SONG OF THE DAY Kitten Pyramid – High Five Scuba Dive

Kitten Pyramid are a curious bunch hailing from Burton Upon Trent and are made up of, Rob Redfern (drums), Gemma Bower (flute, sax, vocals), Chris Baldwin (piano, guitar, vocals), Dan Baker (guitar, vocals), Mark Hamon (bass, vocals) and Scott Milligan (guitar, vocals).  Their music is an interesting blend of new wave and progressive rock, but also introduces to their diverse mix elements of folk, punk, metal and even glam; it shouldn’t work but it does!

Releasing their debut album ‘Uh-Oh’ last year to widespread acclaim, the band received a 4/5 review in MOJO and 8/10 in Classic Rock and Prog Magazines,  Mark Radcliffe also described them as ‘fantastic’ with Chris Hawkins presenting them as ‘your new favourite band’.

Also inspired by the band’s debut LP was Tom Robinson (of Tom Robinson Band), who has personally invited Kitten Pyramid to join him throughout October and November on his ‘Mighty Sword of Justice’ tour for which they will be the main support.  To coincide with the bands special guest spot on this tour the band have released the lead single from their forthcoming ‘High Five Scuba Dive’ EP’ which shares the same name and features Matt Stevens (The Fierce & The Dead) on guitar.

To accompany this new single (which is now available ), the band have released a very touching video that tells the true story of Scott’s late uncle Stefan, the inspiration behind the debut album and planned feature film, who was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.  The video recounts the time he started working for an ice cream van company and this is what Scott Milligan had to say of the story:

By this time he had started experiencing episodes that left him unable to work, and more often than not he picked the ice-cream van up, drove it straight home and went to bed without doing his rounds much to the disappointment of the local kids. Stefan is played by Richard Williams who will also play him in the forthcoming feature film ‘Uh-Oh!’”

The 8 minute track begins with gentle guitar and strings whilst the video is divided into 5 scenes.  With great attention to detail we get an insight into the effects of the illness with scenes depicting everyday struggles.  By scene 2 the introduction of the tabla drum steps up the rhythm of the song and is joined by swaying vocals and the chirping of birds, all of which add to the very natural, earthy feel of this song.

Both the music and the video have been created in a very heartwarming way, possessing a very real quality that genuinely reaches straight out to you, it also makes me think of Shane Meadows the way it has been put together.

The story behind the album also captured the imagination of The Independent and The Guardian, who previewed and covered the unique tour of psychiatric hospitals they went on, as well as naming them as one of their new bands of the day.

The story will be developed in the feature film Uh-Oh!, which shares its theme and title with Kitten Pyramid’s 2014 debut album.  The High Five Scuba Dive EP will be on sale via their Bandcamp page and will be released on October 23.

Tom Robinson has described the video as “Sad, surreal, disturbing, but also gentle and full of humanity”…that sums it up perfectly..


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