SONG OF THE DAY Fell Runner – Badada

Fell Runner are an interesting 4-piece based in and around Los Angeles, California.  Consisting of Steven van Betten (Guitar/Vocals), Gregory Uhlmann (Guitar and Vocals), Patrick Kelly (Bass) and Tim Carr (Drums and Vocals), these four musicians came together whilst studying music at the California Institute of the Arts; with each individual’s input both shaping and influencing their fascinating collective sound.

Their style is unique and their music an intriguing blend of soulful melodies and West African influence; often defined by their jagged and somewhat disjointed layers that merge their experimental fusion of abstract harmonies together perfectly.

This is music that both bends and stretches time with its multi-layering of sounds and rhythm clashing together, it urges you think and I love the fact that on one hand it challenges you with its abstract tempo and timings, whilst on the other it appeases you with its tuneful and catchy melodies.

Fell Runner released their self-titled album this August via Orenda Records which you can listen to and purchase from their Bandcamp page here

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