Post War Glamour Girls

Genre: Art Rock, Post Punk, Post War Glamour Girls

No strangers to The Listening Post Blog and featured in earlier reviews, Post War Glamour girls never cease to impress. With an energy that seems to have no boundaries, they continue to write in a style that is unique and unrelenting. This Leeds based four piece are determined, driven and constantly evolving, every note that hurtles out fires at you like a missile

In February this year the album Pink Fur was released.  A distinct style has developed here, the free flowing post-punk instrumentals are bound together by the gruff, baritone vocals of James Smith and, in contrast, the lulling voice of Alice Scott.  A pairing that bonds, delivering contrast and balance.

This September sees the release of a new single Gustave which, if it hasn’t happened already, will only and serve tighten and firm the grip this band will have on you.

Driven by a bassline that is meaty, reminiscent to that of early Faith No More, Gustave is calculated and surly. It yells out a story of spoilt love and does it with an indifferent disposition

It is fair to say that this is one band that will grab you, shake you and not put you down.  Their sound jumps at you, bracing issues that are topical. This is a band that has never deviated from delivering their heart and souls to you on a plate, tackling anything from the bitter aftermath of tarnished affections to politics, always serving up their sound in one hearty, portion, lyrics to think about and question.

If you are looking for passion, angst, anger, look no further.  If you want originality, you have struck gold.

The Post War Glamour Girls deliver their music with a punch, their vocals are distinct, you can feel and understand every word, lyrics that evoke and songs that penetrate.

Released with Gustave on September 1st 2014, Lolong is snarly and bass driven.


The Post War Glamour Girls are a band to watch, a band to follow, a band to see live without any shadow of a doubt


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