SONG OF THE DAY Yim Yames – Love To You

Switching the sitar for a banjo and slowing down the pace a little gives this cover a real interesting feel, one that pays homage to its original in a very personal, different-sounding, and heartfelt way.

Performed by the lead singer of My Morning Jacket, Jim James (who recorded this under the pseudonym Yim Yames), ‘Love To You’ was part of an EP titled ‘Tribute To’ which was released in 2009.

The six tracks released on this EP offer a truly stripped back, raw and touching tribute to George Harrison and the Beatles where it is evident that James’ DIY approach to this release was very personal.

James told Billyboard Magazine that “I felt like I was in the weirdest head space when I did that EP … I felt really confused a lot of the time. I wanted to just do it and let it come out even if I messed stuff up. It’s definitely not the tightest or most professional recording you’re ever going to hear in your life but I like that. I think it lends it a more childish atmosphere.”[

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