SONG OF THE DAY Wildhood – Psycho Jam


“I’ve been B A D since K I D” rasps the London via Brighton artist Wildwood, whose debut track ‘Psycho Jam’ certainly lives up to its name.  To date there isn’t much out there about this emerging artist but he certainly beats down doors with this stomping ode to wanton abandon and rule bending.

This track is simply great, its so different which, in itself, only emphasizes the whole that it stands apart from the norm and explores the freedom of living life from beyond the wall of rules and, if that makes you appear crazy, is that such a bad thing?

It urges you seek freedom, to break free from restraints and inhibitions, to escape the regular and ordinary, and in this whirlwind of fuzzy, rugged rock it’s easy to get whisked away.

Wildhood explains that his project is “inspired by the type of shit your mum used to record onto a tape cassette mix ahead of a two hour drive to your nan’s house,” and he has more music and videos coming soon. Get a little psycho with Wildhood below, and check out his Tumblr here.


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