SONG OF THE DAY Sun Kil Moon – Birds Of Films

Mark Kozelek, aka Sun Kil Moon, released his 7th studio album last month via Caldo Verde Records.  Titled ‘Universal Themes’ the album is ultimately autobiographical by nature, with each of its eight tracks extending to at least 8 minutes long.  Accompanied by former Sonic Youth drummer, Steve Shelley, the album received mixed reviews with some suggesting that it was a disappointing follow-up to last years ‘Benji’, (having only heard the one song so far I shall reserve judgement).

What I can tell you about this album, however, is that it contains the track ‘Bird Of Films’ which is quite an enjoyable experience.  At just over a lengthy 9 minutes (which does pass surprisingly quick),  I found this song so easy to become immersed in, its smooth swaying rhythm, rich texture and gentle flowing melody giving the song an overall natural and understated feel.

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