SONG OF THE DAY James Vincent McMorrow – How To Waste A Moment

James Vincent McMorrow has just released a brand new track which soulfully tackles the subject of  “How To Waste A Moment”. 

Musically, this song dips into something a bit more electronic for the Irish alternative folk singer-songwriter who speaks of “wasted moments  We had a lot of them. Even though I believe I’ve done the right thing at the time, when I look back I realize I actually made my life a lot more difficult. Not an uncommon tale. I rarely learn anything from the mistakes, in fact if I went back I’d probably do the same stuff all over again.”  

Smooth synths and a steady rhythm gives this track a lightweight feel whilst airy introspective vocals contemplate a subject that Im sure we can all relate to at some point? Regret may not the happiest of subjects to tackle but the upbeat tempo of this track doesn’t let you look back for too long, it keeps you moving forward.

Check out more of James’ music here

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