Rose Windows – New album release May 2015

rose-windows-bandHailing from Seattle, Rose Windows are psychedelic rock band that came together in the Autumn of 2010.

Formed by songwriter Chris Cheyeyo, the band are a collective of musicians and friends who came together for this creative process.  Rabia shaheen Qazi’s enchanting and exotic vocals are joined by roommate David Davila on piano and organ, whilst former band mates Nils Petersen and Pat Schowe are on electric guitar and drums.  Frequent house guests Richie Rekow and Veronica Dye were also introduced as bass and flute players.

The exciting thing about this band is the sheer amount of collective energies and influences that have been thrown into the mix.  Their sound draws upon many different aspects, ranging from American Folk to West Saharan guitar rock, 70’s metal to traditional Persian music and is rife with contrast, as a hazy atmosphere collides with rock-infused gusto.

The combination of sounds come together so well and bring an element of the unknown, their songs can go from bitter sweet melodies to chunky heavy duty bass driven riffs in a blink of an eye which is both stimulating and exciting.  With Doors-like organ patterns riding over moody bass lines, Sabbath style riffs and a multitude of cultural influences, (including that of Native Americans, Persians and Eastern Europeans), their sound is about as diverse as you can get.

In June 2013 Rose Windows released their debut album “The Sun Dogs” which was released by their newly signed label Sub Pop.  Recorded in Seattle this album came together in March-May 2012 before being released the following summer and was to be an album of exploratory experimentation.  Breaking away from the indie, garage rock sounds of the time, this release and it’s blend of exotic scales and blues thunder didn’t quite fit anywhere but its theme of “the everyday blues that capitalism and its hit man, religion, bring on all of us” was certainly apt and greatly received.

In February this year the band announced that their self-titled second album would be released on May 5th via Sub Pop.  Recorded in Louisiana, this 9-track album was greatly inspired by the bands surroundings and, according to a press release, “the rich traditions of the Delta blues and the swampy riffage of New Orleans rock”.  The press release also goes on to add that “whereas The Sun Dogs album sounded like an American rock band drawing upon ideas from the Old World, their self-titled record sounds like an American rock band delving deep into the underbelly of their own heritage, dredging up its stories with the requisite grit and grime of the fertile Southern soil”

Lead single “Glory, Glory” was shared the day that their new album was released. Gutsy and pounding, the rhythm is the first thing to hit you when the song begins; which makes me think of the beginning of Thee Oh Sees “Toe Cutter – Thumb Buster”.  Dynamically exciting, the driving rhythm and Sabbath-style guitar riffs are real catchy, it all bodes well for their new release this Spring


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