SONG OF THE DAY Radar Cult – Fog

The haunting sounds of Radar Cult originate from the LA based duo, Luke Waites and K.C Maloney.  Together they have mastered the art of giving music a ghostly form, for their sound dwells in the shadows.  Their creations give shape to what was and what used to be and the ghost of regret is now a formidable apparition.

The duo have shared a brand new single which comes from their second EP ‘Memory Sweep’, due out at the end of this month via Plug Research. 

Titled ‘Fog’, this track nestles in the doldrums, feasts itself on longing and fills the room with an atmosphere where silence sings loudly in the space between notes.

Speaking of the track, Radar Cult describes how “‘Fog’ was the first song we finished,” the band says. “It came about very organically during a guitar and piano jam based on the vocal melody that survived the wreckage of earlier idea that had crashed and burned. 90% of ‘Fog’ was completed within a few days. It’s basically about being crippled with anxiety when your life is out of order, or you’re running and trying to hide from something but it’s catching up with you.”

The only thing scarier than the fog itself, is the “perfect lie you tell yourself” that Waites and Maloney harmonize about on the chorus. It’s eerie and unsettling, just like its creators intended.

Discover more and purchase ‘Fog’ from here

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