D.D Dumbo

Genre: Blues, Experimental, Folk Fusion, Loop Pop

dfghh With roots that stem from Castlemaine Australia, Oliver Hugh Perry, aka D. D Dumbo is branching out, his tuneful limbs are now flourishing in foreign soils.

His music is earthy and natural, drawing upon global influences. Nomadic and free, with nature an inspiration, his sound is created with a simple drum beat, loop pedals and a 12-string guitar.  Minimal in structure and complemented by his powerful voice, D.D Dumbo’s music subtly
references traditional stylings from around the globe such as African desert blues, Tanzanian ilimba and transcendental Tuvan melody.  Vocally he is haunting and captivating, a whirlpool of grace and purity with which you will willingly submerge yourself into.

D. D Dumbo’s debut EP came out last month, this being the first release from his newly signed label, 4AD.  Titled Tropical Oceans, this 5-track EP is a musical melting pot.

Tropical Oceans is also a single from this EP and once inside your head you will have no trouble keeping it there!  The song slowly builds, tribal rhythms create atmosphere as  catchy guitar riffs begin to entwine around you.  As the vocals begin you find that are hypnotized, bewitched by the enticing chanting of the chorus, captured by its addictive hook, submerged in the passion. It makes the hairs on your neck stand up and dance….

The track I Woke Up Covered In Sand is dreamy and sultry with hints of Jeff Buckley echoing in D.D Dumbo’s bluesy warbles.. Fascinating lyrics coupled with droning backing vocals give this song a otherworldly atmosphere.

On a radio interview D.D Dumbo talks about what inspired him to cover Roy Orbison’s Crying.  “As a child I listened to my Dads compilations, I am an epic pop fan”.                   Epic it is, this cover is an impressive tribute, delivered beautifully

There is a wealth of creativity coursing through the veins of Oliver Perry driven by a pure freedom that flows from his voice. This is originality at its best,  music at its most spontaneous, experimental and creative. It would be quite fair to say that he is probably one of the most unique and wired artists you will ever see live! He is currently touring and can be seen here:

1st – Paradise Small, London Calling Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands
3rd – Concorde 2, Brighton, UK *
4th – Anson Rooms, Bristol, UK *
7th – Rolling Stone Weekender 2014, Weissenhäuser Strand, Germany
9th – St. Pancras Old Church, London, UK
13th – Baby’s All Right, Brooklyn NY, US
14th – Connecticut College, New London CT, US
16th – DC9, Washington DC, US
18th – The Drake, Toronto ON, US
21st – The Paul G. Gleason Theatre, Los Angeles CA, US
29th – Queenscliff Music Festival, Queenscliff, Australia

30th Dec- 1st Jan – Beyond the Valley Festival, Phillip Island, Australia


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