Teach Kids Manners

Genre: World, Afro beat, Electronic, French World Groove


“We all come from different genders, but what gather us is the interest we found in creating hybrid sounds, rythms and melodies with analogic, acoustic, electronic instruments, and machines, mixed in a pop blender.”
(Gillian – Teach Kids Manners)

Never let it be said that the Listening Post Blog fails to seek out variety when in pursuit of new sounds to share.

Upon this sound-paved road, the music that is acquired along the way is the fuel that keeps this engine running! For this trip we now venture into the realms of Paris..

Teach Kids Manners are a 3-piece, driven by the desire to fuse and mix up music in any way that they are inspired to do so, there are no limits, only endless possibilities.

Based in Paris and in its infancy, this band are a coming together of experimental minds, a collaboration of those having previously played in Indie/Rock bands, all of whom are now driven by a fresh desire to experiment and create new concoctions.

In June this year their first EP HTKM was released and all promises to merge, blend and experiment have been wholly honoured.

‘Delay’ is the first track on their current EP.  This track edges in with buzzing keyboards, cascading up and down a dreamy scale with the gathering and layering of sounds all peaking before the introduction of the drums.  Syncopated rhythm, the harmony of two vocals complimenting one another adding to the layers of this tune. The dynamics are driving and catchy, up beat with a blend of electronic dance and afrobeat.

This 5-track EP is a mellow, captivating and enjoyable listen with hints of Tricky/Martina Topley bird echoing through its creation.

A sound that cools on a hot summers day, a sound to take with you in the driving rain, a product of exploration to pursue and explore. A journey that changes with every corner..

The Listening Post Blog tracked down T.K.M members and set about discovering a little bit more about who they are:

– Who you all are, what brought you together 

Louise and I are together since a long time now…we always lived in paris’s suburbs and did music, in some other band also. Gauthier joined the band at the very beginning of this project. He came from south of france to Paris and for the story we met in a very awful Job. The kind of job you wear suits. At the time we were in different bands. These bands actually split at the same period and so that’s when we decide to create something together. My little brother recorded the drum on the EP, but we are a trio on stage for the moment.

We all come from different genders, but what gather us is the interest we found in creating hybrid sounds, rythms and melodies with analogic, acoustic, electronic instruments, and machines, mixed in a pop blender.

– How long you have been a band and any other backgroud info

Teachkidsmanners is about 1 year old now, and as you’ve seen we released our 1st EP a few weeks ago. Gauthier used to play in a South of France based rock band called “Waterllillies”, when Louise and I were in a more indie gender in “Seeing The Elephant”.

– Influences and aspirations

God, Barack Obama, Eric Cantona, Atoms for Peace, Mount Kimbie, Débruit, OutKast and a lot of other stuff that has nothing to do with the three 1st names.

– Gig dates 

No gig on sight but we are planning to go on a tour in Paris and the rest of France soon.

– Interesting video, what inspired that? 

This video highlights our female singer, Louise, dancing, and performing in this little house into her parent’s backyard. She used to be in a dancing company. The dance she proposed is a mix between hiphop, contemporary dance, and random. The installation you can see at the end of the video was also made by Louise into her personnal artistic work. We took all those elements together because they were familiar to us. I myself used to film her artistic performances so it was obvious for us to do it for our 1st videoclip. It’s a homemade video and we are working on a second one, and it’s really exciting.

– Forthcoming album releases/singles 

We may drop out a few singles these next month, and some remixes 🙂 .

– Where you are based 

We are all now based in Paris.

The proof is in the pudding, if you like what you have heard so far, go listen to more..

 This is the start of an exciting adventure, the discovering of the new, the chance to watch this project unfold and develop as it grows..

 To download their EP be sure to visit Teach Kids Manners Bandcamp page:



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