SONG OF THE DAY Man.Goes Human – No See

The wonderful thing about discovering new music is that you never know what you are going to find or, indeed, where that find will originate from.  Today’s song is performed by a young band from New Delhi whose music loosely falls under the category of experimental indie-rock, but their collective influences extends a little beyond that.

Consisting of Paul on vocals, Noni guitars, Sanjana on drums, Kaprila vocals and Shitij on bass, their sound has been compared to the likes of Led Zeppelin (this is evident in ‘Leave Me Or Love Me’), whilst their music often takes on a Tarantino-esque format.  The greatness is in the variation and their desire to experiment with these varied styles can even take shape mid-song so I’ve read!

With a growing fan base both nationally and internationally, Man.Goes Human have been featured on Balcony TV , have performed for Radio 1, Radio Mirchi and Apple, and have just launched a new album which you can listen to on their Soundcloud page.

First track from the album is ‘No See’ which is a really pleasant listen.  The hook of the soft guitar intro continues into the song where crystal clear vocals soar effortlessly above its loose-fitting structure and dulcet tones.  What’s also great is the way the songs builds and crescendos into a rocking guitar solo which is not at all out of place but you don’t quite expect or anticipate it.

Listen to ‘No See’ above.

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