C Duncan – Deput LP..sometime in 2015

c_duncan_732_732Known as C Duncan, Christopher Duncan is a Glasgow-based composer and recording artist.

With a degree in music composition under his belt, Duncan is also a multi-instrumentalist and has had his music featured on various TV programs such as ‘Waterloo Road’.  His mellow, smooth, folk-based songs have also been played on BBC 6 Music, as well as various radio stations across the world.

Duncan has has just completed his debut album which is due to be released on FatCat Records sometime in early 2015.  The debut single ‘For’ was launched at the tail end of 2014 which, deservedly, received a lot of praise.

Delightfully dreamy and uplifting, I can’t help but think that this what you would get if you were to merge the old folk harmonies of Simon and Garfunkel with the modern Indie folk of Fleet Foxes.  With its floaty layering of vocals and delicate percussion, there is a gentle sway to the rhythm of this track. One which makes want you nod to it’s flow, handclaps come in as you reach the second verse, punctuating the downward motion of your nods, it’s an absorbing experience.

The second single to come from Duncan’s debut album is the track, ‘Say’.  C-Duncan has named influences such as the Swedish electronic music duo, The Knife and modern composers such as Arvo Pärt and Henryk Gorecki.  These influences can be detected in the hushed, choral-like vocals of this track and the fluttering rhythm that gently drives the song

For more information on C Duncan, click  here

For downloads and to hear his other tracks, click here


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