Jack Name – January 20th 2015 album release: “Weird Moons”

12 Jacket (3mm Spine) [GDOB-30H3-007}For some, the art of being weird is nothing more than a contrived attempt at selling themselves as something different, something more interesting and mysterious.  With Jack Name these characteristics are a given, he is alternative and his approach to his music is far from being conventional.

John Webster Adams is now known as Jack Name because, he says, “I like the idea of destroying identity, we’re all the same underneath anyway”; I like and appreciate his sentiment.

In the past this LA artist has also recorded under various other names including Muzz, Fictional Boys and John Webster Johns but Jack Name is his current “anti-identity” and this manages to sound even more anonymous than “John Smith!”

After releasing last year’s masterpiece “Light Show”, this January saw the release of “Weird Moons” and, from what I have read about this enigmatic artist so far, this album addresses the darkness that resides in the real world by placing it all into symbolic fictional narratives.  Jack Name encountered a darkness of his own where, no sooner had he finished recording his debut album, he was diagnosed with cancer, “I had had it for five years without even knowing,” he said.  “Weird Moons” sees  strange tales of werewolves and shape-shifters evolve over it’s eight illustrative tracks and these were all inspired by what his body went through during the cancer treatment Name endured.  The track “Lowly Ants” has a line that states, “I can’t stand still, my body is charging, and I feel like I’m all alone” and “Sometimes I waste my mind, I feel like I’m already dying.”

Whilst the content of this album has intense and dark undertones I can’t help but think that it would’ve never existed in all it’s obscure and weird glory had John Webster Adams never come face to face with his own mortality.  It inspired a deep rooted desire to  exorcise the darkness that had presented itself and did so by metaphorical exploration

Lead single, “Running After Ganymede” begins with the howling of a wolf, soon joined by brooding synths and a driving beat that is reminiscent of a Gary Newman or Joy Division track.  Accompanied by its looping Psyche-Pop riff it also sounds like something a Terminator would chase you too!

Released via Castle Face Records todays “Weird Moons” came out 20th January this year and can be purchase from here: http://castlefacerecords.co.uk/?user_location=EU.  Jack Name is to tour with Thee Oh Sees this summer and is currently touring with Ariel Pink until the end of February.


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