with a subtle intensity as they unfurl, airy and floating they entwine within the atmospheric, delicate guitar riffs and stripped back electronic beats.

Once transported into this otherworldly state it will be hard to escape this hypnotic fusion, the blend of Miller’s sultry vocals and Michael Macias’ production work with delicate precision, an effective pairing of minds and music.

Having released their debut EP ‘Glass Balloon’ earlier this year, the pair return once more with a new song that is steeped in rich sumptuous layers, bearing the same irresistible quality that they are becoming known for, it is a sublime treat to the ears, I am enjoying ‘The Crown’ very much..Listen above.

Check out more of their sounds on their bandcamp page here and on their Soundcloud page here

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SONG OF THE DAY The James Hunter Six – (Baby) Hold On

James-Hunter-SixIt’s always nice to have a boogie if the mood and music takes you, and today’s track certainly took me; before I knew what I was doing, I was up and dancing about in my kitchen, I love it!

James Hunter was born about an hour away from The Listening Post’s headquarters in Essex, UK but has travelled far ever since his music career began in 1986.  The r&b singer-songwriter started out playing with a band called “Howlin’ Wilf and the Vee-Jays” recording several albums throughout the 90’s whilst playing across numerous clubs in London.

Just a few short years later his soulful style drew the attention of Van Morrison who appeared on Hunter’s first album ‘Believe What I Say’ released in 1996, but the collaboration didn’t stop there.  The pair continued to work together (also touring together), with Hunter contributing the backing vocals on Van Morrison’s 1994 live album.

Soon, his soulful live and studio performances began attracting an international following, earning him the opportunity to support the likes of Aretha Franklin, Etta James and Willie Nelson, with Grammy nominations and #1 spots on the Billboard Blue chart to boot.

Hunter’s latest project sees the r&b artist team up with the mighty Daptone Records in what is to be his first album with the label.  Produced by Gabriel Roth at Penrose Recorders (Daptone West), ‘Hold On!’ is due for release in February 2016 and looks set to be brimming with James’ soulful, energised and unique sound.

His forthcoming release has been described by Daptone as:

“These are forever songs crafted with immaculate care and ingenuity, sung with an effortless balance of tenderness and grit. Many will be tempted to describe it as “authentic,” but the word really has no place here. Hunter’s words are truly his own and though at moments his voice may “evoke” Ray Charles or Sam Cooke, there lies an inherent naturalness in these songs that bucks any comparison past or present.”

If this sounds right up your street you can pre-order the album from here – meanwhile check out a taster from this new release, listen above

Discover more about James hunter on his website here


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SONG OF THE DAY Alohaha – Nausea

12239541_978514915539723_2375206523053416494_nAnother lazy Sunday falls upon me and once again I find myself stumbling into the smooth, embracing arms of Alohaha.  With new single ‘Nausea’ now available on Soundcloud, this second offering follows hotly in the footsteps of first single ‘Welcome To Your New Life’, which was released earlier this month (check out the track in my post here.)

Alohaha is a new project driven by LA-based producer Jake Sinclair and Lyndsay Thornton, together they create a very luscious space in which melting landscapes effortlessly cascade.  With two steel guitars and two voices entwined in song, their smooth Americana lo-fi sound is hypnotic.

Continuing with the personal and heartfelt theme of first single, ‘Nausea’ continues to build upon the trials and tribulations of a lived-in relationship, with lines like ‘I made a bed out of irony, lie with me’ taking you into honest and insightful realms, sincere and raw in delivery.

There is something understated and great about Alohaha, giving you the feeling that they will go the distance and venture far. I see good things on the horizon for this duo and look forward to what’s to come from their new album which is due for release this December.

Meanwhile, check them out on Soundcloud and find their Facebook page here

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SONG OF THE DAY The Cactus Channel – Budokan


Cobaw-Press-1000x667For this 10-piece Melbourn funk-soul outfit, music was to be their ultimate goal right from the onset.  Leaving high school and going straight into music, The Cactus Channel were not only making music by the time they were 17, but were also self-producing and self-managing.  Impressive alone is the fact that this band were successfully carving out their own path so early on, but this young band were also creating original funk breaks and beats with a musical maturity far beyond their years.

Assisted by their record label Hope St Records, this wonderfully arranged orchestra have been recording their big sounds since 2012, more recently collaborating with fellow Melbourian Chet Faker on a two-track recording that was released this September,  (featured on my blog here).

Today’s song is taken from their 2012 album ‘Haptics’ and is titled ‘Budokan’..I just love the drum intro and the way the layers gently gather, it sure is a funky little number!

Discover more about the Cactus Channel here


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SONG OF THE DAY Night Beats – Power Child


130918-night-beatsSeattle funksters the Night Beats are to release their third album on January 28, 2016 via Heavenly Recordings .  The psych-garage 3-piece have titled their latest offering as ‘Who Sold My Generation’, recorded on 2″ analogue tape and co-produced by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s Robert Levon Been (who also pays bass on the record).

Ahead of their new LP comes the ever-so-slinky, psychedelic and fast-driven new single “Power Child”, and there sure is power to this track.  Heightened by the delicate verse and contrasting thundering chorus, the power explodes in a mind-bending haze of garagy-nostalgia and heavy blues, so true to the bands early R&B influences – Check it out above and find them on Soundcloud here


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SONG OF THE DAY Hidden Charms – Love You ‘Cause You’re There

Hidden Charms Photo by Carsten Windhorst /

I certainly ‘Love You ‘Cause Your There’ oh very good song from Hidden Charms, what a bonus it was stumbling upon you today!  So much so I’ve continued to stumble, falling right into the giving arms of your rather marvellous previous works, and they do not disappoint! How is it I have not heard of Hidden Charms until today?

Originating from London, this young 4-piece emerged with the sound and soulful tones of yesteryear’s leaping from their music, riding the Beat sounds of the early 60’s whilst coupling this nostalgic edge with lyrics based on the modern world around them, it’s a perfect combination.  Growing up listening to the early blues greats such as Muddy Waters and Howlin Wolf, it’s no wonder that they have managed to recreate this blues rock so well, this influence has been coursing through their veins from a very early age.

Their first single ‘Sunny Side’ was produced by San Francisco’s R&B king, Nick Waterhouse who, impressed with their sound, later went on to say, “I just don’t work with anybody but they have a pretty amazing, truly rhythm and blues approach to playing that has an amazing energy to it.”….yes, indeed, their energy is definitely infectious, Nick Waterhouse’s input is also fantastically easy to detect..

With a new single due out tomorrow, have the band altered their tone slightly?  The great new track ‘Love You ‘Cause You’re There’ has a slight shift in its orientation, with an emphasis on a more heavy blues-rock sound; edging towards early Black Keys even? Either way this new song maintains the exceedingly high musical standard set by this young band and is certainly a welcome visitor to my ears.

Available tomorrow via B3SCI Records be sure grab your copy of ‘Love You ‘Cause You’re There’ from their Bandcamp page here

Check out their Soundcloud page and follow them here

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SONG OF THE DAY Tim Buckley – Devil Eyes


Man I wish Mr Buckley made more music like this!  There has always been a divide for me with Tim Buckley’s sound, my preferences forever steering towards his more lively stuff, to songs where his voice was properly and soaringly unleashed, his heart howling out through his remarkable and unique voice.

Buckley’s untimely death at the age of just 28 cut short a music career that had spanned out for nearly 10 years prior to that. Beginning in 1966 with a folk sound and evolving over time, he began incorporating jazz, psychedelia, funk and soul to his sound; and it does make you wonder where he would’ve gone had he not lost his life to heroin.

Today’s song comes from what has been described as his ‘Sex-Funk’ period, a time where he disbanded his Starsailor ensemble and assembled a new funk band.  Three albums came from this period: Greetings From L.A, Sefronia and look at the Fool, Greetings From L.A being one of my favourites – definitely check out ‘Sweet Surrender’ and ‘Get On Top’ if you haven’t alredy!

Taken from this album is the great ‘Devil Eyes’ which you can listen to above…

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