ANIMA! is a Cape Town – Californian alternative duo.  Forming in the US they were first picked up by music website before being featured on iTunes ‘New Music’ releases in the US.

A kin to the definition, ANIMA! represents the inner self of Vicente Espi, a producer from Cape Town, South Africa and Arielle Vakni, a singer-songwriter from California, US.  Creating a sound that combines layered vocals, tuneful melodies and experimental electronics, ANIMA! are certainly an interesting find.

Their music is hard to define for it weaves in and out of different genres, also following the more unconventional and unusual paths when it comes to song structures and arrangements.  Their sound sets them apart and gets under your skin, there are depths to explore here and the more you listen, the more you like.

At the beginning of this year the duo released their debut EP titled ‘Be Here Now’ and this is where today’s song, ‘Breathe’ comes from.  With electronic twists and folky turns, this is a find I was very happy to come upon.  It’s steady beat gives a sense of space and the vocal harmonies a sense of weightlessness.  The song unfolds with grace and clarity allowing it’s many facets unfold.

Listen to the full EP  here

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