SONG OF THE DAY Serpent Power – Lucifer’s Dream Box

An awesome meeting of minds that first came together at an after show party birthed the marvelous ‘Serpent Power’.

It was an almost instant songwriting connection between Ian Skelly (former Coral drummer) and Paul Malloy (former Zuton guitarist ), who began working together after their initial meet.

Releasing their self-titled debut LP in May this year via Liverpool’s Skeleton Key Records, the pair have created an album of crazed psychedelia, with melodic guitars chasing echoed vocals on a mind-warping trip, its a dream for any psyche fan. Deciding to keep the name of the former’s backing band from his Cut From A Star solo album tour and The Serpent Power was born.

Offering first single ‘Lucifer’s Dream Box’ before the albums initial release, this was to be the first song to emerge from the album and was a perfect introduction. Their record unravels like a darkly comic horror book; with twisted tales of alien brain abduction, phantom bogeymen, sirens, voodoo witchdoctors and waitresses come serial killers..that’s me sold, I’m off to buy into this lunacy! The track listing of the album is as follows:

  1. Dr. Lovecraft’s Asylum
  2. The Man Who Shrunk The World
  3. Lucifer’s Dreambox
  4. Candyman
  5. The Siren
  6. Vampire For Your Love
  7. Last Ape In Space
  8. Killer Cherry Pie
  9. Just A Broken Heart
  10. Life Is A Ball
  11. Serpent Power
  12. The Vision

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