SONG OF THE DAY Mothers – No Crying in Baseball

Athens, GA’s Mothers began as the solo career of Kristine Leschper who, now joined by Matthew Anderegg (drums), Drew Kirby (guitar), and Patrick Morales (bass), transformed into what is now a 4-piece band with Leschper on vocals and songwriting duties.

Ahead of their forthcoming debut album, which is due out sometime in 2016 (release date to be announced), the band shared a one-off single earlier this summer titled ‘No Crying In Baseball’, which takes its name from the infamous line from the film ‘A League Of Their Own’.

This single was the first song that the band recorded in the studio together and is a fantastic taster of their coming full-length release which was produced by Drew Vandenberg (who’s mixed/engineered Deerhunter and of Montreal albums and played on Microcastle/Weird Era Cont.) and features vibraphone from Deehunter’s Josh McKay and bass and string arrangements from McKendrick Bearden (of Grand Vapids).

Discussing the song, and its implied reference to the film, Kristine had this to say:

“No crying in baseball feels like a small, personal victory. Over the course of several months I tried to make sense of it, stabbing in the dark at indistinct ideas of it, finding that in order to bring it to fruition I would have to first cut my teeth on other songs. In my mind it represents a tangible shift towards a sharper, more unapologetic embracement of discovering fortitude in hypersensitivity. At first glance it is brash and accusatory, but stripped to its undergarments it really is a testament to vulnerability. It’s about how entirely possible it is to be soft and subtle and simultaneously aggressively forceful. The song was the culminating result of an infinite spectrum of frustrations and doubts regarding my internal drive and work ethic vs. those around me – specifically the fear that no one is trying hard enough, not even me.”


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