Post War Glamour Girls – New single “Southpaw Stance” released today!

11025769_923222271043443_5807534841198410608_n-615x400Today saw the first release in nearly a year for Leeds-based Post War Glamour Girls.

Taken from a forthcoming split 7″ with Battlelines, “Southpaw Stance” is a very welcome return for this four-piece and comes to us via Hide and Seek Records on this very day!

One thing that never changes is the relentless drive and energy this band generates through their music.  James Smiths vocals are wild, untamed and as gruff as ever; musically they are tight, this close knit unit works so well together and this is evident in their music.
I have followed this band from the start and can tell you first hand that they are one to see live, their intensity is electric and unfaltering.  They are dynamic and energised, just how they dive about frantically in such close proximity from eachother is admirable in itself.

Described as post-punk, what drew me to the PWGG is the fact that they do not seem to fit comfortably into any musical slot, their sound is an ever evolving adventure, all you have to do enjoy the ride
Today’s song can be (and indeed should be) purchased from here

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