Sea Change – Debut album release 23.2.15

sea_changeIf you are on the lookout for something dreamy, something of an ethereal nature with a purity that seeps out of every note, then look no further.  With comparisons to that of Fever Ray, Ellen A.W. Sunde creates Electronic Dream Pop with improvisation and all things acoustic a major fascination for her.

Born in the South of Norway and now based in Oslo, she named herself Sea Change after the 2002 Beck album.  Her sound encapsulates the icy realms from which she stems, her vocals delicate with each word as soft as falling snow, magical soundscapes are created from minimalistic electronics.

Taken from her debut album due for release in the 23rd February,  ‘Above’ is her latest single and is now available for streaming.  ‘Above’, Sunde says, “is about wanting something and just not be able to see what’s good for you. Wanting it more and more even though some part of you know it will end bad. I think everyone has had a relationship like that. Not realising your destructive self, wishing things were different. It is a vulnerable song.”

Speaking about the album as a whole, she explained that “One thing I feel very strongly about is freedom and the need to let things go”, adding “I’ve spent so much time being too shy to show people my music or even actually write finished songs because of my own self-censorship. This whole Sea Change project is about letting go and just being comfortable in this space.”

It is definitely worth checking out more of Sande’s music.  You can listen to more here:

Sea Change is definitely an artist to follow this year, the new album I eagerly await.  Until then, submerge yourself in her current single..

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