SONG OF THE DAY Lewis Del Mar – Memories

I’m no fortune teller but I see a rolling road of success stretching out before this brand new, recently emerging, attention-seizing Brooklyn 2-piece!  If you take a listen, I’m sure you will agree?

Whilst still in their infancy, this experimental duo approached from nowhere but boldly hit hard with their debut single ‘Loud(y)’, released only last month.  It is with this momentum that they now surge forward.

Their music is gripping and even though we are just two songs in, a definitive sound is developing and this stands out, this makes Lewis Del Mar instantly recognisable.

Sharing the second new single from their forthcoming EP only hours ago, we are introduced to ‘Memories’.  Thrown immediately into an industrial rhythm-based soundscape and joined seconds later by a strong and emotive opening line, ‘It was drizzling on the day she asked me for a divorce, I told her of course, what elso do you say?’, the song propels into an impassioned roller coaster ride of descriptive lows and falsetto highs.

This September the duo are to play their very first show at the Mercury Lounge in New York City but this, I anticipate, will be the first of many….very many..

Listen to Lewis Del Mar’s first single on their Soundcloud page here

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