SONG OF THE DAY Pet;wolf – Dance with the Devil

Whilst listening to a Soundcloud playlist today that I’d compiled in February, I rediscovered this interesting track which I went as far as re-posting, but never actually got round to featuring…so this is what I’m doing today!

Pet;wolf (yes, this is actually how his name is written) is a producer and rapper hailing from “Jupiter, America” who, as written on his Soundcloud page, has described himself as the “Howard Stern of rap!”

His debut track, Dance with the Devil, was shared on his Soundcloud page 7 months ago, but I’ve yet to find any other releases from him, which is a shame because I think he has something good going on here.  Lyrically tongue in cheek, Dance with the Devil flows with smooth, sophisticated rhythmic metaphors and deadpan vocals, whilst a funky beat kicks out against a dark bass line and the ominous hook, you don’t wanna dance with the devil cause the devil don’t two-step.  The more I listen to this, the more I’m liking it!.

Check it out above and if you like what you hear and are eager for more, contact Petwolf on Soundcloud or Twitter and hassle him for more releases!  Dance with the Devil can also be downloaded for free on his Soundcloud page!

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SONG OF THE DAY Eets – One for tha Growers

In January this year I featured a great track from Canadian the artist Eets, which came from his latest album, Solus (listen to Hammer Dub on my page here).  Today I’ve stumbled upon another great track from the Alaskan resident which I initially thought this was a new track, but after checking it out further I discovered that One for the Growers was released via Burnt Tapes  nearly 4 years ago to the day!

The charming characteristics in this track lies in its spacious and simplistic structure, where earthy wooden beats provide naturalistic rhythms and subtle bass tones add depth to the airy layers..This just has a really laid-back vibe and is going down nicely with a cuppa and the flickering sunshine beaming through my window this eve..  Listen above.


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SONG OF THE DAY Skinshape – The Bay

I love it when little pieces of a big musical jigsaw come together; one day I’ll be writing about a particular artist, band, or album and then a few days/weeks/months later, I stumble upon something else that links to a previous find, it’s great!

I came upon today’s song after spending a while going through some new releases, I found Skinshape and then searched no more!

London-based artist, Skinshape, aka Will Dorey, is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and co-founder of the reggae reissue label, Horus Records.  He is also known for playing bass in the alt-rock band, Palace, whom I’ve featured several times on the LP Blog after discovering them in 2014 (see my post here).

With his new solo project, Will Dorey is producing nostalgic music, drawing influences from Soul, Funk, Psychedelic Rock, Dub and Hip Hop, primarily from the 60’s, 70’s and 90’s.  He has just released his third and latest album, Life and Love which I have found to be a very pleasant listen, providing a cool mix of sounds which create a very chilled out atmosphere.  I like the variety of styles he has incorporated in this album and the way in which they seamlessly blend together, the balance is just right and showcases his versatility perfectly.

The Bay is one track that instantly stood out for me with its prominent snare beat, smooth 60’s vibe, shimmering summery feel and soft soothing vocals.  I was enveloped in its charismatic clutches immediately! Check it out above.

Life and Love was released on May 3rd and can be purchased/listened to on Skinshape’s Bandcamp page, here.

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SONG(S) OF THE DAY Chris Cornell – Seasons / Hands All Over / Fell On Black Days

I have just read the extremely tragic news about Chris Cornell and can’t believe he’s gone! I had to read it twice, the sad news about his untimely passing only really sinking in when I started to read more about what happened last night when the 52-year-old took his own life…

I was in my mid-teens when I first heard the glorious voice of Chris Cornell.. I had just watched a film called Singles and remember thinking how great the soundtrack was, with the bands like Mother Love Bone, Pearl Jam, Screaming Trees,  Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden and (one of my old-time favourites) Alice In Chains all packed together on this one great album!  One song that stood out on this soundtrack was Chris Cornell’s Seasons, I love this song so much and each and every time I used to play it, it would always stay in my head for days after… I found a live version of this which you can watch above.

I loved the Seattle sound and looking back, am really glad that I was paying attention when the great grunge scene emerged… One of its pioneers was Chris Cornell’s, Soundgarden, a Seattle band that emerged with their debut album in 1988.  The first album of theirs that I bought was Louder Than Love, the bands second album which was released in 1989.   It still sits in my CD collection to this day so I’ve just got it out and went went to track 2, Hands All Over, the song which I used to love belting out at full volume when I was exploring all things grunge and rock as a teenager!..the song I still love to blast out even now! Check this out (and play loudly) below:

The last Chris Cornell song I want to feature today appears on the Soundgarden’s 1994 Superunknown albumI’ve lost count the number of times me and my brother would play this album!

Fell On Black Days is a song that has always had a haunting effect on me, but tonight it’s lyrics seems even more pertinent than ever and that only makes me love it more.  R.I.P Chris Cornell….

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SONG OF THE DAY Junior Wells – Hoodoman Blues

Hoodoo Man Blues has often been referred to as one of the truly classic blues albums of the 1960’s and I’d have to wholeheartedly agree, this album is superb! If you haven’t heard yet, I strongly recommend you take a listen!

Recorded in 1965, this glorious collection of electric Chicago blues features Junior Wells on vocals and harmonica, Buddy Guy on guitar, Jack Myres on bass and Billy Warren on drums, and the album is nothing short of a stunning thrill from start to finish.

Hoodoo Man Blues was produced by Bob Koester, the founder of Delmark Records, who was already a fan of Wells’ music and so he gave him the freedom to create the album as he pleased; a wise decision as the result couldn’t have been better.  The innovative album became Delmark’s best seller, establishing Wells’ career receiving critical acclaim as being among the best albums Wells ever produced and even among the greatest blues albums ever made being included for preservation by the National Recording Registry.

You may recall me featuring, In The Wee Wee Hours on my blog last month, a glorious song which appears on the Hoodoo Man Blues album?  Recently, I came across a live performance of the album’s fabulous title track which I couldn’t help sharing today, it really is as blissfully pleasing to watch as it is to listen too! Check it out above.

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SONG OF THE DAY The Cobra Lamps – The Indicator

I have a very soft spot for the superb garage surf-rock sounds of Nottingham-born Little Barrie, (see my pages here and here) so naturally I was rather ecstatic when I discovered that the bands front man, Barrie Codagon had launched his first solo project last year.

This new venture sees Codagon releasing as The Cobra Lamps, with his debut EP released last July via Anton Newcombe’s (of The Brian Jonestown Massacre) label, a Recordings (listen to the EP’s hypnotic track, Known To All, on my page here)

First track from the EP is The Indicator, a laid-back slinky track with scuzzy blues guitar and sultry vocals bound to get you hot under the collar..or is that just me! Listen above and if you like this, it’s definitely worth checking out the rest of the EP here.


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SONG OF THE DAY Above the Law – Freedom of Speech

I was listening to a radio show earlier today when a song came on that I haven’t heard in years, probably not since my teens, and that was a fair few moons ago!

Released on Ruthless Records in 1990 by Californian hip hop pioneers, Above the Law, Livin’ Like Hustlers is the fantastic title track from their debut album, which was produced by Dr. Dre and features guest appearances from N.W.A.

Hearing this on the radio prompted me track down a copy of the album, which I have been more than overjoyed to revisit this afternoon, I love it!  Initially I was tempted to feature Livin’ Like Hustlers for today’s song, but it was Freedom of Speech that first introduced me to the wonders of Above the Law, so that was the decider!  Listen above…



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SONG OF THE DAY Cuba Luna – We Live in a Dream

According to Cuba Luna’s Soundcloud page she had ‘no idea could even sing,’ what a tuneful revelation that must have been because, oh yes, this girl can most definitely sing!

Cuba Luna is a singer-songwriter and guitarist whose graceful voice never fails to brighten my ears, her dulcet tones lucidly carving out narrative paths through gentle acoustic melodies.

I first come upon the bewitching vocals of this young Florida-based musician last September (read my post here), and have made a point of keeping an eye (or should that be ear) on what she is releasing ever since.

Her Soundcloud page goes back four years, showcasing an array of well-written and attractively constructed songs, with her latest offering the very gorgeous, We Live in a Dream.  With its infectious, gentle melody, affirmative and crystal-clear vocals, I found it hard not to fall head-over-heels with this song, it has such a pure, natural and happy-go-lucky feel about it, I loved it instantly!

There isn’t too much out there about Cuba Luna but on her Soundcloud page she speaks about her creative pathway and explains how:

“I started traveling and playing music on the streets in 2009. Before then I had no idea I could even sing. I just started D.I.Y. recording and I’m really excited about spreading my music out there and traveling, playing house shows and gigs and sleeping on peoples’ couches for the next couple decades.  If you wanna be invited to shows add me on Facebook”.

Released only a day ago, check out the charming and elegant sounds of We Live in a Dream above and if you’re eager to hear more, I highly recommmend a visit to Cuba Luna’s Soundcloud page here.  You can also follow here on Facebook here. 

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SONG OF THE DAY BocaWoody – Art Breaker feat. BluRum13

Thanks to a recommendation I’ve been reading online from the great Burnt Toast Radio Show, I have discovered the delights of Bristol’s BocaWoody today.

Consisting of beats-merchant, Scott Hendy (aka Boca 45) and UK turntablist Lee Woodvine, (aka DJ Woody), BocaWoody make the perfect the DJ/production team, with both artists already making a name for themselves in prior solo projects.

Boca 45 has already earned himself a good reputation for his work with Andy Smith as Dynamo Productions as well as from his many other solo records, attracting an array of fans such as Serge from Kasabian and Huey Morgan from BBC 6Music, as well DJ’ing for Banksy and Roots Manuva!

DJ Woody is a twice World Champion DJ and has been described as ‘The best DJ in the World’ by Hudson Mohawke, with his skills being sought for tours and recordings with the likes of Tim Simenon, Madlib, Oli Teeba, DJ Vadim and Grammy Award winner Mala Rodriguez.

Joining the duo for five of the tracks with his unmistakable voice and infectious rhymes is Woody’s longtime One Self (NinjaTune) and Russian Percussion cohort, BluRum13. Listen to him at work on today’s song choice, Artbreaker.

I’m definitely impressed with this album so far and can highly recommend this to anyone who appreciates big beats infused with great samples, this is the funky kind of hip hop that I just love! Listen to the fantastic Artbreaker above.

Carousel was released on May 1st and is accompanied by some very striking artwork that created by Mike Winnard of Assembly House Studios, this is also rather superb!

Purchase your copy of the album from BocaWoody’s Bandcamp page here. 

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SONG OF THE DAY Good Good Blood – Away Away

It’s so nice to find myself completely captured in a moment this evening, lost for a few minutes in a song which has coaxed me in with its gentle and inviting melody, nourishing my ears with words that really resonate with the way I feel tonight…

UK singer-songwriter, James Smith, aka Good Good Blood, writes music which is honest and uncensored, delicate in his delivery he writes from the heart, covering personal experiences and expressing, perhaps almost exorcising, his inner turmoil in what has developed into a whole album of music.

Written and recorded at his home in January this year and released last month via US label, Team Love RecordsSongs From Where I Live is James Smith’s debut. The album was born out of a long bout of depression where the act of musical creativity was both cleansing and self-affirming.

According to his Bandcamp page, “echoes of Alex G and Mount Erie” can be heard in his music which highlights “uplifting moments that signal rebirth and growth, and lyrical themes focusing on life, mental health, family and ultimately, the grounding embrace of the little Northern England town where he lives.

So far I’ve made it to track two on the album and got caught in the graceful clutches of Away Away.  I love the way this song begins, opening with what sounds like a tribal drum beat, instantly making me think of a hypnotic Native American Indian rhythm.  As an acoustic guitar plucks out spacious and delicate chords, hushed vocals soothingly open the track declaring how, “I just need the peace and the quiet of the morning.” The song continues to flow with a reassuring calmness, for which I eagerly anticipate will continue through the rest of the album, this I intend to fully explore over the coming days…

If you would like to hear more or purchase Songs From Where I Live, you can do that via Good Good Blood’s Bandcamp page here.

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