SONG OF THE DAY – Superhumanoids – ‘Anxious In Venice’

SuperhumanoidsIt’s been a couple of years since this La-based four-piece have released an album, but a new release glistens on the horizon and this time it goes darker…

Coming together in 2010 the Superhumanoids are a band that flutter from genre to genre like tentative butterflies, their style hard to pin down and their sound constantly evolving.

With influences such as The Beach Boys, The Strokes and Kate Bush, it is no wonder their sound encapsulates such an array of dreamy electronic melodies; hazy like sunshine it blends together with a blast of indie surf-pop thrown in for good measure..

This September sees the release of their new album, ‘Do You Feel OK?’ via Innovative Leisure which, if the first track and new single is anything to go by, will be a more darker experience.  Titled ‘Anxious in Venice’ and headed by the breathy vocals of Sarah Chernoff, this track is a slick, rhythm-driven delight.

Listen to more here

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