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DD-Dumbo-web The Listening Post Blog’s         ARTIST OF THE YEAR:        D.D Dumbo

It has been a good year for music discovery! With the introduction of the ‘Song of the Day’ pages earlier in October, it has now been possible to provide a daily outlet for new, existing and breakthrough artists to be featured, and what discoveries this has led me to!

One artist in particular stands out and that is Melbourne-based D.D Dumbo. He is a musician of great ingenuity, drawing upon many musical influences to create his very own  distinguished sound.  He himself describes his music as, “a modernized, globally resonant version of the blues” and what really impresses is the natural ability he has to just tune into the music, when you watch him perform it’s like there is nothing but him and his guitar in the whole world, he merges into the process. It is because of this that D.D Dumbo is by far my favourite artist of the year, he has such a unique sound and approach to music.

He is as much a visual marvel as an audio, watching his songs as they develop is fascinating, each layer is performed by only D.D Dumbo using only a basic drum kit, loop pedals and a 12-string guitar, the beauty is in the simplicity; vocally both his heart and soul are thrust into every word he sings.

Having featured him in November this year, you can read  more about him here:  https://thelisteningpostblog.wordpress.com/2014/11/03/d-d-dumbo/

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