Godblesscomputers – New LP ‘Plush and Safe’

a0114290529_10It’s always interesting to discover the story behind the creation of an album and what it is that inspires an artist to write…

Lorenzo ‘Nada’ is an Italian DJ and Producer who now resides in Berlin and goes by the name of Godblesscomputers.

Having produced many albums, EP’s and mixtapes over the years, all under various names and guises, he now performs, produces and writes as Godblesscomputers, this being his own project born in 2011.

Describing his sound as “wood, metal and microchip”,  ‘Plush and Safe’ is Lorenzo’s latest album which was released on the 12th of this month via La Tempesta International/FreshYo! Label.  For the first time Godblesscomputers will release a full-length album, it’s 12 tracks marking his arrival at La Tempesta.

The title ‘Plush and Safe’ was a semi-quote by from from the early graffiti period of American artist, musician and producer, Jean Michel Basquait Basquait.  This sentence resonated within Godblesscomputers and defined the constant clash between the pursuit of safety and control and the acknowledgement of its futility and impossibility.

‘Plush and Safe’ is a deeply autobiographical album reflecting the complex issues that Lorenzo experienced both professionally and personally after the release of his last work “Veleno” which came out in April 2014.  The need for a sense of security reflects in Godblesscomputers latest works and his choice of collaborators only reinforces this fact with help coming from that of friends and acquaintances.

This is an album that is very pleasing to the ears with its experimental and lightweight vibe.  Understanding the origins and thought processes behind it only enhances a greater connection between artist and listener which adds yet another dimension to this fresh new sound.

Listen and purchase this album from here

..in the meantime, take a listen to a great track off this album titled “Leap in the Dark”


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