The Howling debut LP ‘Sacred Ground’ – Due out tomorrow

JBe2672-08ret_JonBergman-588x606Someone commented the other day that there seems to be far too much Electronic music bandying about at the moment but I would have to disagree, or at least suggest that there can never be too much of something that is constantly evolving.

The beauty of electronic music is the sheer diversity of sound it creates, the incorporation and cross-over of styles seem to conjure almost limitless possibilities for new directions.

Boundaries are there to be stretched and skewed and this is exactly what eclectic duo ‘Howling’ are doing with their new experimental project.

Forming in 2012, the pair met through a mutual friend and consist of Australian folk-pop singer/producer, Ry X (The Acid), and German producer/live electronic artist and label owner, Frank Wiedmann,(Ame).  Originating from complete opposite sides of both musical and geographical spectrum’s the pair now bridge this gap through a meeting of minds, their destination one and the same.

It is a collaboration based on a mutual understanding and appreciation of one another, a connection that finds both intuition and improvisation the seal that binds these two artists.  As stated by Ry X:

“Our process was very, very organic. For both of us, it’s just about the creation. Each song has a little journey of its own. The vision’s beautiful between us because there’s a lot of trust. It’s a very intuitive process where we fall in love with one element of the song or one element of a thought, and we follow that until both of those ideas have been met.” – Ry X

Tomorrow sees the release of their debut album ‘Sacred Ground’ which will come out via Monkeytown Records and Counter Records  ,(an imprint of Ninja Tune).

Their first single ‘Signs ‘ is a perfect representation of what Howling’s album is all about with its melding of Frank Weidmann’s deep layered productions and Ry X’s beautiful and free-flowing vocals; the compositon is effortless and free from complex structures giving it an approachable, Electro-pop sound.

A stand out track for me is the single ‘Short Line’ with its dreamlike vocals layered over striking synths.  It is a track that is built on a developing soundscape of experimental sound effects and lightweight, free flowing lyrical structures.

To pick up your copy of ‘Sacred Ground’ visit Howling’s bandcamp page here

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