Ian Simmonds – The State

Welsh-born Ian Simmonds released a brand new album earlier this June which sees the Nu-Jazz, down tempo producer returning once more to his jazzy roots.

Titled ‘The Right Side Of Kind’, his new record came out on the Paris-based Goldmin Music label and has been described as “..a personal journey. A fully conscious, almost subversive work of art that could be dedicated to the eternal dreamers, the black sheep only able to do something their own way, able to feel beauty and singularity in almost everything, even in the less significant details of daily routine despite the complexity and nonsense of the world we live in”.  This sentiment alone makes me want to explore his music…

What I like about Ian Simmonds is the fact that his compositions are all so individual with each one of his songs a very separate unmapped and unchartered journey.  Forever exploring and crossing numerous musical boundaries on the way, his music never stands still but moves with a flowing sense of freedom.

Taken from this album is the single ‘The State’ which overflows with Simmonds rich, layered and velvety vocals as he sultrily poses the question, ‘What state are you in? Listen above..

After one listen so far, I can definitely recommend giving the whole album a blast, it’s so varied and expanding, constantly evolving between styles, rhythms and feeling. It is as much an experience as it is a good listen and has definitely taken me into new realms.

Listen and purchase ‘The Right Side Of Kind’ here

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