Guy Fox – Great new single “I Don’t Know” – Taken from debut album coming this summer

guyfox4As the hint of spring begins to stir in the warming breezes that flow, out drifts a brand new track worthy of a feature in any summer playlist.

Guy Fox are an Oakland-based 4-piece that uniquely blend together Afro-pop, Funk and Soul; a combination that creates a carefree and uplifting feel.  With hints of alternative rock and indie thrown in for good measure, they ride with a flow that is catchy and enticing.

Coming together at college about six years ago the band comprises of Peter Granquist (lead vocals and drummer), chief songwriter Nate Witherbee (synth,vocals and guitar), Charlie More (Bass and vocals) and Greg Waters (lead guitar,vocals and saxophone); their name actually developing after they played a gig at a Guy Fawkes party.

The band source inspiration and motivation from their lighthearted and spirited attitude, their sense of humour and fun is what drives them and connects them to their audience.  Peter Granquist echoed this sentiment by saying, ‘we don’t want to be cheap thrills, but we want to be a mobile party where people show up because they feel like they are at home’.  Bass player Charlie Moore also described what they are trying to do as ‘create energy and an atmosphere to facilitate a spark’…that’s what Guy Fox does, creates fire from their combined musical sparks.

Three years ago their debut EP was released and a year later in 2013 their second EP ‘The Wild’ came out, both were very well received.  This summer sees the release of their debut LP which, in keeping with their eclectic and indie-soul vibe, features their brand new track ‘I Don’t Know’.  Released exclusively on Bandcamp for their Oakland City Guide (, this single was written by bassist Charlie Moore.  With a slightly more retro vibe to that of their previous material, this fantastic track will also feature on their new album which has been a year and a half in the making.

This full-length release has taken a more experimental approach, replacing their traditional guitar and synth sound with more classic instruments such as the organ and wurlitzer.

With not long to wait now for their debut LP, feast your ears on their single ‘I Don’t Know’, a good taster for what’s to come this summer..

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