SONG OF THE DAY The Echo Ohs – The Gnarl

The return of psychedelic, surf-rock and beat music continues to inspire musicians all over the world as new bands with old sounds continue to crop up everywhere; this is great news for me, I can’t get enough of it!

From the likes of the great psych specialist label Howlin Banana  in France, the return of this classic 60’s sound extends right through to Sydney where modern garage bands like The Dandelion spread their  flower power-pop, and to LA and California where bands like the The Buttertones and The Growlers create their own takes on psych-rock; this psych madness extends all over the globe!

Today’s song comes from an Auckland-based 3-piece called The Echo Ohs who released a brand new single last Wednesday via Waist Deep Records, this new release follows up last years BOZO EP.

Consisting of Guy Forks on guitar, Yolanda Fagan on Guitar/Bass and Emlyn Williams on Drums, this young New Zealand outfit unleashed this primitive Rock ‘n’ Roll, swamp-pop track on September 23rd and is titled, ‘The Gnarl’.  Listen above.

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