SONG OF THE DAY Jamie Woon – Sharpness

In 2007 Jamie Woon self-released a collection of songs including a marvelous cover of ‘Wayfaring Stranger’, this was the track that first grabbed my attention.  I loved his take on this song, it’s still one of my favourite versions.

It was around about this time that I also went to see him perform in Cambridge, it was a modest, intimate affair in a downstairs room in a small venue where everyone took to the floor and were seated on cushions to watch him play.  Amidst the ocean of cushions and seated fans it was hard to find your footing without fear of treading on someone in the process, let alone find a safe place to rest your drink! Mine was finely balanced before it immediately got kicked over, I hurled some angry mutterings toward the person who knocked over my drink only to look up into the apologetic face of Mr Woon, (thank goodness I wasn’t too insulting is all I can say!).  It was a fantastic show and good to see Jamie Woon whilst he was still in the process of emerging, plus I really enjoyed seeing the loop pedal in action…

In 2011 his debut album ‘Mirrorwriting’ was released but it has taken four years for a follow-up to arrive after Jamie Woon disappeared off the radar for a while.  Due out later this year on PMR Records comes this new album which, as of yet, hasn’t got a title!

The first single from the forthcoming album came out yesterday and is titled ‘Sharpness’.  Produced by Lexx (Gwilym Gold, Wild Beasts), it is an incredibly smooth and sumptuous track showcasing Woon’s continued ability to create a soulful sound.

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