Fat White Family

Genre: Folk Country, Dirty Psychedelic, Blues, Garage Rock, Experimental

Interview With Lias from Fat White Family Having released their debut album in April 2013, the Fat White Family are no strangers to the music scene and have taken every stage they inhabit by storm.

Labelled as downright seedy and depraved they deliver songs luridly, not only pushing boundaries but obliterating them completely. Pounding life into the heart of a dying genre they have revived the music industry with their chaos and are not afraid to offer themselves mind, body and soul in the process.

The communism-obsessed 6-piece, based in South London came together in 2011 and comprise of Saul Adamczewski, (Guitar, Backing Vocals) who was originally from The Metros and signed to a major label, brothers Lias (Vocals) and Nathan Saoudi (organ) both from former band The Saudis, Adam J Harmer (Guitar, Backing Vocals), Dan Lyons (drums) and Joe Pancucci (bass)

Driven to fill a void and rife with a desire to make waves in rock’s stagnant pool, The Fat White Family claim to be “satirising rock ‘n’ roll cliches”. Experiences from the past with major labels has seemingly bred this monster, disillusionment and disappointments feeding its growth

Likened to bands such as  The Velvet Underground, The Fall and the Bad Seeds it is evident to see why.  Musically they are a kaleidoscope of psychedelic garage rock with jingling guitars and a post-punk, dirty, grungy sound that instantly appeals.  Raw and unpolished, their music is slinky, kinky, an aphrodisiac of sorts fed to us and absorbed through the ears

Released from their debut album, “Champagne Holocaust” in March 2013, the single ‘Cream Of The Young’ is nothing short of a masterpiece. Its content, blatant and taboo, is catchy and once it gets into your head its gentle rhythm mesmerises. The bass line takes you by the hand, leads, and you follow without question. You are led into a sweet melodic meadow, the promise of sweetness and light radiates from the first few bars and you sway.  Enticed and curious you are intoxicated by this heady indulgence and by the time you realise what the lyrics are about, its too late.

As ‘Cream Of The Young’ unfolds it becomes evident that there is a sinister undercurrent developing as we hear of “the desire for your 15 year old tongue”. This track tackles content that we neither wish to address or hear about let alone be humming to! Music in the guise of a sheep, the wolf stalking beneath.  Songs that can be disturbing lyrically, wrapped up in catchy, grungy melodies, they slice up the nonchalance.

It’s interesting to investigate the fringes,” says Lias. “Better than self-indulgent love songs about some girl you’ve met. And to make it sexy, to make people slow dance to this song about a nonce and his terrible passions, it’s a good trick.”

To say that this band explores the realms of deviance would be an understatement, they have slithered far beyond its gates and have not looked back! Why is it, however, you are still here, their songs on repeat in your head?.. Once they enter, its hard to look back

What captivates, motivates us to listen to more? ‘Garden of the Numb’, child-like in its playful lyrical rhyming , but a song of loathing. Its hard not to flinch with lines like “You would sell your mothers cunt to open doors” even if its justification lies within what its protesting against – how things work in music these days.  ‘Lost in the garden of the numb’, this last line conveying their frustrations, reflecting on what has become of Indie and current music in general, seemingly sterile and unchallenging

Is this the point where we get what they are about? Is this where we look beyond the vulgar, and realise that, for all their blatant, twisted, perverse and shocking content, they are far from bland! Far from predictable, conforming, self indulgent and two-dimensional?  They do not pretend to be Rock ‘n’ Roll, they are!..for want of a better description. They are real and not afraid to offend because if you really understand what they are about, you will look beyond all of that.

“We are being antagonistic and trying to wind people up a bit but at the same time the lyrics are not entirely serious” says the band.

They are real and are here to test the boundaries, their music provokes. They create distaste but not just for the sake of it. Encouraging us to question, dispute, discuss and engage. For better or worse and for that, this is art! It gets you thinking, your blood boiling and your mind working. Musically its refreshing, stimulating and unpredictable.

A great line from a recent  Jack White interview in Mojo seems apt in this instance,“When you see a band in a bar you want them to be wild, to inhabit a world of their own.  The moment they try to ingratiate themselves with you, you lose interest”

Everything about The Fat White Family suggests that they are not in any hurry to ingratiate themselves with the industry and that is not about to change

If you made it through “Champagne Holocaust, your eyes will have well and truly been opened. Now you can brace yourself for anything because, lets face it, anything is possible with The Fat White Family.

True to form and with the release of “Touch The Leather” in March this year, this is the band that just keeps giving! Served up with a heavy helping of witty sleaze, the accompanying video offers our eyes the chance to feast upon a naked ‘toosh’ as it skates past in the background, bare and cheeky, what else would you expect!

Avid fans of The Fall, its not surprising that they have named a song ‘Mark E Smith’. Released earlier this year, this live session was performed exclusively for MUZE.TV Sessions in association with The Guardian


This summer sees the launch of their own label ‘Without Consent’. Inspired by the desire to retain their independence, the label was named after a track on their debut album and will be releasing their own material alongside that of other artists and old blues classics too

In the meantime delve deep, get to know this band if you haven’t already and you will not be sorry for it is a truly liberating experience…



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