Stalking Horse – New single ‘Calling Shotgun’ (now available for free download)

stalkinghorseLeeds-based former frontman of the post-punk four-piece This Et Al, Neil ‘Wu’ Widdop has discovered the hard way just how fickle the music industry can be.  In what turned out to be nothing more than a mere flurry of interest This Et Al were scooped up, signed, delivered and then dropped by its label, the dust of their rising still settling as it fell.  Disenchanted by the whole experience and determined to go it alone, Stalking Horse was born.

Since the release of his debut solo album ‘Specters’ in 2012, Widdop’s continues to explore the expansive realms of his new found musical freedom, the echo’s of his falsetto vocals still compliment crisp percussive loops as they map out their own experimental pathways.

Following the release of the single ‘Leviathan’ in November last year, the brand new single ‘Calling Shotgun’ is now available and can be download for free from here:

The booming of what sounds like a foghorn introduces us to ‘Calling Shotgun’ and, in its path, a descending trickle of notes soon follow.  As they quickly subside the high pitch and distinct vocals of Widdup take over.  Fluidly the verses merge and overlap as the song gathers momentum, the instrumental section builds and drums pound like the fierce waves before subsiding once more; it’s all about the ebb and flow.


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