SONG OF THE DAY Jackson Boone – The Dolphin Turned Into a Cat

Jackson Boone is a singer-songwriter hailing from Portland Oregon.  He began playing guitar and singing in Art-rock bands in the mid-2000’s before deciding to go it alone when his latest project came to a close in 2013, after which he began recording under his own name.

In July 2014 he released his debut album ‘Starlit’ which was produced by Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s Riley Geare, with follow-up record ‘Natural Changes’ coming out only a few days ago on September 9th; this new release featuring members of Portland bands Radiation City, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Coma Serfs, and Sinless.

With a love for the sea and all things spiritual, Jackson’s second LP was recorded by the ocean which undoubtedly had an influence of its hazy psychedelic sound.

First single from this new release is the heady and atmospheric single ‘The Dolphin Turned Into a Cat’ which, with its haunting strings and ethereal backing vocals, hints upon the tensions of Timber Timbre and the psychedelia of Pink Floyd. There is a great variant of sound going on here where the mood switches from kaleidoscopic highs to the haunting eerie lows. Listen above.

Listen to more from Jackson Boone here

Purchase your copy of ‘Natural Changes’ here

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