SONG OF THE DAY The Dandelion – A Sweet Death Song

Following their self-released album ‘Strange Case of the Dandelion’ back in 2013, the Sydney based four piece The Dandelion have been working on the release of its follow up.  Fronted by Danatalia de Silver, previously of Psych band The Dolly Rocker Movement and Kill City Creeps, The Dandelion creates a nostalgic flower-pop sound that fuses rock and folk psychedelia.

Their upcoming LP is titled ‘Seeds, Flowers and Magical Powers of The Dandelion’ which contains third single ‘A Sweet Little Death Song’.  Full of jangling guitars and lightweight vocals, it’s a great little psychedelic number which you can listen to above.

Check out their other albums here

Forthcoming LP ‘Seeds, Flowers, and Magical Powers’ is due out September 16

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