SONG OF THE DAY Big Nothing – The Wreck

Big Nothing are a Bedfordshire 3-piece consisting of Olie Campbell (vocals and bass), Alex Acreman (drums) and Dom Notarangelo (guitar and backing vocals).  From what I can gather so far, their music combines elements of alternative rock, grunge, post rock soundscapes and constantly flits somewhere between heavy-laden guitar rock  and 90’s-inspired Indie (the latter being more evident in today’s song “The Wreck”).

Posted on the bands Soundcloud page about four months ago, ‘The Wreck’ caught my attention today and at 6 minutes long there’s a lot going on here.  Packed full of catchy guitar hooks and furling vocals, it initially reminded me of Stone Roses ‘I Wanna Be Adored’ with its heavy bass intro and echoing guitar riffs.  With its rolling drums and pulsing bass lines, there is a strong rhythmic dynamic throughout which really drew me in, I’m always a sucker for a good rhythm-based song.  About halfway through the tone takes an unexpected change and becomes more heavy, dropping with what fleetingly sounds a Led Zepplin ‘Whole Lotta Love’ break, with heavy pulsating ride cymbals marking the transition before returning to it’s original format.  It’s an interesting composition where I originally questioned the length of the song, wondering if the ending was too drawn out but the more I listen, the more it grows and works for me.

Listen above hear more on the bands Soundcloud page here



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