bruteJames Brute is the former front man of The Brute Chorus. Now solo his trademark songs of love, lust and loss
are being delivered in spooked out, strung out and slung out style – with an old, fuzzy electric guitar and the
simplest of line-ups.

Taking his songwriting and performance into new and darker waters James continues to explore the musical
themes mapped out by his old band’s eclectic mix of folk and blues: His songs are still littered with literary references and characters from the Old Testament or Greek mythology set against the most base of human
instincts, but now the wild sound and fury is pared back to its most stripped-down and intimate.

There is a certain knack to perfecting ‘the less is more’ ethic when it comes to music but it is clear that, with effortless flair, James Brute can strip down music to its bare bones whilst still creating a unique sound.

With conviction, it’s all in the delivery.  Old blues songs were built with these very bricks, glued together with raw emotion, personal woes in a world of harsh reality.  The tortured soul that sings out to free the burden and, especially found in Delta Blues, songs that are built around highly rhythmic structures.

This is what makes this music work, this is what happens when all is stripped back and the raw foundations are unleashed, there is no need for complex structures, its the soul that sells these songs

Bury Yourself is fuelled by hapless sentiment, rhythm delivered by hand claps and very little else but it works so well, its produced by honesty and truth

Well I just got back from the hospital
They gave me twenty four hours to live
It took me twenty three hours
Just to stagger back home
Now I’m spinning like you wouldn’t believe

In 2014 James Brute has played select shows at Old Blue Last, XOYO and Secret Garden Party, and is now offering his first release ‘Bury Yourself’ as a free download accompanied by a short tour in late September, early October. This song, with it’s hysterical vocal and minimal handclap accompaniment, has been bringingthe house down at his recent shows and is accompanied by a video shot inside a coffin by New York director David Fishel.‘Bury Yourself’ is available as a free download from September 26th.

September 27th – LEEDS – Trouble At Mill @ Sunny Bank Mills | James Brute, Red Ladder Theatre
October 7th – LONDON – The Lexington (F.U.R.S. support)
October 9th – BRISTOL – Breakfast with Apollo @ Louisiana | James Brute, Forgery Lit, She Makes War


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