SONG OF THE DAY Primal Scream – Tenement Kid

Rightly or wrongly my Primal Scream collection extends to just one of their 10 studio albums, that being the 1991 Screamadelica LP.  With its significant departure from the band’s early indie rock sound, this release saw the influence of  house, gospel and dub music shape its new form.

Moving forward to their most recent 2013 album, ‘More Light’, Primal Scream exchanged the drug-fueled highs of their early years for a more grounded, non-intoxicated approach.  This is the first record that Gillespie has made completely sober but it still has a psychedelic sensibility accompanied by a depth to the sound and a tangible quality of compassionate humanity softening the hypnotic grooves.

“We are trying to create transcendent, euphoric, ecstatic experiences,” he insists. “That’s always going to be part of our aesthetic. We like making druggy-sounding psychedelic music. It’s just that since we stopped taking drugs we got better at it.”

Taken from this album comes today’s song, ‘Tenement Kid’

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