SONG OF THE DAY Bob Moses – Tearing Me Apart

Bob Moses are a Canadian duo and live act consisting of Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance.  Their music draws upon an interesting combination of genres and in doing so has created a world where an organic band sound perfectly fuses with that of an all-electronic sound.  They have quickly become a hot commodity in the dance community but also reach out to any non-electronic fans with their deep lyrical content.

Tomorrow sees the release of their debut album ‘Days Gone By’, which is coming out via Domino Records and features 10 original tracks, including their critically acclaimed single ‘Talk’.

Bob Moses have also shared a second track from their debut titled ‘Tearing Me Up’ which, at just under 8 minutes long, uses the space and time to create and build a mood that is smooth, steady and invitingly heady. Listen above.

Bob Moses’ Days Gone By will be available through Domino Records from tomorrow onwards and can ordered on both vinyl and iTunes.

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