Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear

GENRE: Indie, Experimental, Folk, Psychedelic Pop Note 

     “The cold keeps tearing at me
Slowing down my blood
(Unable to speak)
I left my mind long ago
Choosing something false
(Always letting go)
And when I try to face you
You’re walking away”

Taken from their fourth studio album, “Gun -Shy” has bewitched me.  I have put this track on repeat, listened to it limitless times and yet it still has the same effect on me! There is something sad, nostalgic, hazy and haunting about this track that I cant quite put my finger on. I have noticed that this band have a distinct melodic sound about them that, I must be honest, foolishly escaped me to begin with.  I first heard this band in 2009 when their third album “Veckatimest” was released.  At this time similar bands were making their mark with this new melodic indie folk rock but I wasn’t too keen on it at first.  Sometimes you have to let these things grow on you, find their way to you so that you can come round to their sound in your own way. After seeing Grizzly Bear perform live I am now more converted than ever and appreciate the subtle way their music has grown on me.  “Gun-shy” is a stunning track that has found a place in my  “could never tire of listening to”  all time song listings….

  “Shift”: If this track doesn’t shift the hairs on the back of your neck, I don’t know what will. I first heard this whilst watching a film called ‘Blue Valentine and, for me, this film wouldn’t have been the same with any other soundtrack. This song captures a sadness, good turned bad and the subsequent aftermath.. This live version is a precious treat…


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