Alex Burey – ‘Inside World’ EP

alex bureyAt the tender age of just 19 years old, producer, songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist, Alex Burey is something of a wonder.

He writes songs with a maturity and an insight that far exceeds his years, paying attention to the finer details which, in turn, gives him a very distinguishable edge

He is understated, expressing his heartfelt passions from under a blanket of ‘bedroom pop’.  He is subtle, with a classic sound that wraps you in a potent spell of dreamy bliss, the tenderness is tangible from every word he sings.

At the age of seven Burey began playing the piano, with classical music being his first love; and so began his first ever ventures into songwriting.  It wasn’t long before he moved onto the guitar and bass where, once at school, his attentions were drawn to grime music.  Burey remembers how, “Loads of people in the area were MCs but no one was making the music”.  So he taught himself how to use software starting with a mixer his Dad had brought home to fix up lights for a Halloween party.

His taste in music is vast and eclectic, ranging from the likes Aphex Twin to Pink Floyd, Shuggie Otis to Outcast.  Evident in his music, these influences are melted down and then reformed, the old blending with the new, boundaries are explored and seemingly limitless.

Having built his own studio at the bottom of the garden, Alex Burey has created and recorded his first EP, ‘Inside World’, which is to be released on the 26th of this month on his very own Pling label.  His music brims with a shy, delicate honesty, laid back and highly sophisticated.  His lyrics are warm, meaningful and by Burey’s own admission he describes how, “I always aim for my music to be comforting”…and comforting he, his curious sound leaves you listening to his songs on repeat.

Debut track, “Unspoken” is a romantic serenade built on a gentle rhythm where hints of Devendra Banhart can, perhaps, be detected here in Burey’s lush warbles as he tenderly sings about an “unspoken beautiful thing” ..

I first came upon Alex Burey when I heard the experimental track, “The Intimidator”.  I was instantly drawn in, the tick-tocking of the introduction makes for a compelling start..

This song in particular reminded me of Damon Albarn, a comparison I later went on to read in another article.  Elements of psychedelia, 60’s pop and modern rhythm driven indie like Alt J can also be heard. I particularly like the way this track develops, it’s pace altering between verse and chorus, tension builds and subsides, its layers adding to the mystery.

Alex Burey perfoming at  St Pancras Old Church, London on Wednesday 21st Jan.  You can also find him here:

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