Benjamin Booker

Genre: Blues, Boogie, Soul

Benjamin Booker’s avatarWith great power, gusto and a voice laden with more soul than one would believe could emerge from a 22 year old, Benjamin Booker delivers his music like a steam train!

Fresh out of New Orleans, this singer-songwriter has just released the single “Violent Shiver”…and shiver violently you will!

Opening with a bluesy guitar riff and the nostalgic sound of Chuck Berry’s ‘Johnny B Goode’ echoing through the intro, the driving beat of the bass and snare kicks in and you won’t look back…

Here’s a taste of what Booker and drummer Max Norton are like live:

Booker’s voice is gruff and vivacious. Reminiscent, perhaps, to that of Paolo Nutini but with a roughness beyond his years.  He hits you and there’s no hiding.

The Debut album, released via Rough Trade, is out this August with the 7″ of ‘Violent Shiver’, backed with ‘Spoon Out My Eyeballs’, out now.

Benjamin Booker will make you boogie and if he doesn’t then nothing ever will..



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