Introducing: Lewis Del Mar and their debut single

IMG_9791-960x640Debuting only a few days ago comes this brand new single, “Loud(y)”.

Produced by Andrew Maury (Panama Wedding), it’s origins are somewhat low key, it’s emergence a bit of a mystery, but its arrival is set to invite and engage..

..’Can you please sit the fuck down?’…This is the opening line and what better way to grab your consideration?  This is how the New York duo, Lewis Del Mar’s debut single kicks in, no holds barred, this is what they are and this is what they want, your undivided attention.  I think it’s fair to say that this track clutches at your ears the minute it begins regardless of the first line.

Driven by rollicking rhythms, this track initially begins with the gentle, unhurried strum of a guitar before deviating into something far more energetic and dynamic.  The beats are full of intent and the drums utilised to the max as they steer the course of the song into gathered momentum.  Vocally the is extremely satisfying, the mix varies from soaring highs to spoken lows, not too dissimilar to the early days of Placebo’s ‘Lady of the Flowers’.  It gives depth to the track and the transition is captivating… Compared to Alt-J, it is also easy to detect a touch of Ry-X in the mix, one thing is for certain, I am certainly enjoying this discovery..

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