SONG OF THE DAY James Rose – Suns Rays

It’s been a while since James Rose’s last release, but now the young Californian singer-songwriter returns with a forthcoming new EP and a brand new single which is due out August 1st via new Indie-rock label, Stranded South Records.

With a laid back style that drifts upon you like a welcomed breeze comes the new track ‘Suns Rays’ which, with its slow paced guitar, airy vocals and quirky chord changes, makes for a tantalizing and appealing listen.

Whilst rooted in indie-folk, Rose’s music also delves into the realms of psychedelia and brings with it a sense of freedom and exploration.  Influenced by music ranging from 19th century compositions by Frederic Francois Chopin to the 1970’s American power pop band Big Star, his sound is comparable to the likes of Iron & Wine, Bon Iver and Elliot Smith.

Lyrically his music is insightful, tackling subjects such as love, existentialism and substance abuse; Rose’s delivery is both honest and stripped back, always sang with a vulnerability that allows you to connect on a far deeper level.  His sound takes you on a journey from the majestic San Gabriel Mountains which surround his hometown, to the pacific ocean, all the way to New Orleans where he now resides.

Offering a fresh insight into familiar themes Rose pays attention to these small details which in some way, we can all can relate to,  “My method of writing lyrics is usually done through the subconscious and goes through a dream-like filter”, Rose states.  “It gives the songs the opportunity to float in the air and not be tied down to a specific event or story”.

James will be touring in New York and Connecticut in early August and will begin recording a full EP at the end of summer.

Listen to more here

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