SONG OF THE DAY Gavin Clark/Sunhouse – Black Blood

Gavin Clark had a way of reaching out through his music and even though he never seemed completely comfortable on stage, it was a place that he so deservedly should have inhabited more.  His music was magnetic, his songwriting a natural heartfelt art and his voice effortless and yet so powerful; he had a unique ability to pull you in without having to do a thing but play his guitar and sing.

He may have left this world but his music has left a timeless imprint that will be discovered, savoured and appreciated for many years to come.  John Niven, who originally signed the songwriter’s first band Sunhouse (named after their local chippy) in the 90’s, was still in A&R back then and in a statement encapsulated perfectly what Gavin Clark’s music was about by describing how,  “he had the ability to say the bleakest things in the most beautiful manner – to those least equipped to cope with it. The heaviest soul often lies within the thinnest skin..”

Today’s song comes from the early days of Sunhouse and is the B-side to their first EP and single ‘Monkey Dead’ which introduced the band’s full-length debut, ‘Crazy On The Weekend’, released in 1998.

Titled ‘Black Blood’ – listen above.

Before his death Gavin Clark was working on a project with Unkle members Pablo Clements and James Griffith who, determined to complete the album they had been working on, are due to release ‘Evangelist’ this December.  Read all about this release on my blog page here

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