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Szymon-Medusa-acid-stag-608x356(See also yesterday’s song for full write up)

I spent a lot of last night reading about this young, talented Australian musician whose life tragically ended at the age of just 23.  Everything was unfolding before him, his life’s work in music was starting to pay off and he was on the brink of something big, with a signing to EMI on the horizon, but this wasn’t to be.

Szymon Borzestowski lost his battle with depression and took his own life almost two years ago but, thanks to his family and friends all of whom are dedicated to getting his material out there, his music has now been brought to life in ‘Tigersapp’, an album he would have gone on to release himself.

The first track from the album is called ‘Katyusha’, Katyusha being a Russian wartime song about a girl longing for her beloved. This is one of a number of instrumentals that comes from the record (adding vocals was a thing that Szymon developed over time).  Created entirely in his bedroom using the Fruity Loops program, this hypnotic and uptempo song is a perfect example of Szymon’s talent and intuitive songwriting skills.

It is very sad to think about what could have been, how Szymon’s sound would have shaped and developed but it is also good to know that what he did achieve in his short life will now be shared.   His life’s work was not in vain and will forever live on in his music that will no doubt be shared and loved for years to come.

The video to this wonderful instrumental track was created by Szymon’s family friend Caleb Irwin, who said of the video,

I aimed to create something based on Szymon’s love of Europe in the early 20th century that reflected his sense of humour as well as his passions. In post-war Europe, there appeared such a stark contrast between how people lived and the hell they’d just experienced. Growing up with Szymon, I was always in awe of his ability to make the strangest of things work together in musical harmony. It’s pieced together with Polish post-war footage and propaganda as well as some German documented events.”

“I want my music to be timeless.” – Szymon

‘Tigersapp’ is due for release on the 21st of this month via Eloper music (a label that was specifically set up to release this record).

Pre order here

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