SONG OF THE DAY Jesse Hackett – Sacred Oblivion

A few years ago whilst browsing a record shop in search of something new and interesting, I discovered the obscure sounds of Elmore Judd.  Described as a blend of lo fi-soul, punk-funk and post-wave,  pinning their music down to a particular genre is tricky.

Self-releasing their debut LP ‘Angel Sound’ in 2004, Elmore Judd soon became a sought after live band/act and later performed with the likes of Damon Albarn and the Gorillaz, (touring with them as their synth player).  Less than two years later the band were signed to Honest Jons, releasing their second collection of experimental sounds in 2007 titled ‘Insect Funk’, this LP further displaying their ever evolving ideas and musical tastes.

Today I discovered the music of Elmore Judd’s,  Jesse Hackett who recently embarked on a solo project,  now performing under his own name.  Continuing on the same experimental path, his solo album, ‘JUNK’ was released earlier this month via Circle Star Records , gaining its name because it literally came from junk, this being that the album was all made on a Yamaha PSR-110 that Hackett found in a recycling dump!.. How great is that!

Junk is glam rock and “sleazy lizard lounge punk-funk”, it is a shiny gem of discovery and here is where you will find today’s song, ‘Sacred Oblivion’.

Released on the 17th of this month, Hackett’s debut can be found/purchased from here You can also discover more about Jesse Hackett on his website here

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