SONG OF THE DAY Larry Gus – NP Complete

Panagiotis Melidis is a Greek electronic producer who has been writing music since 2006.  Going by the name of Larry Gus, (λάρυγγας [larigas], Greek for larynx), his unique sound is built upon intricate sample-based constructions and psychedelic pop melodies.  Combining these elements with a tuneful, breathy falsetto voice and multi-layered polyrhythms, Larry Gus is all about experimentation and exploration.

This October sees the release of Larry Gus’ second album ‘I Need New Eyes’, which follows his 2013 ‘Years Not Living’ record; both of which are inspired by his love of literature, with  ‘I Need New Eyes’ being a direct quote of French novelist Proust who wrote, ‘The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes.’

First track available from this forthcoming album is ‘NP Complete’ which, with its worldly feel and layered rhythms, really hooks you in.  It’s upbeat and lively, tuneful and gripping. First you are drawn in by an intro of percussive chants and the scattered pulse of a tambourine before a temporary lull leads into a sudden burst of big beats and punctuated synths, the song comes alive and proceeds to sweep you off in a buoyant flow.

‘I Need New Eyes’ is due October 2 via DFA Records .

Listen to Larry Gus’ 2013 album, ‘Years Not Living’ here


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