The Kindling – New album release 31.3.15

the_kindlingWhen faced with music of a similar caliber it can be hard at times to pinpoint just what it is that can make one sound more desirable than the other.

The Kindling demonstrate this point for they create music that is stripped-down and minimal, but the less-is-more approach doesn’t always work as well as this.

This is what defines the London 3-piece and gives weight to their appeal.  I was instantly drawn to The Kindling for they have perfected the art of minimalism, the space within their music creates a haunted stillness which resonates; the beauty is in the simplicity

Consisting of Guy Weir (Vocals, Guitar, Keys,Percussion), Tomas Garcia (Drums, Percussion, Keys) and Ben Ramster (Bass) the band began in 2011.  Initially one of the experimental home recordings of Guy Weir found its way into ‘Glastonbury’s Emerging Talent’ long list and it was at this time that the other members joined.  Together they played a few shows off the back of this success, performing with the likes of Daughter at Strongroom in London and at the Windmill with Laura Stevenson.

After speaking to Guy Meir I also discovered what music has inspired and influenced. Bands include Low, Songs:ohia/Jason Molina, Portishead, Dirty Three, Julie Doiron, microphones/Mt Eerie, Roy Orbison, Smog, Beatles, early McCartney, Neil Young, Tom waits and Tindersticks; From these roots grows a new sound, one that takes you into a hypnotically dark and pensive realm, dream-like and comfortable, steady in growth.

In 2013 they released their 2nd EP “Half Light” which saw lead song “Haunting Stars” receive lots of praise and attention.  Becoming very popular among bloggers this release proved to be well received and was to be a significant part of their evolution process; the more they stripped away, the more deep and profound their content became with the emphasis on the small intricate details.

This year sees the release of their first full length album “By Morning” which is due to be released on the 31st of this month.  All nine tracks on their forthcoming release were recorded in an old analogue studio with all of the overdubbing and finishing touches completed at Weir’s home.  Continuing in the same deep pulsating and melancholic vain, By Morning sees advances in their deep-rooted ponderings.

Whilst maintaining the same effective minimalist approach, this album looks to be more ominous, perhaps a little darker in its reflection whilst the experimentation is alluring.

The new single taken from this forthcoming album is called “Television Static Dreams”. Weirs soft vocals are crisp and clear, tunefully sung with a rich tone that wraps around you.  There is an honesty in Weir’s voice as he warns that all is not as it seems, that the ‘stars may appear more bright but don’t believe them’ because ‘there is a certain kind of night so deceiving’.  Weir’s delivery is laden with a sincerity, the intrigue hanging from every word that he sings.  Accompanied with flourishing percussion and crescendoing cymbals, the simple yet effective beats and handclaps all add to the atmosphere of this great track.

I was also particularly fond of the song “Climb In”.  This is the only other track off their new album which is available to preview alongside  “Television Static Dreams”.  Listen carefully to the intro and see if you can hear the delicate detail of a guitar string being plucked as the rolling wave of drums gently build, breaking only for the verses.

You can pre-order “By Morning” and listen to previous EP’s here

The Kindling are playing live this Saturday at The Union Chapel  Daylight Music event in Islinglton.

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