Palace – Lost In The Night EP

palace epGenre:  Alternative Blues, Indie, Alternative Rock/Blues

It is a pleasure to introduce a band that have successfully blended the finer elements of Indie and Blues, creating a very distinct sound of their own.

The guitar and vocals of lead singer, Leo Wyndham are rich, like flowing honey with a tender, full-bodied consistency that sticks; hear him once and you will want to hear more. Accompanied by the clever rhythm section of Matt Hodges on drums and Will Dory on bass, Rupert Turner drives the lead with additional guitar.  This four-piece are called Palace, they are close friends and they are here to create soulful and sensitive Indie with an alternative blues-driven edge. PALACE_CreditHollieFernando_HiRes2

Newcomers to the Indie scene, ‘Lost In The Night’ is their first release, a 5-track EP which came out on the 20th October this year via Beatnik Creative.  Self-produced at their North London studio, Palace have set off in a strong individual direction.   Driven by the desire to recreate a vintage sound, they have been compared to the likes of The Black Keys and Buffalo Springfield.   Their blues, space-rock music has a timeless sound and is testament to those comparisons.

Lead track, Bitter is a pleasurable mix of dreamy guitars.  Wyndham’s vocals are pensive, steeped in melancholy,  questioning “Why am I bitter, bitter, bitter”, the repeated question providing a catchy hook that sinks into you.   Punctuated by effective drums, the song starts with the guitar and then the vocals flow in, strong and heart-felt.  A great song structure, instantly drawing you in.

The track Ocean Deep rolls to you on a bluesy thread, once cast out it then pulls you in with a delicate guitar riff and the patter of cymbals, ethereal and inviting.  The vocals rise and fall in tone like that of the waves, catchy and flowing, pleasing to the ear.

This is a fantastic EP,  created with an honesty that gives their sound an authentic edge.  It’s sincere in its delivery and will, no doubt, make you happy to have discovered Palace now, right at the beginning.  It’s hard not to anticipate great things for this band

Their EP can be downloaded from here:…t-ep/id897218271


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