Bells Atlas – Hyperlust EP – release June 2015

0004783166_10It’s a sunny spring evening, the sun is falling into the horizon at a gradual pace whilst it’s rays flicker golden beams through sparsely-knit hedgerows, all is winding down.  As if by some synchronised piece of magic, a song plays from a Bandcamp radio show and sets the tone with it’s laid back, sunshiney vibe.

The song is called ‘Future Bones’ and is performed by the Oakland CA-based band, Bells Atlas.  Composed of Sandra Lawson-Ndu, Derek Barber, Geneva Harrison and Doug Stuart, Bells Atlas released the first single “Future Bones” from their forthcoming EP ‘Hyperlust’ at the beginning of the month.  Their sound has a sense of freedom running though its loosely structured songs which are all bound together by heavy percussion and dynamic, thoughtful arrangements.

Rhythm drives there sound whilst the soulful harmonies of the Nigerian-American songwriter Sandra Lawson-Ndu adds another Afro-Indie-soul dimension of its own, the collective fusion is like the breeze of a summers day passing over your skin, it’s kind of soothing and exciting all at the same time; this is another draw, the sense of not knowing what is coming next..

According to Lawson-Ndu, her singing is directly inspired by the stories she hears in the “worlds of music” each member creates. “What’s awesome about this band is that when we say that we all bring something to the table, it doesn’t just have to do with our own instruments,” Lawson-Ndu said. “We really collectively talk about all the sounds that are happening. It’s not just about what we have our hands on.”

‘Hyperlust’ is due out 2nd June but you can pre order your copy of it from here

In the meantime, feast your listening posts to the great single, “Future Bones”..

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