SONG OF THE DAY Sleepy Sun – Golden Artifact

Originating from the psychedelic-capitol San Francisco, Sleepy Sun emerged sometime back in 2005, forming originally as ‘Mania’ after coming together at college in Santa Cruz.  The original line-up consisted of Bret Constantino, Matt Holliman, Evan Reiss, Brice Tice and original bass player Hubert Guy, their sound revolving around garage rock and psychedelia.

In 2007 they changed their name to what they are now known, Sleepy Sun and were then joined by former Birds Fled From Me singer Rachel Fannan.  Soon after this in 2008 the band released their debut and self released album ‘Embrace’ which received widespread high acclaim; especially so because of its contrasting sound that cleverly shifted from heavy fuzzed-out psych-rock, (with cited influences from that of Sabbath and Neil Young) to the more paisley-hued, hippy-based laid back end of the psychedelic spectrum.  There is a diversity here and its hypnotic power lies in its opposing and unexpected and subtle changes.

Taking just under two years to complete, their debut album was re-issued by ATP Recordings on June 16, 2009 and contains today’s track ‘Golden Artifact’ which you listen to above…it was a tough decision between that song and the more heavy and fantastic ‘White Dove’ but it is after all a Sleepy Sun-day so I opted for the more gentle track of the two.

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